Sociopath Loser

February 28, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy is a well known sociopath! On top of all the disgusting things hes done to girls especially underage girls he is at best a sociopath! If anyone has ever talked to him, been around him or heard of him I’m sure you have at one point noticed his mental illness. This guy will lie his way out of everything and often times take the lies to an extreme level. He will lie just about everything and to everyone including the people closest to him. A little background on him. He is a pedophile who will date just about anyone to jump in their pants and mostly chases underage girls or high school girls he meets at work. Note that he has cheated on every girl he has ever dated including I. And he will also take things to an unbelievably extreme level i.e proposing, wanting to get married, meeting parents, lying about everything else just to get laid. He has social issues and talks about his so called hard life which is all bullshit. Threatens to harm himself just to keep a girl around and many more wrongful things. Sad part is that he is engaged to a 17 year old highschool girl who he has already cheated on. Poor thing doesn’t have a clue what she’s getting into. This man is 24 years old and still doesn’t have a descent job or a school degree. He’s caught drds before and shared them around. Nothing will stop him from cheating on a girl. He is a pig. Rumor has it that he got the 17 year old pregnant and didn’t even pay for her abortion. Thats how low of a scum he is.

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Baby Momma on the Loose

February 25, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone, this here is Claudia “pinky” Espinoza from nogales, az she is one of the many ho’s in southern az who have nothing better to do than sleep around trying to find the next babby daddy. She doesn’t know how to keep her legs nor mouth shut. She and her family have all put themselves in a mental institution for depression, so what does that tell you? She acts like she is your friend but stabs you in the back by trying to hook up with our men. She lacks self respect and needs to be put on blast. Beware of this ratchet!!

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Carmen and Oscar

February 24, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I can’t believe that no one has exposed these two!!!!! I introduce to you dirty Carmen Tineo and Oscar Chavira. They both work at Citibank the call center. I just found out these two were hooking up. Talk about disgusting and pathetic. She acts like she is too good and her sh*t don’t stink but she is sleeping with this looser. She is so dumb that she she knows she can’t move up on her own even with a degree. That’s why she is sleeping with this looser so she can try to get a better position in the call center. She is only a friend to you when you are any type of benefit to her and will just ignore you when you don’t go out and get drunk with her all the time. She acts like she is all that, but the minute she is drinking she gives it up to anyone. I mean look at her standards of men she will sleep with once she is drunk. He is a pathetic old man that thinks that he is still young enough to be partying with the younger crowed. He is the biggest hypocrite acts like he follow the policies at his work. He is sleeping with Carmen, poor idiot doesn’t realize its only for her to move up in the company since he cant even satisfy her. His wife left him once she noticed he was sleeping with the nastiest person. He now thinks that he can party and be sleeping with woman so much younger then him. He is such a pervert loves to rock the cradle disgusting. Everyone needs to stay away from this two. Sometimes you will find them downtown or down fourth. Guys just get her drunk and you can take her back to her place. Ladies be careful with this pervert!!

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Loves His Butt

February 24, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is greg harris “dj g harris” who djs at dumpy strip clubs and he will go home with any girl he can get because hes as desperate as his friends and he also secretly loves butt sex. he loves doing gay porn and getting his dick sucked or what he loves even better is sucking dicks because he doenst do anything else with his life. hes obsessed with his ex gf and tries to get back her all the time but deep down he just wants to be with a man. LET THE SECRET OUT GREG! EVERYONE KNOWS!

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Gay Porn Turned DJ

February 19, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Chicago 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this want to be gay porn star now wants to be a dj. This kid has been a low-life since high school and still is. He’s robbed from his family and friends. He thinks he’s somebody now because he jacked off college dudes on camera. Earth to greg you live in a house with 5 people, drive a shitty infinity with 150k miles, talk all this shit about how your in school when your not??? Then you want to do become a realtor and you failed, now your a wanna be dj?! I was in the booth with this kid was auto syncing with VIRTUAL DJ!!! WTF is that?! Your best off going back to arizona again for another month to shoot more college gay porn!! The icing on the cake is this guy greg harris has drd and got it from his escort/prostitute gf olivia. I almost went down on this guy until i saw his deformed belly button, i was too drunk and didn’t care until i realized the warts around his d*ck, Thats when shit hit the fan…I always wondered why he only jacked off the dudes in the videos..I used to hang out with his crowd, all his friends make fun of him when he’s not around!! Put this scum on blast nik, he almost gave me the drd!!

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Tucson’s Craigslist’er

February 18, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is a cold hearted manipulating liar who is giving it up every night to random guys on Craigslist; she goes by the name of Bree. I met her on CL and can attest this is definitely her. One of the ads had a background of her studio like mess of house and it is clearly recognizable. I can see posts from other people confirming the same thing. She must of worked her way through at least half the male population of Tucson by this point. She is also a deadbeat and I know she also had a BF that is unknowing of this; she got back together with him and the posts stopped for a few days until he found out what garbage she really is. It seems like she wants to get knocked up and have someone pay her child support and alimony to sit on her ass and fuck more dudes.

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Save a Sloot

February 17, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is davi . She’s a lying cheap heroin addict prostitute that will use you for all you have. she fcks old nasty dudes for $1000 in the past (talk about cheap) fucks her customers in the VIP and doesn’t care that’s she’s passing around DRDs like it’s nobody’s business.I’m sure her fee has gone down since she’s all used and abused. Don’t invest time on this broad it’s a waste . not only will she play you but she’ll leave your dick with a nice burning surprise. shes a disgusting pig that talks like a man. her body count is 30+ I can bet on that . the sad part is she’s only 22. her life is a joke at this point nik save this girl cuz I couldn’t

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Harriet Sanders

February 12, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 436

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this scary a$$ ratchet is beyond out of control. Faking pregnancies left and right and sleeping with whatever will have her as long as they’re drunk and don’t know the difference or don’t mind putting a bag over her head. She is a classic butterface who doesn’t stop bitching about whoever whenever she can. Her life is revolved around drama and bragging about who she fucked last but trying to keep it secret from her baby daddy Kenny. This b*tch seriously needs to take a brillo pad to her face and attempt to scrub off those acne scars and learn how to do her makeup cause this just ain’t right. She thinks she’s the shit but in reality her ass is all she’s got going for her. Glasses 3 inches thick, cross eyed, has two kids and barely upgraded to a B-cup. Let’s not get started on her chin that goes directly back to her neck, no jawline! Everyone hates her and her horrible poor me attitude. Who knows how many diseases she’s spread around just over the past year! Nik, please help stop the madness this hoe adds to Tucson. And no, she doesn’t know how to spell. It’s deuces!

Sea of clothes.- nik

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