Pauline Stuart-Brandon

December 30, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale 0 8,782 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pauline, aka Kiyokie. (Stripper name).. She invested money in fake lips (fish lips, fake ass, all the way down to the knees, some useless tattoos, and some other bullshit) ….I know you can’t stand me, you smile in my face then talk shit behind my back. Because that’s just who you are… You claim to be a bad bitch.. That’s fine, having 4 kids with some random neggas, one in jail. The other one just a loser.. Having the government pay for your kids, since you can’t really make it in the real world. Oh yeah forgot you are a drug dealer shit, you be going to jail soon like your current husband, the one you be cheating with all kinds of neggas.. One of them you use like a doormat..We know you are ashamed of your new Body, since you don’t post new pictures of you. But we know what kind of waste of pennies you had invested or lost. Hahah. We posting you here, because you keep fucking my buddie and he’s an idiot by not saying no to ur Korean pussy. Since it’s for free. You and your gang of useless Whores need a reality check.. Here’s one for start. Now, Nik would you??

Answer: No, that superman tat used to fit.

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Rob G

December 30, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Scottsdale 1 8,962 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: We’ll, Rob-G.. Since you can’t keep your mouth shut…. We posting you here…. Being a door man at the local strip club is’t the best job out there. But it’s a job.. You have let my underage boys in at The West Club. Jose and his 19 year old cousin. Plenty of times..and how about the Westside Boys gang, creating fights every Friday night, bringing guns inside.. You also get some cut from Joey Montaño.. Wanna be a ball player.. Whatever. But in reality he sells pills at the club. He also fucks the nasty Anna Carrizoza then talks shit about her.. Rob-G, told you to stay out of Annas post, now here you are.. Bum-ass.

Doorman…nuff said.- nik

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Earl The Perverted Squirrel

December 23, 2013 Arizona / UofA 13 6,224 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Earl the Squirrel: Alright, so where to start on this douchebag. FIRST OFF get a fcking haircut Johnny Bravo, you look like a super saiyan that woke up on the wrong side of the fashion bed. Earl has been attempting to throw parties for over five years, in the attempt to get underage girls drunk so he can have his way. If you know or have seen Earl you know that he is one hell of a creep. If you piss Earl off his retaliation is to tell you your not invited to any of his awesome parties. NEWSFLASH if we wanted to get roofied we would just ask you Earlie Squirrely. If your 25+ and getting 14 year old girls fucked up so that your pinkie dick can get a little action you might want to just off yourself. Besides having , this guy secretly likes to get a little wild on the other side when you drinks. Nothing wrong with being bisexual, but might wanna check if the other guy is too buddy.

A seasoned hazer.- nik

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Tucson’s Trashiest

December 11, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson, Westside-AZ 15 9,317 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this low lifes name is Alec kopystynsky. He’s just another white trash peice of sh*t fresh out of prison. Claims to be in the aryan brotherhood. Has multiple swastika tattoos. Typical scum bag. Doesn’t own a house or car. Doesn’t have a job. Lives with his grandparents using up all their money. Sells Drugs. Is addicted to m*th. Beats up, stalks, harasses and threatens women. LADIES BEWARE! He will give you a DRD, lie, cheat and steal from you! His nasty ass needs to go back to prison and stay there!

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Dirty Adriana

December 10, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 23 9,878 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Adriana Polomo now known as Adriana Kerry, She is 30 years old! she will sleep with anyone who pretty much has a di*k and bonus if you have money… She has three kids and three different baby daddies, she is shady and she will do anything to get pregnant especially if you have money or in the military, all three of her kids she planned them and did all the guys dirty, they are all disgusted with her.. she used ovulation test told guys she was on the pill and she would literally take the sperm out the condom to get pregnant. She was so obsessed with her second baby daddy, she even slept with his cousin. She would stalker him, even wanted to move in the same apartments he did. She was married to her third baby daddy still texting guys asking If they could fuk..she wasn’t even married a year with him cause he ended up finding out that she was a dirty whore and he wanted to get a DNA test with his daughter and come to find out, its not even his!!! They got divorced and not even a month later she gets married again to her boss Douglas Kerry at Citi Bank Call Center.. Which is a prescription drug dealer on the streets also!! she will Do anything you tell her too!! She thinks she is Gods Gift to men! She has even slept with her best friends boyfriend.I went to school with this cunt and she was always a whore always wanted attention and was always saying she was pregnant from different guys, guess now she finally found a way to actually get pregnant! Watch out for this tramp!!

This is why flushing is a good policy.- nik

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Fashion Disaster

December 6, 2013 Arizona / UofA 19 7,160 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the tragic sight you see before you is a guy named Ramon C working for the FM store on university and this guy is a thief past the walking eyesore that he appears in public. He sold an iPhone 4s to a friend of mine and when we went to switch the sim-card at the Verizon store, the phone had been reported stolen. Calls to his number went unanswered and thus UAPD got involved because it happened on campus and my friend was out 200 dollars and the phone was eventually returned to its rightful owner even if she got a new one from insurance. Even some of his family members don\’t know what he is doing half the time. He seems to have no care for anything and obviously is dirty considering the \”white stains\” on his shirt. What say you Dirty Army?

Who still has an iPhone 4?- nik

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Dustin Murphy

December 4, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 3 7,956 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dustin is the biggest piece of shit in the world. I ended seeing him a week ago. Found out that I caught an drd from him. Nothing to serious. He convinced me I was the only one. Well there was multiple girls. Some he is still seeing. His best friend has been sleeping behind her new mans back with him. He needs to be put on blast Nik. They’re all gross and disgusting. I hope every girl he seeing Gets out before they get an DRD.

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Untrustworthy Drury

December 2, 2013 Arizona / UofA, Dirty DUI, Raleigh-Durham 14 7,803 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this skanks name is Crystal Drury. She thinks that she’s the most trustworthy person ever and thats she’s a great friend. However that’s farthest from the truth. This girl stole her “friends” car, to go to Circle K and Jack in the Box bc she was drunk and hungry. This girl drove into the Air Force base without permission, she hit something, had cops surround her at gun point. She got charged with an extreme DUI, criminal trespassing and some other stuff… She got back to the house that she stole the car from and told her friend” that she just put a dent in the passenger bumper and that she wasn’t driving!! What a fcking joke!! Crystal not only lied about the damages but now denies driving the car! She totaled the car! This girl is the most selfish person I have ever met!! You need to watch out for this girl! She’ll be the sweetest thing to your face and will steal from you no matter the size or what it is. Keep your distance from her!! She is not to be trusted

She needs to lower that bandana to cover her 6head.- nik

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