This Thing

June 21, 2010 Auburn, Columbus, Would You? 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This whore right here be Jasmine Cunt I mean Hunt. Shes over 2o years old and is still trying to pass high school and bone high schoolers.What’s really funny is that shes been ran through by a lot of my friends no joke I was in a group of 8 people and I was the only 1 that hadn’t touched that thing. But the worst part is that she’s been in a relationship with my buddy Jamar Br** for over a year now and she still bones other guys it’s f*cked up. I don’t know y he even messes with that she looks like she has some stank ass pssy for real tho. But 1 night Jamar was kicking it with us and my friend asked him to go to Wendy’s to get food for everyone so he went. She decided to stay while he went to get the food. My friend started dicking down his girl in front of her and she said “I want to eat some pssy” so she started to eat my homies girl out while he hit it from the back and then sucked him up. It’s nasty because when her man got back with the food she kissed him and till this day she still a slut like that.

She would be out of work if she left school, little kids are the only ones who would fall for this shim.- nik

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Sweetest Sloot

March 29, 2010 Auburn, Kochran Kardashian, Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This bitch is a p*ssy rich snob who acts like the sweetest angel ever wen realli shez a stuck up catty little f*ckin slutty bitch. She def define the term a takerrrr but not a giver if you catch my drift. she is one of those chicks that is always around but never actually has a role in anything. she gets whipped as f*ck w/ her fagg*t choice of bfs .. thiz chick moved to BC and yet still comes to visit.. wudnt b surprsed if she aint on the Vancouver one, bet she be whoren it A town style there oto. shemakes out w. every chick wen shes drunk n practically flirts with everyguy. Rave whore to the max and lovesit in the ass. this UDUB wanna be gurl will always trik u into gettin wat she wants. On the right we have cara and she is known for being the biggest h*e in the shortest amount of time after breaking up with her then boyfriend. the blnd chick on the left is her three sum buddy. they always hook up, lez-be-honeesst..LOL soo now you tell me nik … would you?

Answer: no.  Her face is angled and she can’t hide her horse head with that kissy face.

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Southern Bell

February 16, 2010 Auburn, Would You? 7

Mr. Ed

Mr. Ed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Kristen H, something about her huge teeth bother me. Also, she has the “good girl” look but is a well known groupie. She is from Gulf Shores/Daphne Alabama.  In the first photo It’s the girl in the green on the left and the second photo on the girl on the right in the solid black dress. Her “kankles” are awful also!

Girls from the south suck, they will all be obese by the time they’re 30.- nik

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Back To School

August 20, 2009 Alabama, Arizona / UofA, ASU, Auburn, BYU, Chico State, Clemson, Colorado, Colorado State, East Carolina University, Florida Gators, Fresno State, FSU, George Washington University, Georgetown, Georgia, Gonzaga, Harvard, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas State, Marquette, Marshall University, Maryland, Miami Of Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Montana State, MSU, Navy, NC State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ohio University, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Penn State, Pitt, Rutgers, South Florida, Southern Illinois University, Stanford, TCU, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Texas-AM, The Dirty, UCLA, UCONN, UCSB, UMASS, UNC, UNLV, USC, Utah, Utah State, VCU 30

Back to School

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was thinking you should send out an official request to your army to begin sending in the dirt so we can see what this years freshman have to offer. Let College Season Begin???

Attention all college students, are you in a gay frat? Do you have a roommate who doesn’t shower? Do you know a new freshman who does the walk of shame as many times as they play “tonight is a good night”? The world needs to know and is open for business. Studying is overrated… be my friend, it is cooler.- nik

Lets get a jump on College Season and Submit Your Dirt Here

If you don’t see your school just email me to add it.  Freshman 15 for life!

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Gross Shim

August 3, 2009 Atlanta, Auburn 4


THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik, even he wouldn’t!

When fat overgrown babies think you’re gross, you’re officially done for.- nik

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Auburn Girls

April 29, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 23

Auburn Girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Auburn Sorority Girls going wild.. Chick on the left said she would let you knight her with your Greg.

I think they are hiding their faces for a reason. Ugly.- nik

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Camel Toe’d

April 21, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 5

camel toe'd

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her quote- “model for hire” . . model what? that camel toe? EW! Photoshop couldnt even fix that.

Wow, “she” did a pretty good tuck job. Just sayin’.- nik

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Would You

April 20, 2009 Alabama, ASU, Auburn, Would You? 11


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the kind of girl that Alabama is all about..A big fat booty, small chest, beat face and sl*tty.  I think I know what your answer is gunna be to this would you, your decision may finally get me too move.

Answer: No, she would smother me and then probably eat my lifeless body.

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