Like Whatever

April 17, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dumb blonde is Natalie.  This girl is a complete moron, she thinks everyone loves her and that everyone should stop what they are doing to pay attention to her or do things for her.    She is a drama queen and will scream and run when she sees a bug near her, she also is always having “boy drama’ and complaining about a new guy not treating her right every week…I hate her and girls like this.

Did all the tanning burn her eyebrows off?- nik

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One Night Stands

April 16, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this tramp is Katie.  This girl is in the army or army reserve some sh*t like that, she acts like she is gunna be shipped off to Iraq all the time with her one night stands.  This girl has a thing for druggies, guys with holes in their ears (the bigger the better) and any other deadbeats who will sleep with her.  I used to think this girl was hot she has gone way down hill, and is that guys nose bleeding ??? I wonder why.

Do you think theyshare the same hair dye?  I think the shade is called Ginger Delight.- nik

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Soon To Be A Bum

April 15, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jacob a dirty hippie.  This guy goes on crazy drug binges and goes missing for days, he has some deadbeat friends and they all try and gangbang girls together.  This guy looks like he lives in the streets, surprisingly he doesn’t.   And that is not a tattoo on his chest one of his friends sharpied on him, maybe he is also for the gays, you know how loving and easy going those hippies are.

Is that blood on the sheet behind him, and by sheet I mean the living room wall in his outdoor Hippie House.- nik

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Cigarette Burns On The Greg

April 8, 2009 Alabama, Auburn, University Of Memphis, Wichita 0

Whoever came up with that idea is definitely for they gays. I wouldn’t let those kids within 10 miles of me.- nik

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Tha Best Rapper Alive!

April 7, 2009 Alabama, Auburn 8

Tha Best Rapper Alive!

Tha Best Rapper Alive!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey yo Nik, This guy’s name is Brandon D*wd*ll but he goes by the name Dizzle. He is 19 yrs old, is from Auburn, Al, and he claims that he knows everyone in the city and everyone knows him. He is also a rapper(or claims to be). He tries to hard to be like and sound like Lil Wayne and is even growing dreadlocks. Get this he even told me that he doesn’t date girls that are under a rating of 8. He attends Auburn University.

He should take what he can get, meaning a 1.2999.- nik

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Light Up Greg

April 1, 2009 Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Delaware, Drake, Hamptons, Indiana, Iowa, j3, Kansas State, Manhattan, Maryland 1

The only thing that would make this better is if a Reindeer was licking it.- nik

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Why The War In Iraq Is Taking So Long

March 31, 2009 Air Force, Alabama, Anchorage, Auburn, Baltimore, Delaware, Dirty TV, Drake, Dublin, Hamptons, Ibiza, Indiana, Iowa, j3, Jackson, The Citadel, West Point 10

It’s like training to train a group of kids with downs.- nik

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Ending Of Se7en Done By Stuffed Animals

March 30, 2009 Air Force, Alabama, Auburn, Baltimore, Clemson, Delaware, Drake, Hamptons, Ibiza, Indiana, Iowa, j3, Jackson 0

Gweneth Paltrow looks even more like a Shim than I remembered.- nik

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