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Slooty Bestfriends

July 18, 2011 Berkeley, San Jose 15

The Suttiest Bestfriends

The Suttiest Bestfriends

The Suttiest Bestfriends

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Reina Swanson and Courtni Belanger, they’re best friends and will sleep around with whoever whenever. One time at a party they got so sloppy drunk and both fcked like 3 guys each that night. Can you say trashy?! Not only do they sleep around, they have had multiple pregnancy scares. Courtni always wears very low cut shirts to show off her big boobs and she flashes people all the time. One time i was at a party with her and she was sucking dick in the hall way! Then there’s Reina, this girl is dirty. She always wears really short bottoms so her ass can hang out. She fcks guys left and right. Don’t trust this two hoes, they’re disgusting whores.

Sloots are worse when they pair up.- nik

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K.Cliff The Model

June 27, 2011 Berkeley, San Diego 13

K.Cliff the model

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is Kendall, an aspiring model. she’s articulate, funny, witty, and really intelligent, she went to Cal. she’s been going through a hard time and a shout out from you would make this beautiful girls day… i wanna know….would you?

You didn’t flatter her with these pictures, I can tell she’s all body with a weak face…send in more pics, prove me wrong (if you can).- nik

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Gutter Rat

June 14, 2011 Berkeley, Dirty Greeks, San Francisco 11

Gutter Rat

Gutter Rat

Gutter Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Matt Rose- Stark is his name. I unfortunately had the displeasure of meeting when i was at a party at UC Berkeley’s fraternity Fiji. After he failed miserably at trying to get in my pants, one of his fellow “brothers” told me that he wasn’t initially wanted in the frat, but his friend who was already a brother had to force the brothers into letting him in……… his fowl *ss most likely had to suck some serious greg to get in… this kid is a straight up PUSSY B*TCH!

The sad thing is I don’t even think thats a costume in the second photo.- nik

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The San Francisco Cheating Mooch

May 2, 2011 Berkeley, San Francisco 4

She'll do anything for a nice dinner and drugs

She'll do anything for a nice dinner and drugs

She'll do anything for a nice dinner and drugs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kelsey Elliot is the biggest golddigger in San Francisco. She cheated on her pushover boyfriend of 5 years with 27 different guys all while her boyfriend bank rolled her and paid for vacations for her and her family. Her boyfriend worked out of town most nights and she would have random guys over nightly. She is a drug addict and has even done crack and meth and she has the worst body I have ever seen. She is in desperate need of +2s and her thunder thighs are hard to look at. She is f*cking crazy and needs to be put on blast. She thinks shes hot sh*t and she can pull in any guy just because she always has her legs open. Her boyfriend finally dumped her ass and now shes living with some kid and all they do is go to raves together.

I am guessing you are one of the 27 guys who fell in love because she said that she was going to leave her boyfriend for you.- nik

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Nasty Sloot Running Around Town

April 1, 2011 Berkeley, San Francisco 14

Nasty Sloot running around town

Nasty Sloot running around town

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to put this sloot on blast. She runs around town like she is the sh*t, but in reality she is as broke as a two dollar h*e. I’ve heard shes been with at least 200 hundred guys no joke. She uses her fake t*ts to screw guys out of money. Please Nik, put her on blast!

Amazing that her frail body can support those +2′s.  I foresee back problems.- nik

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Anything For Attention

February 16, 2011 Berkeley, San Francisco 4

Anything for attention

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Amanda Thornbe**y. She’s a disgusting piece of trash who will fck anyone for money or attention. She’s constantly lying about how “successful” she is, when in reality she lives with a drug dealer and probably trades her skanky pssy for his low grade pot. Check out some of her finer work on [], model name: MASON. Check out her saggers, barf.

She does trade her body for money and plays with wrinkled greg, its a rough job but someones gotta do it.- nik

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Ms Piggy Lizzy

December 30, 2010 Berkeley, Dirty Army Strong, Sacramento 9

ms piggy lizzy

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK PLEASE PUT THIS PLUMP BITCH ON BLAST!!!!She thinks she can run around my circle and talk shit you have another thing coming this bitch is no wifey material aint that why will took the engagement back you dumb bitch and i was lmao that day too when people tolled me but i guess he seen you for the sloot that you are!! you fck anything and everything your sad and pathetic!!! she doesnt know who her baby daddy is so she puts it off on her ex!!! take the time out on that other then talking about people little ms down white girl thats funny cause thats what your friends say behind your back who gets daddy tatooed on there neck someone that needs attention!!! LIttle mrs piggy lizzy is also known for giving mean head and fisting herself too which is another attention seeking idea of hers its sad that her son has to grow up knowing that his moms a hoe that has been passed around a fews time but what can you say like mother like daughter.

She must love the purple chango.- nik

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Who Said It Couldn’t Get Worse

September 17, 2010 Berkeley, Dirty Greeks, San Francisco 10

Who said it couldn't get worse

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Say hello to some of Cals finest thetas. I feel bad for all the new excited freshman boys, so sorry college isn’t what you dreamt of or at least the girls aren’t. so embarrassing. How do we fix this nik?

Submitting them was the first step, they may get a wake up call and straighten themselves up a bit.  I love the little crying gremlin in the corner, my guess is they made her put down the ‘cheez-its’ for the picture.- nik

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