The Dirty Immunity Tour 2009

June 16, 2009 Berkeley, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Stanford 11 5,599 Views

sfflyer1Come hang out with me on June 18th at Aura as The Dirty Immunity Tour comes to Pleasanton.- nik

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Cal Kids Knows How To Party

May 20, 2009 Berkeley, San Francisco 8 8,622 Views

CAL kids knows how to party

CAL kids knows how to party

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik who says those dorks up at CAL dont know how to party , check out this kid.

I think the noodle spilled some top ramen on him.- nik

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Greg, Please Wake Up

May 4, 2009 Alabama, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Berkeley, Dirty TV, Hawaii, Iowa, San Jose, The Dirty 7 7,746 Views

Her name is Debbie and she likes flat abs and disco…

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Horse Model?

April 30, 2009 Berkeley, Chico State, Fresno State, Hollywood, Huntington Beach 51 9,622 Views

pony pic

pony pic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Apparently everyone’s a model now. Even Horse.

I’m surprised that horse isn’t modeling riding gear.- nik

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Would You? With Lana

April 29, 2009 Berkeley, Chico State, Fresno State, Hollywood 9 7,935 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lana shes a model among other things and I think she looks great for having a kid, so would you ?

Answer: No, shes wearing jeans in every picture for a reason, to hide her Greg.

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Nasty Wh*re

April 21, 2009 Berkeley, Chico State, Fresno State, Huntington Beach 15 8,981 Views

would you, nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this girl “mo” thinks she is the shit. she prances around huntington like she is the hottest thing in the OC. however, she look likes an alien and has big gums. so i mean…i know i wouldnt.

Her gum to tooth ratio is disgusting.- nik

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Nik Would You?

April 17, 2009 Berkeley, Chico State, Fresno State, Huntington Beach, Would You? 13 5,715 Views

Nik Would You?

Nik Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Because I wish I was that drink. Would YOU??

Answer: No, they have fish lips and weird eyebrows, and I think the one on the left has a mustache.

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Can We Say Trailer Park Trash

April 16, 2009 Berkeley, Chico State, Fresno State, Huntington Beach 4 9,959 Views

Can we say

Can we say

THE DIRTY ARMY: The picture says it all, ” A hot tranny mess!” not to mention “T.P.T” ( Trailer Park trash) and of course only from the Capitol of white trash “Huntington Beach”… Her name is Cherese R*bins*n, and no thats not her stage name in the porn industry, but it should be ( She has the Resume to prove it). Shes not only a bro H*E.. given she sleeps around with guy to guy in huntington and thinks shes someone, but shes a Cake face, with bad skin, drinks 24/7, but in reality shes nothing more than a tranny looking, bad teeth, no one…. oh did i mention bad skin. Shes says she works in a salon, “Honey answering phones in a salon doesn’t make you a judge of beauty.. ( Look in the mirror) If she had real friends I’m pretty sure that they would let a girl know that shes a sorry excuse for a woman. She really does think shes someone with her skanky myspace pics, low end job that she only got because she’s sleeping with someone in corporate. What a shame… but i guess you are what you hang with. Beware of this girl, she uses people, and has nothing better to do than be low class white trash.

Total Tranny, she is definitely packing a Greg in the first picture.- nik

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