Brandi Antonelli, Owner Of Butler Trash Now

April 30, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 199 11,560 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Girl Right Here Is Brandi Antonelli,Owner Of Butler Trash Now And Town Smut. She Bitches About Junkies When She Does Drugs Infront Of Her Kids And Allows Pedophiles Around Them. She Claims Shes A “Good” Person But She Dates These Pedophiles She Allows Around Her Kids And Takes Advantage Of The System By Using Her Welfare Checks Or Food Stamps To Sell To Pay For Her Habits And Buy Her Ugly Boy Toy’s New Cars. You Probably Know This Girl Is Dating The Infamous Justin Castilyn Who Is Now In Jail For Past Crimes. Mother Of The Year Material? You Decide. She Threatens To Beat Up A Pregnant Woman That Constantly Gets Harassed By This Girl’s Boyfriend And Tries To Play The Victim When It Comes To Confrontations. She Used Many Fake Names On Facebook To Harass And Torment Innocent People Who Have Nothing To Do With Her Or Her Scummy Pedophile Boyfriend. She Went By Trashelle Bunny On Facebook, One Of The Many Names For Her To Troll People. This Girl And Justin Castilyn Are Two Of A Pair That Deserve Each Other.

Another Butler trash self post.  You ain’t gunna make it stemming from Facebook.- nik

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Butlers Finest Piece of Trash

April 10, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 19 9,314 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik the COWARDLY Will Fox of butler pa. Where to start. He had SEX with his BLOOD SISTER Sandra Callithen  In 1996…YES HE WAS CAUGHT IN THE BUSHES WITH HIS HAND DOWN HER PANTS!!!! Will is just scum…His parents are also lazy pieces of shit. Neither of them work. His father is around 500 pounds and claims to be a war vet. Lol NOT his dad has been on disability and ssi for 35 years for being a lazy fat piece of shit. Lets talk about WILL FOX. You can often see this dumb ass driving town in a silver dodge Dakota with a fireman’s light on top of it. Yup he is a volunteer fireman. BUT WAIT. He is on disability . He says his back is TO BAD to work. But you can be a fireman? His back is not to bad to carry cases of beer to cavs place? He is a SCUMBAG using the system in all the wrong and following ways Collects disability Collects Foodstamps Collects Hud housing Often seen at catholic charities. Often seen at walmart with his fat ass girlfriend He bums money off of his girl to drink every night He is a complete drunk  He has a child he does NOT pay support on or see because the mother thinks he is to big of a loser and he has no rights to his six year old daughter. Just a piece of crap and everyone needs to see what a piece of crap this worthless dude is. Driving a piece of shit Dakota drunk is not cool. NOT taking care of your daughter and giving up all rights. Your a pos man.

How does he make it up to the addict every day then??- nik

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Jessica Charlton

April 5, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 35 10,126 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Jessica Charlton, When: When ever she can get it, What: Money thiefing WHORE/Fake baby making pig, Where any place she can get it, even your grandmother.  Why: Because shes a fat pig. So here is the story… Jessica Charlton steals peoples checks and cashes them, she makes men feel bad for her she either lies and says she pregnant or quickly becomes pregnant after sleeping with them (even thought she cant have any more kids) THANK GOD. She NEVER pays her rent, I quit adding after 50,000 on her docket sheets. Her OWN sister in law has sued her! She makes up these stories so she can be a bum collect welfare and sit on her fat ass while her and her husband Josh snort pills and shoot dope all day. I got pictures of her bathroom in her old house where her husband nodded off while on H**oin and burned a hole in the floor. Everyone needs to be aware of this pig. She will even tell guys she needs the money so she doesnt get evicted because her and her kids have no place to go. She has no place to go because she has burned every person she has ever talked to.

Incorporate the 5W’s into your post.  Love the effort, just saying.- nik

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Butler Biggest Trash Talker

March 7, 2013 Butler, Pittsburgh 546 14,025 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik There is a facebook page called Butler Trash (used to be BCPOT – meaning butler county pieces of trash)in Pennsylvania. The person I know well is the owner, Justin Castilyn. He trashes people who have made bad choices in drugs,using welfare, abuse of women and children, child molestation and puts a little bit of truth and makes it 10x’s worse by adding things that aren’t true or just making up the entire post on someone. It is worse when he has been on welfare not working at all, mooching off others, charged with rape and sexual assault etc for a minor under 13 ( check pa docket sheets), fraud, burglary, fake money orders, you can check google for that. He is constanly harrassing a married woman who made a bad choice and her husband is in the army when he slept with that woman and got her pregnant. He is no better than the “Butler Trash” he posts. Constant bullying and puts fake profiles of people he is harrassing.

 Hypocrite.- nik

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Con man elite

January 28, 2013 Butler, Vancouver 20 9,401 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: One of the Lamest shitty liars ever… Met him on PLENTY OF FISH … He would say he lived at Shangri-La ? Next thing I know I’m dropping him off at the fcking bustop near Georgia ?? Not sure if dude has a baby mama or live with his rents. Smallest greg ever, keeps making up business crap. Next thing I know he doesn’t have enough money to pay for stuff and ends up making an excuse that he “has to go” honestly I think this guy is a fg. When my shit goes missing I dont even know what to think. He says he’s married and uses some sad story, who the hell would even get with this guy??? Not to mention he is so fcked up. Too chubby to even fit his own suit, and before you know it hes givnig you some romantic made up story. Coc**ne addict. Sadly this is what Vancouver is made up of. From what I’ve heard he has con’ed quarty of the city and they are looking for him. He says his name is Zach Enrico or Enrique??? His name is Zach Henry 22 year old from West Van High, dont get it twisted. Don\’t get played ladies.

The 2 handed self pic is for the gays.  Only a matter of time.- nik

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Beaver Face Bobbi

December 5, 2012 Butler, Wichita 31 9,972 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – This is Bobbi Gile. She sleeps with a different guy every week. She flaunts her nasty pimple boobs all over facebook. She thinks she is hot shit. She is a trailor trash hoe that sleeps with guys so she can feel wanted because her parents hate her.

I hope a girl was taking that bottom picture to balance out the numbers a bit (odds are its not)…- nik

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Total Package Deal

December 4, 2012 Butler, Wichita 42 7,082 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok everyone meet Tabitha Bohnstehn. She’s 20 years old but she acts like shes still 16, acts like a blonde bimbo, and has no self respect or respect towards other people. She talks to atleast 3 guys at a time and tells all of them that she’s in it for the long run and only had sex with one guy (we all know THATS a lie)
She enjoys going to Colorado to get with her legal brother in law and then comes back to Kansas to go back to her other boy toys. she works at BMW and does nothing but lie, lie, lie, and cheat the system. She will tell her boss she has a “last minute” doctor appt., stay clocked in, and go find a comfy bmw to sleep in for a couple hours before she comes back to work. PATHETIC!!! she likes to ditch her friends, who have obviously been there for her much more than her new “friend”. please. she claims she is still in love with her ex even though she gets it in every weekend. this girl is a conniving liar and she doesn’t care if she gets caught up in a lie or hurt other people’s feelings with the lies. she likes to put her ass on guys’ face. i mean come on. what lady does that? you should try growing up and acting your age. she will continue to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants until she finally decides to grow up and quit whoring around and sticking your ass on guys’ face. she even tries to get with one of her co-workers whose wife di** and he has 3 kids and she STILL tells people she wants to f*ck him..disgusting. i can’t believe u even have friends. Nik please tell me what you think of this catfish with lips.?

I think girls pulling that prank is to risky.- nik

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Beware Of Looks

November 8, 2012 Butler, Wichita 14 6,523 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kylee Babb is the little scamp tonight! I’ve watched her use guy after guy for sex, money, and company when no one else would. She should be nominated for a Grammy because of her acting skills. This sloot puts up more of a fake wall then a Hollywood Studio. She makes and allows her family and friends to believe she is innocent and is oh so hard to get in bed, when all you have to do is simply spend a little and look nice and your in like Flynn.

She should move to Hollywood.- nik

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