And Then She Gained 10lbs

October 23, 2012 Butler, Wichita 38 10,054 Views
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Swear to jesus, this btch was on the dirty a few months ago and she looked like sht then. But look at her now. And this is her TRYING. Not that she ever doesn’t try, can you imagine what she’d look like if she ever stopped caking on the makeup and squeezing her lard ass into clothes that should never have made it into her closet. ALSO. Remember how that post before said she was hung up on a guy named John. Haha. Cassie Larkin does not get over men. Swear to god, months later, she’s still up his ass. When he got accepted on a football scholarship to Arkansas she went batshit crazy on twitter about how he’s stupid and calling out this girl he’s with. LARD ASS+BUTTER FACE= CASSIE LARKIN IS A DISGRACE..

She’s loosing her palms.- nik

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Brazilian Leadership, What A Joke

July 20, 2012 Butler, San Diego 19 8,282 Views

Brazilian Leadership? What a Joke

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Larissa Danielli, NOW she is going by Larissa Nearing…is part of the “DANIELLI FAMILY”… our “wanna be a Leader” Alex Danielli has a kid with this woman that SUPPORTS him and raise his child…Look what kind of a POLITICIAN he will be with a FAMILY like this….Larissa was arrested not only ONCE…but FOUR TIMES…between DUIs, selling drugs and Child Dangerouness, ALEX ex… is so crazy that she lost custody of her second child… and they both scammed the government, the little boy stayed with Alex and She was living there even that SHE COULD NOT…  Larissa is the so called “white trash”….two kids…two different fathers…and she MAKES A LOT OF CHILD SUPPORT…Great Leader Alex…great example of EXs… Maybe their boy will be a POTHEAD very soon, or Alex is gonna want him to be THE PRESIDENT OF USA??? WHAT A JOKE DANIELLIs…. That is all we need in San Diego…a Brazilian Leader, fake with a Drug Dealer ex wife….or even better…with an ex that survives scamming the Government, Food Stamps, Free daycares, unemployment, and even TRYING to sue the San Diego County HAHAHA….There we go ALEX…congratulations…beautifull Family…  (PS: GOOGLE HER NAME “LARISSA DANIELLI” you will see her being arrested and all over the news DEFENDING DRUGS).

I think the Presidency for this family is a long shot.- nik

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Hottest Girl I Have Ever Come Across

July 2, 2012 Butler, Vancouver 18 6,218 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this is the hottest girl I have came across, she is absolute STUNNING, Your opinion.  Because I don’t see one flaw in this natural beauty.

Self post.- nik

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Amy DG Crain

September 28, 2011 Butler, Wichita 17 7,678 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amy ‘DG’ Crain, or so her facebook says. The DG standing for dirty girl, which is exactly what this girl is. She sloots around and gets with every guy she can grab with her huge man hands. If you get with her, you have a 99.9% chance of catching something. All she ever does is get drunk and get with as many guys as she can. She will do just about anything for a guy that gives her alcohol. She uses any chance she can get to dress like a sloot. In my opinion she looks like a man. What do you think, Nik?

She needs to cover up more no one seriously wants to see all that flab.- nik 

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Club Shut Down

May 3, 2011 Butler, Wichita, Would You? 70 8,885 Views

Club Shootdown

Club Shootdown

Club Shootdown

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Britney Benard. I always see her at clubs on the weekends with her friends, ive talked to her once an she seemed like a nice chick. but iv also seen her shoot down a lot of guys, which makes her a snob at the same time. she works with kids i guess and my friend goes to college with her, she models on the side too. my friends say they would but i honestly im not for sure if i would! So Nik, would you?

Shutting guys down all the time doesn’t make you a snob it makes you a self poster.  Nice preemptive post trying to make yourself look good.  Lets get some real pics of this troll, I know these pics shave off about 20-30 lbs.- nik

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Trent, True Player

April 15, 2011 Butler, Wichita 9 7,021 Views

trent meyer, true player

trent meyer, true player

THE DIRTY ARMY: trent mayer the true player goes around mackinng on the LG’s all the time. He lost his virginity to a grade 9 girl when he is in grade 12. He drives around girls 24/7 just to get some ass. hes so desperate he would fck a lightpole. he acts like a mocho man but his dick is smaller then half a pencil. this guy needs to get it through his heaqd that he is so ugly and no girl would ever tap that. what do you think nik?

I see him filling online sloots wish lists, thinking they’ll actually sleep with him…little will he know the ‘girl’ he’s talking to looks just like him.- nik

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I Found YOUR Dream Girl

April 12, 2011 Butler, Chicago, Would You? 4 5,310 Views

I found YOUR dream girl!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think I found your dream girl! Shes really hot and popular around here, she goes to my school. Her name is Ange….so would you?

Answer: No, even her unbrushed cheap hair extensions can distract me from a face that makes her look 37 when she smiles.

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Jersey Shore Wannabe

April 5, 2011 Butler, Wichita 17 8,865 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jesus Renteria AKA “Ducky”. He thinks he’s the last Coke in the desert. He parties around like there’s no other and thinks he can get any chick he sees. He’s always drunk and rolls around with his best friend Manuel Garcia. You can usually find him at clubs fist pumping with alcohol in hand. He thinks he’s a perfect 10, but he can’t even drive himself around because he has no car. What a waste of man.

Someone needs to remind him that he lives in Kansas.- nik

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