Is It A He Or A She

February 7, 2011 Butler, Wichita 39 8,982 Views

Isshe or Isntshe?

Isshe or Isntshe?

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the nastiest little drunken sloot around! Her name is Melisha ‘Ishi’ Reg*er. We all call her Isshe or Isntshe because we can’t be completely sure she isn’t a dude with her broad shoulders, flappy fat man arms, flat chest, and beer gut! She thinks she is the absolute hottest thing to ever hit Wichita but she is sadly mistaken! The first three times I met her she was head first in the toilet, and the third she just got done fcking some poor girl’s boyfriend! She is hooked on pepsi, and can’t stop popping pills to save her life. This little party hooker can’t keep her mouth shut about anyone either. She talks so much trash no one can be sure what is the truth or just another pathetic lie to make herself look good. What’s even more pathetic is she is now “dating” a guy that cheats on her all the time. He parties, sleeps around, and the worst part is, SHE DOESN’T CARE! She is so desperate for a boyfriend, she dates a notorious cheater. It’s pathetic. But that doesn’t mean she keeps her legs closed herself, she is always with other guys when her own is out partying. Anyway Nilk, would you or wouldn’t you? I think I can answer this one for you, but I’ll let you do the honors!

Answer: No, the drugs are making her look like this…never seen pits that big before.

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Fat Lard

February 3, 2011 Butler, Wichita 45 8,732 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Chloe D*ffing the NASTIEST sloot around wichita, she thinks shes hot sh*t but honestly from the looks of it she is nothing but a FAT PIECE OF LARD, she party hops around the ICT with her bestfriend Brittany McNASTY who is already on the just wishing to find a greg to put in her mouth. She goes around talking sh*t about everybody behind their backs and claims she can kick anyone’s a*s! PLEASE! this girl is weak and has never threw down with anybody, she might have a chance if she sat on them haha. She also claims to be the hottest b*tch in wichita and is always posting disgusting fatass photos of her in underware on facebook, seriously no one wants to see your nasty torn-up piece of roastbeef p*ssy. uggghhh GAGGG!

Chicks with short hair are so beat.- nik

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Wanna Be Sloot

January 31, 2011 Butler, Wichita 37 8,299 Views

Wanna Be Slut

Wanna Be Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…this is Jessie McKinney. She is the biggest poser i have ever met. All she cares about is tanning, spending money, and wearing the best clothes even though her family is ghetto, pepsi heads. She is famous for jumping around friend groups and trying to fit in with whichever group she is in at the moment. Some may know her as the “virgin,” who gets piss ass drunk after 2 beers and hangs out with Wichita’s A-team of sluts such as Paige Olsen and Adri Johnson, (both who were previously posted on the dirty). She likes to run her mouth and tease herself around other peoples boyfriends when she has no intention of doing anything other than sloppy make out sessions. She would rather spend every dollar she makes buying booze and the whole buckle store wardrobe rather then paying her fines for underage drinking which landed her nasty ass in jail. She is the fakest, most superficial, tricked out, c**t. Nik, please put this bitch in her place .

Stop hanging around sloots…guys just wanna sleep with them, nothing else.  Be patient somebody will wanna stick it in, and possibly take you to dinner.- nik

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Would You

January 25, 2011 Butler, Wichita 95 9,385 Views

would you?

would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: once again heres another pepsi head from kapaun-paige olsen- that loves slooting around. she claims to be in love with only one man but goes and sleeps around constantly. she loves causing drama and making a scene. her “drunk” is really half acting and half actually being drunk. she uses the fact that she doesnt have a dad on everything and claims thats why she’s fcked up but its really just because her mommy smoked pot when she was pregnant with her. if this isn’t even she has a twin sister that is just as slooty. her favorite line is why do you hate me??? she also likes to smoke a lot of weed and do prescription drugs. she’s always strung out and tweeked out and looking for the d so Nik would you?

Answer: No, she has a door stop chin and her smile looks like a frown, I’m guessing its from a misplaced jaw.

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316 Player

December 23, 2010 Butler, Dirty Athletes, Wichita 40 8,730 Views

316 Player

316 Player

316 Player

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brandon a.k.a Showtime I always see him at every party in Wichita and Derby. There is this girl that says she is his gf but I don’t know if she should say that. He is always partying and getting sh!t faced with other girls and he never brings her out. Actually a lot of girls fight over him. I think they are all getting played!

No girls are getting played by you, you just embarrassed yourself by posting this.- nik

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Come Visit

December 22, 2010 Butler, Dirty Army Strong, Wichita 64 6,084 Views

Does she not scream, come visit come play??

Does she not scream, come visit come play??

Does she not scream, come visit come play??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Have you ever heard of a girl who brags about having sex with over 100 guys before she even turned 18? Well if you feel like meeting her, her name is Adri “mother fuckin” Johnson. You may have already met her best friend, Hayley, who has already made it onto the dirty, but Adri considers herself the head bitch in charge. Wichita has never seen more of a disgrace than this girl. She never ceases to show off her tongue ring and it may be a little hard to understand her when she talks due to the balls that are constantly in her mouth- she must have sucked a few too many. If you ever find yourself at a party with Adri watch out. She will brag about drinking more than anyone, yet she is the one tripping over herself after four beers. She can’t go to a party without getting in a fight with some “bitch” – whether it be screaming at the person from across the lawn because she is too pussy to confront them, or threatening to “beat her face in”. I have never met a girl more hated or trashy, but the question is, have you?

Does some guy always try and stick their greg in her face while she’s on the can?- nik

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Total Tool

December 21, 2010 Butler, Wichita 34 8,808 Views

this kids a total tool

THE DIRTY ARMY: yo nik, this kid is a total fucking tool. thinks hes hot shit because hes a vocalist with no band. Walks around shows like he ownes everything. like everyone should respect him. This kid is nothing, a fucking tool bag. Goofy as fck kid who thinks he’s hardcore. he talks shit on people for liking a band that he doesn’t. he has fcked our music scene up so much. Has no respect for anyone. No one likes him, he’s a total douche.

Waiting in line to catch a glimpse of your favorite singer is something forgy’s do.- nik

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Gordon Hayward Rapping

November 12, 2010 Butler, Dirty Athletes, Salt Lake City, The Dirty 19 6,723 Views

gordon hayward rapping???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please say it aint so. Nik, The rookie for the Utah Jazz has just dropped his single. I think the whole world would appreciate it if athletes stopped trying to rap. I couldn’t make it through the whole song and definitely regret spending a buck on it on iTunes, cause of course I found it on youtube after.

He needs to pierce his ears like Young Slay if he wants to be taken seriously in the Rap Game.- nik

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