Louisville Chugger

March 26, 2009 Air Force, Alabama, Anchorage, Auburn, Baltimore, BYU, Central Michigan, Clemson, Delaware, Drake, Dublin, Ibiza, Iowa, Jackson 2 7,004 Views

Would it be a bad idea if we played this in the DIRTY office on Fridays?- nik

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It’s A Wonderful Day For A Neighbor – NON COMPLIANT

March 25, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, MSU 6 9,954 Views

It’s A Wonderful Day For A Neighbor - NON COMPLIANT

It’s A Wonderful Day For A Neighbor - NON COMPLIANT


THE DIRTY ARMY: Remember Patrick W*seman, manager of Club X-CEL and owner of Girls of MSU Calendar? According to his latest Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry, he is ***NON-COMPLIANT***. I wonder if this has anything to do with him hosting Teen Night at Xcel and allowing only 12 to 18 year old kids in the door?

He was probably running an underground  kiddie prostitution ring below the club. Just sayin’.-nik

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Skunky Shim

March 24, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit, Western Michigan, Would You? 1 8,704 Views

Skunky Shim

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check it out Nik. It’s our newest myspace wannabe model Micah W*tters with the classic “x” out the clevage. New haircut. Sweet Leopard bed. Would you?

Answer: No. Look at the size of that underwear. What year was this photo take, 1896?

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Fat Attack

March 19, 2009 Central Michigan, Would You? 0 6,628 Views

Fat Attack

THE DIRTY ARMY: Daralyn. Fat. Gross. Escort. Would you pay to sleep with this lard ass? I think it’s a rip off! Nik, would you?

Answer: No, I think she would crush me just by tapping me. And plus I think she already spotted her next victim.

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RackStar Or Jenny

March 18, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit 4 8,194 Views

RackStar Or Jenny

RackStar Or Jenny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whos who??? Or Are they Sisters..LOL Jenny From Eden Night Club Or Rackstar.. They must have the same hair supplier and implant doctor.. They must share the same f*cked up brain that tells them they look good!!!

She must have a severe case of Body Dysmorphia. There is no way a tubby like that should be wearing a corset.- nik

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March 12, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit 9 5,408 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Check it out, this is Melissa Schw@b, she goes to central michigan university. she has to be the biggest AND STINKIEST wh*re on campus! she makes an attempt to go home with a DIFFERENT guy every nite at the bars, the only problem is that EVERY guy in Kalamazoo knows that her tw@t smells like cross between a landfill, a skunks a$$ and the dumpster behind planned parenthood, where they throw all the aborted babies! i just feel that this sk@nk needs to be put on blast… when it takes a 2 hour shower to just wash the scent away, thats not good!

Why would you push your hair out of your face when you have a 7head? Nice overbite too, I think she could be in the running to be a DIRTY horse.- nik

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March 11, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit, Michigan 1 5,838 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Anna,  she is a sophmore at Albion College, in Albion, Michigan. No need to explain this picture!!!!!!! Shes a keeper ;)

After freshman 15, is it sophomore 50?- nik

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Real SGM? What Do You Think Nik?

March 6, 2009 Central Michigan, Detroit, Scissor Gang Mafia 3 8,728 Views

Real SGM? What do you think Nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Real SGM? What do u think Nik?


Real SGM don’t have more pins on their vest than a girl scout.- nik

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