Jairo Will Never Learn

March 25, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Don’t have to mention this name anymore since this crooked ass face has been on here for the past few months. If you see this Jairo you know exactly who posted this one. Please get over yourself, you are NOT gods gift to women nor are you perfect. If beating up your ex is what you call being a man than you really deserve to get fcked up. I still can’t believe your county has you hired as a correctional officer. You really should be fired. Fired a long ass time ago. And you are never going to get your way by going back to all you past “hit it and quit it’s”. You are the REAL definition of a DOUCHEBAG and I feel sorry for you. This is just all entertaining because you thought I was joking when I said I was going to post something about you. Might not get me my way but it sure feels good to expose you….again.

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Two Buck Chuck

March 18, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik and California. This washed up founding frat bro of chico state couldn’t get it all in during his college years. He now rents out a house three blocks from the university to young college girls. As he does have a beautiful home, he only lets women submit applications and tosses all male ones in the trash. He even had an under age woman living in his house and brags about it at the bars. He got a Civil Harassment Order filed against him last September for forcing sex upon her and still didn’t learn his lesson and continues to find a new prey every night. He claims to be a work-out-aholic but we all know at 45 there isn’t much you can do to slow down time or that gut! He continues to rent out his house to young women. With no job and a pedophile background chico needs to know whats up. He sits in his house all day while interrogating these young women. following them around and when you write a check for rent he will stalk the address on the check so don’t be surprised if you see him around home base. He hangs out at Crush Bar a lot. One of his frat bro brothers said he saw roofies in his pocket when we was pulling out cash for the bill one time. Ladies this unemployed washed up frat pedophile you NEED to be on the lookout for in Chico, California. He is not joking around. He will do anything to get laid. He owns un-registered guns and isn’t afraid to carry them on him when none of his friends want to pick him up from the bar and he has to walk home. Limits ? none. Another source says that he pushed a lady at a different bar because she wouldn’t give back his seat back. Issues that need addressing friends? At Nash’s Restaurant he known as the “local restaurant creep” as he is continually touches and harasses the workers of Nash’s Breakfast Join in downtown Chico. Chico you’ve just met 2buckchuck

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Jairo’s Wannabe Wife

March 18, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 14

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this woman is Linda Esquivel. She probably has to be one of the dumbest bitches alive. She keeps claiming she’s married to Jairo Chavez (who is also featured on this site). Yet Jairo seems to be acting like a single ass little boy. He runs back and forth to his exes and new bitches that are down for anything. Preferably his exes friends. Linda brags about her “big” ass but in reality it’s nothing and she’s just over weight. Linda claims she’s powerful and so smart but still works in a f*cking mall…how many years now linda? Like 20? People have told her countless times over the past decade that Jairo cheats on her but she doesn’t listen and listens to Jairo. Even when there’s proof right in front of her. It’s kind of sad and entertaining all at the same time. Either way linda esquivel is just another dumb bitch and I got plenty more to expose about her and the whole Chavez family. And oh by the way bitch you look dumb as hell putting your last name as Chavez. When 1) u aren’t married & 2) he don\’t even claim ur ass!!! Please don’t f*ck around with telling people you have cancer when your fatass don’t and there are far way more people who give a sh*t about their life that are dying right now. That’s f*cked up.

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Camilo the Liar

March 12, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: okay so this guy goes around telling all these young girls, hes only 20something. anyways my friend said she talked to him, so i did research and this dude is really almost 35 thats sick….last i heard he was trying to get with a 16 year old, i just want people to know who they’re dealing with! oh yeah by the way his name is Camilo Sewell

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Nikki @ Chico Centerfolds

March 7, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittney, also goes by Nikki when she works at the local strip joint. She started there right out of high school. She has a horrible track record with guys, and doesn’t get a clue. I heard she’ll take it in the back door, and go down without being asked twice. She’s still out at Centerfolds, god knows what else she’s been up to. She’s cute and all, but will stab you in the back. I’ll be nice and not blast her personal Facebook on here. Who knows, maybe you can stop by the strip joint for an extra credit lap dance! H

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Karma’s a Sloot

March 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here nik this is a new low level for you! Trista may phares/ aider and her nasty old pedo bear jordan aiders they are on hella hard core drugs. All the time they had a baby together when trista was under age and right after doing soo her old man went to jail for child molesting then right after he gets out he talks his old lady in to selling dirty pics to their cracked out tweekin buddies any how these ass wipes need a bible to read during their spare time that is when they arent getting hella high on meth with their poor baby in the same room its sad i know it suck it does but what ever you do dont trust these tweekers they are cons! And get you for every thing you have and then well you know…get high with it thanks nik! Lets warn people about these jerks!

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Thief On Campus

February 26, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone around the City of Chico, especially on campus at Chico State:  This is PIERCE HUBBARD. This individual claims he was going to school, well in reality he is a heroine addict bumming around trying to steal for his next fix. This guy doesn’t look like your classic junkie, he does keep his appearance together somewhat but be warned he has a pocket full of dope and used needles. I saw him walking around Chico State campus a few weeks ago when school started he doesn’t go to school, he’s strung out looking to steal belongings from all you hard working college students. Please keep your eye out for him.

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Every Dog Had Its Day

February 25, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is one of 916/530 biggest douchebag. His name is Jairo Chavez, he wrestles, plays a indian sport called Kabaddi, works out 24/7 (more like take steroids), “works” in law enforcement. He thinks he is the shit but really has NOTHING to brag about…since his family and friends pay for everything, lives in a ghetto ass apartment and on top of that has a small penis. He plays a sport named Kabaddi and claims he loves the sport and his “fans” but behind closed doors he talks about how he only plays for the money and talks shit about his “indian” fans who smell and are dirty. He also works part time in law enforcement, after 2 years you would think you would get moved up to full time…but anyways he never works, and if someone asks for him to come in he will make up some bologna excuse up. I’m not positive how he still works for this county, considering there have been quite a few incidents with him dealing with domestic violence. Jairo is also a pathological liar and when confronted with proof he still has the balls to lie. He supposedly has a “wife” but always finds a way to fuck around with his exes or the dirty slobs in Yuba City!I am still not surprised how he doesn’t have an drd yet. Thank god I never catched anything from him, considering that I am one of his 1000000 exes. I just thought I’d let everyone in on the scoop with this douche, since I’m surprised he hasn’t made it on here yet. Every dog will have it’s day!! Jairo Chavez is 100% dirty! Don’t believe anything that comes out his mouth…or let the true religions,or the nice yellow camaro fool you! I feel sorry for his mom since she raised 4 dumbasses…and BY THE WAY if you are into licking assholes, hit jairo up on facebook or instagram, he will definitely let you lick his asshole.

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