Drew Kelley

February 5, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Butte County. Just wondering who the fuck this punk is all of a sudden? him and his friends have been runnin off at their mouths about a whole lot of motherfuckers lately..Kinda funny tho since that bitch Sunni in the pic there has had drd and gho***ea for 7 years now from fuckin all kinds of filthy cocks. She used to sell her pussy in Southside Oroville and act like she only hangs out in Paradise. This punk bitch who shes with is Drew Kelley. Only reason he runs his mouth is because he knows he is really good at hiding out. Wonder why this pussy never says shit in front of nobody? Only on the internet will he bust a grape. This piece of shit got PC’D up in CRC…Talk about putting people on blast..Here it is..only difference is..this shit on them is all TRUE.

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Punk Snitch

February 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik!! May I introduce to you Jeremy Blankenship. This white trash low-life is a grade F scum bucket. This p*ssy ass punk bitch cock grabbing snitch morherfucker is of the lowest. While this cock sucker isnt free loading off his parents, At 26!!!, he’s stealing from anybody and everybody who lets him in. Thats right.. This toothless, jobless, homeless, soul-less, future less piece of shit is a real piece of work. Addicted to heroin with no source of income, Jeremy has stolen all of his GF’s roommates jewelry to pawn off for dime bags. His old “friends” avoid him like the plague cuz he CANNOT be trusted. This POS is not to be trusted. And let’s show his chick his true colors and help her out. He’s like a leech.

Nice flower…- nik

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Leonie The Loser

January 16, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alrite Nik- Here we go..This is Leonie Pacheco of stirling city/Paradise CA. This is the scummiest of tweekers. She and her husband Robert HOuse who u can see in the pics, got busted for torchering there newborn baby!!This bitch has had 3 babies-all addictied to M*th at birth..Fortunately she has lost them all..This cunt cant keep a fuckin needle out of her arm to save her life..And her husband has two kids from a previous marriage..His oldest son Drake was forced to perform oral sex on him from the time he was an infant and now the kid is a big time loser and molests kids at his school. This dirty filthy piece of shit tries to pick up men all the time at variious dirt bag locations,,Its only fair that we warn the public and put this sorry loser on blast!!! Before she ends up having yet another kid that we gotta support thru the welfare system..

For doing what now??- nik

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Nastiest in Butte County

January 14, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl should be im the dictionary as the definition of a slut! Her name is Kim Vining but its Kim Bowden now cause some unlucky man obviously had no idea how nasty this girl is and put a ring om her finger. But that doesnt stop her from fcking all of butte county. Hit her up on facebook send her a picturr of your dick and youll get laid, but iys not worth it. This girls pussy smells like a bad can of tuna and you can stick your huge fist in this floppy loose bitch and you cam still fit more.. her pussy is the ugliest pussy anyone will ever see. She will fuck your man to so ladies be careful. She will literally harrass your man until he fucks her. Ive heard shes even fucked her brother!! Nik im surprised this whore hasnt been put on blast sooner. People are finally starting to figure this girl out and she hasnt been able to score any dick so she is trying to get back together with her husband. She also has ** so better wrap that stick.Im just a guy trying to warn other guys and finally put this nasty whore on blast. Cant wait to hear what others have to say about her. Shes fucked over 60 guys so im sure we’ll hear from them too hahahaaa. Bitxh thinks she is little miss perfect. She is a drugged out whore who lives off her momny and daddy and uses her husband.

That’s a gasey looking ass.- nik

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Gridley Sloot

January 14, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty hoe’s name is Ashleigh. she lives in gridley and comes to Chico just to find some dick. She has fucked 3 of my co workers. I hooked up with her the night I met her. That was before I found out she has the drd. Good thing I wrapped up! Anyways she aint bad looking but she is legitimately dirty. Just wanted to give everyone in Chico the heads up on this broad. Don’t be a fool triple wrap your tool!!

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Piss Collector

January 13, 2014 Chico State, Cougars, Sacramento 129

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright laies and gents! Here we have none other than the foul ass tramp skeezer Leslie Birtwell. Now this is one of the SICKEST low down bitches Ive ever met. This cunt works at the Butte County Probation Dept. Her job is to collect the urine samples. Her fckin loud mouth can be heard from miles away and she does nothin but bitch and complain about EVERYTHING. This bitch goes to AA meetings because she used to be a bar fly, but now just has affairs with people as if she still is a drunken whore..Shes a whore alright!!Her pussy ass boyfriend(ass seen in one of the photos up top) is such a faggit lame he is afraid to call her on her shit..Makes me sick..What a pussy-his name is Brian Keith..straight nigger..O well , so is she..Perfect match. Hey bud, sorry to say but your bitch is fuckin EVERYONE BUT YOU. Thats why her facebook status dont claim ya!!But i bet you claim her , dont ya???Put this disgusting ho on blast please.

Gobble gobble!- nik

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Annoying Skank

January 9, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet sara gutierrez the nastiest homewrecker ive ever come across. She traps guys with pregnancies and has everybody else raise her child while she goes out to the bar every night and flirts with married men on facebook. Recently walked out on her husband and 3 year old son to fck a little boy that is a complete f*got. Is a CNA but has been fired from every job for abusing the ElDERLY patients. Talk about pathetic. She likes to talk shit behind a screen but when you beat her ass shes quick to call the cops cuz shes a scared little bitch. She thinks shes the sexiest shit in the world but just look at her … not even cute and shes been ran through by the nastiest guys in willows and orland. All around shes a piece if trash and a horrible mother , I guess the sayings true you cant make a ho a housewife haha!

Investing in a wallet.- nik

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Lindsay Seger

January 7, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik This is Lindsay nasty ass Seger she’s a lil triflin thottie. She fcks old ass dudes and is a dope fiene. She’s a city hoppin lil bag whore. She fcked her best friends baby daddy and expects for them to still be friends. She’s gets around in Redding and Chico she’s can’t keep her fatass dope fienin legs shut. This trifflin whore wayed over 300 pounds until she became a fiene for that dope pipe. This bitch sick this bitch trifflin her pussy be cycling no body whiffing. This nasty cunt gets around more then dogs do in heat. She’ll fuk any dude just to hit that dope pipe onetime. She thinks she’s hella hard but she’s a lil ass girl she just turned 18 but look 35.

Never seen in a full frame.- nik

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