Chico State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Nikki @ Chico Centerfolds

March 7, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittney, also goes by Nikki when she works at the local strip joint. She started there right out of high school. She has a horrible track record with guys, and doesn’t get a clue. I heard she’ll take it in the back door, and go down without being asked twice. She’s still out at Centerfolds, god knows what else she’s been up to. She’s cute and all, but will stab you in the back. I’ll be nice and not blast her personal Facebook on here. Who knows, maybe you can stop by the strip joint for an extra credit lap dance! H

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Karma’s a Sloot

March 3, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here nik this is a new low level for you! Trista may phares/ aider and her nasty old pedo bear jordan aiders they are on hella hard core drugs. All the time they had a baby together when trista was under age and right after doing soo her old man went to jail for child molesting then right after he gets out he talks his old lady in to selling dirty pics to their cracked out tweekin buddies any how these ass wipes need a bible to read during their spare time that is when they arent getting hella high on meth with their poor baby in the same room its sad i know it suck it does but what ever you do dont trust these tweekers they are cons! And get you for every thing you have and then well you know…get high with it thanks nik! Lets warn people about these jerks!

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Thief On Campus

February 26, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone around the City of Chico, especially on campus at Chico State:  This is PIERCE HUBBARD. This individual claims he was going to school, well in reality he is a heroine addict bumming around trying to steal for his next fix. This guy doesn’t look like your classic junkie, he does keep his appearance together somewhat but be warned he has a pocket full of dope and used needles. I saw him walking around Chico State campus a few weeks ago when school started he doesn’t go to school, he’s strung out looking to steal belongings from all you hard working college students. Please keep your eye out for him.

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Every Dog Had Its Day

February 25, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is one of 916/530 biggest douchebag. His name is Jairo Chavez, he wrestles, plays a indian sport called Kabaddi, works out 24/7 (more like take steroids), “works” in law enforcement. He thinks he is the shit but really has NOTHING to brag about…since his family and friends pay for everything, lives in a ghetto ass apartment and on top of that has a small penis. He plays a sport named Kabaddi and claims he loves the sport and his “fans” but behind closed doors he talks about how he only plays for the money and talks shit about his “indian” fans who smell and are dirty. He also works part time in law enforcement, after 2 years you would think you would get moved up to full time…but anyways he never works, and if someone asks for him to come in he will make up some bologna excuse up. I’m not positive how he still works for this county, considering there have been quite a few incidents with him dealing with domestic violence. Jairo is also a pathological liar and when confronted with proof he still has the balls to lie. He supposedly has a “wife” but always finds a way to fuck around with his exes or the dirty slobs in Yuba City!I am still not surprised how he doesn’t have an drd yet. Thank god I never catched anything from him, considering that I am one of his 1000000 exes. I just thought I’d let everyone in on the scoop with this douche, since I’m surprised he hasn’t made it on here yet. Every dog will have it’s day!! Jairo Chavez is 100% dirty! Don’t believe anything that comes out his mouth…or let the true religions,or the nice yellow camaro fool you! I feel sorry for his mom since she raised 4 dumbasses…and BY THE WAY if you are into licking assholes, hit jairo up on facebook or instagram, he will definitely let you lick his asshole.

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Mark Stache Herrera

February 14, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mark Herrera passes himself as a local politician fighting for the environment. He prays on young, intelligent college girls infatuated with creating change in the world. His community reputation does not match up with his personal life. In reality, he is a DRUNK that has CHEATED ON EVERY SINGLE GIRLFRIEND he has had. This is a public service announcement to prevent the young women of Chico from giving this super creeper a chance. Don’t let his track record as a local politician fool you. This guy is a loser that pays his bills by trimming greens, and can often be found in a gutter after he crashed his bike blacked out.

Why does it look like he’s not wearing pants.- nik

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Jesse Mclaughlin/Zac Harvey

February 11, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the foulest of the nasties! Introducing Zac Harvey and Jesse McLaughlin. These two cheaters have ol’ ladies at home but cheat on them with DUDES! They are definitely gay with each other. The c*nt in pink is Kayla Cole, who is zacs girl. She got pregnant by his gay friend Jesse(In the pics with the faggit hair do)! this is so to get back at them Zac then fcked that old fat lady as seen in the pic with him! make matters worse he is related to the old bitch!!! No wonder these fags are always tryin to kiss each other in every pic..Nasty..

Weird, LG’s are usually closet cases go to.- nik

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Is This Guy For Real

February 10, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Tom. He takes care of disabled kids, just out of the army, great with his musical knowledge…. but he refuses to have sex! What the fuck guy doesn’t have sex! He keeps saying that he wants to “wait” because he wants to “find the right one”. I seriously think there is something wrong with this guy because any guy here should be wanting to get laid. And I’ve talked to other girls to that he’s turned down and they all say he claims he wants to wait. Maybe he’s got a small pecker or doesn’t have one at all or does he like it in the ass. Idk why he won’t fuck anyone here? Can someone please explain?!?

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Drew Kelley

February 5, 2014 Chico State, Sacramento 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Butte County. Just wondering who the fuck this punk is all of a sudden? him and his friends have been runnin off at their mouths about a whole lot of motherfuckers lately..Kinda funny tho since that bitch Sunni in the pic there has had drd and gho***ea for 7 years now from fuckin all kinds of filthy cocks. She used to sell her pussy in Southside Oroville and act like she only hangs out in Paradise. This punk bitch who shes with is Drew Kelley. Only reason he runs his mouth is because he knows he is really good at hiding out. Wonder why this pussy never says shit in front of nobody? Only on the internet will he bust a grape. This piece of shit got PC’D up in CRC…Talk about putting people on blast..Here it is..only difference is..this shit on them is all TRUE.

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