Jessica Chambers-Sutterfield

September 3, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 56 7,798 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica is the biggest skank I know. And a desperate one at that. She likes to brag about all the men she’s fcking. The ones she can’t have she ends up begging them to “play with her” and pouts when she doesn’t win. She used to be fat and disgusting, now shes lost some weight so she wants to spread her legs for EVERYONE. She doesn’t care if they are in a relationship, her selfishness is all that is important to her. If you work for Lifetouch then watch out, she likes to get men from work. She gives blow jobs and does drugs in the parking lot there. If a man refuses to give up his girlfriend for her she gets desperate and won’t stop sexting him until he caves and goes to see her. She likes telling men how much she wants to fuk them and how she shaved everything and wants him to finger fuck her. As a last resort she plays a victim hoping the guy will comfort her. She was pulling her tits out for men and rubbing herself on crotches even while she was married. She also wins mother of the year as she constantly drinks and gets high around her young child. When she drinks she gets even more desperate, sending texts and emails full of begging and trying to make guys feel bad for not going to see her. Even when confronted by the girlfriend, she doesnt stop begging the man to fck her. She has no respect for herself or anyone else. She may have lost weight but she still has disgusting smokers’ teeth and what she’s gained is a diseased c*nt.

I’ll take the wine for $200 Bob.- nik

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Liz Argueta

July 18, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 224 8,702 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everybody meet Liz Argueta, aka LOOSE LIZ. This homewrecking slore can be found in any city around Chico, Sac, Yuba City, Hamilton City, her walfare paid for dog house in Red Bluff and of course in your boyfriend/husbands pants.(which she loves to brag about.) she also likes getting her fat big mac, fish smelling coochie banged by her boyfriend’s best friends in bathrooms. She likes to start arguments about dumb shit(sports especially) with people just to try to make her ignorant ass sound smart, but ends sounding like retarded. This dumbass broad spends her entire life on facebook posting lame status and pics and at the bars instead of taking care of her 3 kids she had before the age of 21. She also likes sleeping with men while her poor kids listen in the next room. She is currently fcking around 6 guys and still fcks her babydaddy every time she drops of her kids to go searching for some more dick. and if your looking for a fast easy fck and you spot this slore in a bar, buy her a drink, and she let you finger with her straw right there on the spot. be careful though, she cheats on all her boyfriends, that’s why nobody will wife this hoe up. so im just warning all others cities beware of this COCKHOUND! she will try and to take your men!!

She squishes away ten pounds with that face.- nik

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Knows The Whole Town

May 22, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 52 10,320 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty tramp is Kellie Hickson aka Lucy as she employers out at Sunnys like to call her. She is an alcoholic whore that fuckes different men every night. She works for a brothel here in Chico and fcks nasty old men. She recently just moved in with a 40 year old sex addict she meet there!! How nasty is that? She is a 2 faced bitch that will fck over anyone she needs to. Even her best friends and family. The day before she moved in with her sex addicted, 40 year old boyfriend she fuked her ex and told him she loved him. The next day she was with her new boyfriend and was txting her ex how much she missed him. Fcking low disgusting bitch. This whore will use anyone she can to get a step further in life. She will lie cheat and fck her way anywhere. I’m sure a lot of that see this have fcked her either because she was drunk, or you paid her for services. Sad that this is all true, her very good friend came to me crying because she was so upset and told me everything. Nik, please put this nasty pathetic excuse of a human on blast. If anyone deserves this its her.

The only problem would be getting people to admit it…- nik

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Taz Tatum

May 21, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 56 7,236 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Taz Tatum. back in high school when she was 17, this filthy girl would get blackout drunk and fck anthing that moved and looked her way, even if she did have to get young boys drunk, lock em in a bathroom and well i guess RAPE them when they passed out! CAN YOU SAY STATUTORY RAPE???!!! but at the end of the night she would ball her eyes out about how many guys she’s had sex with (back then the number was 15 who knows what it is now) and all the woman beaters she had fcked plenty of times. what a poor little whore she didnt even get paid for laying on her filthy back.  she was the BIGGEST home wrecker AND STILL IS after fcking several of her closest friends boyfriends and older brothers!!!!!! oh and lets not forget about the abortion she got when she was 15 and that everlasting case of drd she got too doe. taz tatum has been around the block, passed around, and ran through like a raunchy gangbang well over 8362***7 times that pussy like a deep dark black hole. hella stanky ya feel me? she keep it straight 100 in drug addict category cause that dirty little hoebag has stolen money from anybody she can get her nasty ass hands on. then this bitch says she does it all cause she a nymphomaniac! bitch it aint no surprise you aint got no problem opening her legs reallll wideeee to any man to support her Opana, h*roin, oxy***tin, m*th, PCP, weed, acid and crack problem. YEAH BITCH YOU LIKE TO FUCK BEST BELIEVE ITS A F*CKING PROBLEM! that bitch be a whore, cunt, liar, thief, oh snap i forgot that little check fraud problem she has as well. DAMN SHAME. but none of this mattered to anyone after she got pregnant a few years back like all her dirty ways were no big thang!! and after this bitch went to a drug rehab she still had the damn nerve to smoke the rock with her child laying on the ground just a few feet away!!!! her poor child will live such a hard life being the offspring of not one but 2 crackhaeds!!! this has been long over due and i hope this true meaning of a rachet ass female gets what the fck she has coming to her cause it just too bad her baby has to have Taz Tatum as a mother . someone contact CPS to help her child ASAAAAP!!!!

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High School Predator

May 17, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 45 5,946 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Watch out for the 20 year old Joesph (Joey) Hood. This little man has his sights set for little girls, the best thing about high school girls is he keeps gettin older but they all stay the same age. He walks around sports suits that are to big for his tiny 14 year old boy sized body, like a child playing in daddys clothes, he longs to be a big man but his short man syndrome seems to get in the way; as well as gives him an attitude. He talks big about how he could take down anyone, even if they’re 3 times his size, but the truth is that his constant video game play, laziness and 15 year old girlfriend has placed him in his own land of “fictional reality” This little mammas boy could barley take down the mountains of ants that parade through his garbage pail of a room in his mommies house. He’ll never stop talking about how awesome he is and about all the girls he could potentially get with, even though every girl he’s ever asked out has turned him down with the exception of the one that pitied him and the 15 year old chubby virgin whore. Why get with someone your own age when you can have a fake high school girlfriend who will give up her virginity after a weeks time? Although he believes he can get with any girl he wants, since he was told that by a 15 yr old virgin, if youre female I wouldn’t suggest it. This child lives with, who he calls, his mommy, has no job, and very little intelligence; you must let him win at everything or he may get angry and through a tantrum including throwing things, hitting you and all, as well as calling all of your ideas, thoughts, and favorite things all stupid and retarded . If you are crazy enough to get with this psychopath be prepared for him to cry in front of you numerous amounts of times, especially on those, very common, nights when he needs to be taken care of because he’s blackout drunk. Don’t you be too emotional though, and don’t cry in front of him, acting like too much of a woman turns this little boy off for he already acts like enough of a female for the both of you. Make sure not to make any gay jokes at him either for he is overly sensitive because he is still unsure about his sexuality. Most of all don’t ever trust him, for he is always looking for a younger version. You leave him alone and he will go screw a minor and then blame it on how drunk he was off that one beer, then try to convince you that youre the untrustworthy one. Watch out for this 20 year old mammas boy slore stalking around the high schools, his tiny body blends in so well, he’ll use you like a kleenex, jizz in you then throw you away; then he’ll go find some other minor to fuck on his ex-girlfriends mattress. He’s an insensitive a**hole, a dirty little butt-muncher.

I bet he’s got a mean video game collection.- nik

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The Bump Train

April 23, 2013 Chico State 52 9,325 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Eddie Raygoza and Holly Anthieny. They met online of course both sluts obviously. And little did miss Holly know that Eduardo had the “bumps” yes those permanent scary pssy nasty bumps. Of course they stayed together, at first.. I don’t know about you, but if someone could warn me of drd’s I would listen! So they started having an open relationship but still obviously doing each other by the end of the day. I can’t imagine the poor drunk victims that have jumped on this bump train because uhh ewe no getting that off?! Their cowards about it so Chico needs to know to just jump in your rain coats if you catch these two trying to get you on board

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Brittany The Red Bluff Sloot

April 5, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 5 8,522 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m surprised Brittany Wilson isn’t already on here. She is one of the dirtiest girls I have ever met. Brittany gets around ALOT! I’ve heard some nasty stories about this pathetic slob, She has had sex with one of her ex roommates boyfriends, the roommate walked in on them! She has a different boyfriend every other month after she sucks them dry of money and gets bored with them. I’ve seen her kiss multiple guys at a party, no big deal to this bop, She was engaged to this guy james and was cheating on him the whole time acting hella shiesty and not long after they broke up she started fcking/dating his cousin forrest who she is still with. Talk about keeping it in the family!! This girl most likely has some diseases to go along with her dirty reputation.. Brittany karma is a bitch. Bravo for being the sluttiest crustiest homie hopper in Red Bluff!

That’s a cheap date..- nik

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Open For Business

April 4, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 91 8,909 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Brittany Black is definitely the grimiest girl I know. Her vagina is referred to as ground beef with green slime coming out of it and she is a sloppy drunk and makes out with anything that moves. Brittany is in a relationship with a great guy but does not know how to keep her legs closed. Also, she thinks she is a hot piece of ass when in reality she doesn’t even have one. Her boyfriend gave her a promise ring and she constantly cheats on him, flirts with guys, and is completely two faced. This girl needs to be put on blast and I hope she gets what she deserves.

That superman pose will only hide things for the next year or so…- nik

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