I Agree That Sororities And Fraternities Should Be Illegal

December 13, 2013 Chico State, Dirty Greeks, The Dirty 393

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, read the post about the guy bitching that his sister had to drink her own pee to became part of a sorority… well that is pure BS… and nothing compared to what I and some of my fellow brothers have had to do.  I was designated my freshman year to please our chapter leader who is fully gay… Trust me I didn’t want to do it, but once I refused and my bothers started talking to me less and letting me participate in events… I really had no choice, my older brother was in our frat and I had to keep the family tradition going by staying committed to it.  The first time I had to suck his Greg was the worst.  3 years out of the Frat and I’m struggling with my sexuality and identity.  I can’t have sex with my girlfriend without having images in my mind of me hooking up with a man.  Totally f*cked me up and I wish I never did that for approval.  Real friends don’t make you do gay sh*t.  Drinking my own pee… I wish.

When I pledged Sigma Pi at Cal State Fullerton they made me (all the pledges) pull down my pants and show my Greg to everyone “brothers” in the house. We all had to pick a partner and look at there penis for 5 minutes without flinching. If you were caught flinching you had to get on your knees and lick your pledge brothers Greg. I was lucky enough not to flinch but a lot of my buddies had to lick. It was kind of weird the next day knowing that some of your pledges brothers had their penises licked and vice versa. But we were brainwashed into thinking it brought us “closer” together as “brothers”. So I get where you are coming from.- nik


All Fraternities/Sororities Should Be Illegal

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Newest Sloots to Chico

December 5, 2013 Chico State, Sacramento 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Kayla Cunt and Shauna, newest members of the sloot team in Chico… They both hae rent due soon so flash your cash and those panties will drop.  But be warned though K has the nastiest yeast infection and if you try it doggystyle she doesn’t wipe her ass so slap an air freshener she also walks bonelegged. S in the other hand doesn’t even shower she hides the fact that she’s fat by flashing her titts all the time she will fck anyone and everyone she plays for both teams also. These two get sloppy drunk where ever they go so they are the easiest pair in Chico. K is such a boring lay, she doesn’t even flop like a fish. They both drink cheap beer and wear lots of make up lol too bad it doesn’t hide the cottage legs and acne.  You can find them at the U-bar on Wednesdays they like to drink cheap. K also works at Lowe’s but make sure your wallet is stacked before you get her number shes a goldigger. They both live in the dirty Hobart house with two 50 year old roomies lol. If you see them around run the other way there Pepsi heads they will bleed you dry for the cash K also be a bad case of the herpas. If you got weed or coke you get a b***job.You have been warned Chico.

Those are some generous hearts.- nik

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Buddy Rausch

November 29, 2013 Chico State, Fresno 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone I would like you to meet Buddy Rausch aka Buddy Raunchy!!!I’m honestly shocked he hasn’t been put up here yet for his Nasty Radioactive Tainted Dick since he has put at least 4 girls that I know of on here. I can’t wait until one day his little princess ends up on the dirty because then he might realize how big of a dirtbag he is for putting woman on this page!!! So now it’s FINALLY his turn paybacks a bitch just like you! This creeper here thinks he’s mechanic and God’s greatest gift to women. When in all reality he has a little dick and does nothing but runs drugs out of his shop,(Tedious Repairs on Nord in Chico) fucks your car up more then it already was, takes your money, then tells you that your cars a piece of shit that he can’t fix. The only business this man is running is an illegal one! Last time I checked you aren’t aloud to run stolen property out of a place of business, let uncertified people work on cars, take peoples car home like their yours, or have sex with woman in your place of business in exchange for services on their cars. This trick even has his current girlfriend of 9 months thinking he’s innocent hints she is still with him. When their entire relationship he has been texting/seeing multiple females behind her back to the point where she is Facebook stalking them then questioning them whether or not he is cheating on her! GIRLFRIEND get a clue if he has naked pictures in his phone of other women that should be your first hint he’s cheating why question women you don’t know psycho, I think we’ve got ourselves a stage 5 clinger!!! Anyways this little gingerbread dough boy is nothing but a little bitch who can’t work on cars, lives for drama and can’t go a day without fcking someone over in someway so I suggest you stay away he is poison!

Does he always wear the same shirt?- nik

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Joe’l Johnston AKA Hollie Ravenswood

November 22, 2013 Chico State, Cougars 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this famous Chico home wrecker. Joe’l will try to steal your man away the first chance she gets. You can spot her on every night of the week sleazing it up In Chico’s filthiest dive bars. You will know it’s Joe’l when you see a fat cellulite dimpled ass stuffed into a pair of Old Navy yoga pants. She has a frizzy home done bleach job and is covered in prison tats. Ever since she was fired from her nursing job for being a drunken coke sloot she now has plenty of spare boyfriend swiping time.

What is that a twin? you’d think someone in their 40′s could do better.- nik

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Da Shawna Slightom

November 15, 2013 Chico State, Fresno 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Da Shawna Slightom is a crazy dirty girl. She has been offering sexual services for a oil changes and power steering fluid top offs. She excepts to suck her tab off. She knows I was taken and often says “what makes her better than me?” Everything no***s, no trains ran on her, and doesnt sell her body for auto needs!!! Stalking me for 9 months, told her we can never be and to go away, she refused sending me pictures daily and begging for me “we can be successful together!!” More like bitch u can mooch of me, keep dreamin’. Won’t going away even when I was taken. Trying to sleep with my friends in the park to get info on me. She thinks she can screw her way to the top. Someone needs give this girl a wake up call !!! You can make someone want you, your are a dirty girl and this page fits you!

Some chicks were never meant to have a wallet.- nik

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Male Sloot

November 11, 2013 Chico State, Fresno 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I have a friends with bens with this cute smile, Cody Hilgenberg….but now we only meet every couple of weeks since he told me he’s also bangin some married chick with kids that he goes to school with. I’m not clingy, just giving the heads up on this player….ps we hooked up last Monday and I’ll keep doing it….hahahaha

Don’t flatter yourself bud.- nik

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Chicos Cheapest

October 30, 2013 Chico State 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl will suck and fuk for whatever u got that she can pay bills with.. gross nasty broad selling pusy for money.. hit her up shes an easy quick lay and she has rent due now! lol so hurry while its cheap!!!

Rise n shine, someones opening your pen.- nik

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Questionable Kyler

October 3, 2013 Chico State 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kyler….I heard when he isn’t cheating on his girlfriend he spends his time letting minors in his workplace. This idiot thinks hes the shit but nobody likes him. The other guy is Wes. He is worse than Kyler….they both need to leave Chico and be bros somewhere else like Canada .

Only a forgy would reach across a girl to make contact with his bro for a picture.- nik

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