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Katie Fierros Pre-Op

March 13, 2014 FIDM, Las Vegas 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Katie Fierros, aka miladoll323 on  or UrFaveLatina on twitter. Here is what she looked like Pre-op. No breast implants or ass implants. Enjoy! —> Breast pre-op photo from mila’s own profile on BodySpace: (click here for op)

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December 9, 2013 FIDM, Hollywood 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ecaterina and she’s 19. She is a makeup artist who is saving up money to move to Japan for school. She also models part time ( as in models for photographers looking to build their portfolio. Just for fun.) This girl gets so much shit for her makeup and how she dresses, its crazy. I get that its out there but the hate got so bad at one point someone hacked all of her online accounts and deleted them. She disappeared of the Internet for months except for one site. And yet she doesnt even seem to mind. She answers questions anyone asks, is super nice-even when someones giving her shit, and seems to be completely humble. She can be a bit of an open book, honest about everything from personal things like her recovery from an eating disorder and being nongendered to just opinions. I think she’s pretty brave and strong to wear that kind of makeup and clothes. It makes her look like a little doll. ( I included pictures of her as both female and male. She female physically. 3 are “normal” days, 2 as “male”, one modeling in creepy makeup)

She’s a Cosplay hero, got stars in her eyes, cosplay hero!- nik

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Does Sex With A Condom Count

October 23, 2013 FIDM, Hollywood, The Dirty 356

couple-condom-400x400 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I follow you everyday and there was a post or 2 about sex and the number of partners with a girl and you said, girls should only have 3 by 24 or 25 can’t remember.  So, I met basically the girl of my dreams.  We were together for about 6 months and then the sex question came up.  She asked me how many girl I had slept with and I told her the truth which was around 60-70.  Then I asked her and she said she I was only the 4th person to sleep with her.  Everything was good, then the next day she told me she was lying.  She told me that I was only the 4th person she has had sex with without a condom.  So when I asked her how many guys she has slept with that she used a condom and she said she lost count after 350.  Now, what the hell am I suppose to do?  I love her and want to be with her, but I can’t stop thinking about how many men have been inside that thing.  What would you do?

You bang her anally and punish her for her lies. Then never talk to her again!- nik

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Who Is She

October 3, 2013 FIDM, Hollywood 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I stumbeled across this girls picture on facebook a few weeks ago. Honestly I was a little taken back. I though she was pretty but then I thought maybe im wrong. I wanted to get the low down of who is she is…

I like how she put her purse on the toilet seat for the Selfie shot.- nik

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Efe G Ozturk Is A Pathological Liar

November 8, 2012 FIDM, Jersey, Long Beach 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Efe Ozturk lives in New York and is from Lyndhurst, NJ. He was on a dating website ‘calming’ that he was moving back to LA soon. He said he was a graduate of USC. We talked through messaging for awhile, then we moved it to the phone. This was over a course of two months and then he said he was coming to visit to look for a place to live. When he got to LA his phone was acting strange and he asked me to start texting at a new number cause he was going to just stay in LA so he got a new phone and a new number. Because of Hurricane Sandy he just decided to stay. BUT what really happened was the number he gave me was for another guy named Nico! Efe never was in Cali and when I went to go meet up with Efe it was not him! Everything we had talked about he shared with his other guy Nico. And Nico was pretending to be Efe! Even after I called him out on it he still continued to lie about the entire situation. I then text the asshole Efe and he says ‘I sorry I have no Idea who this is, only my wife has this number. I just got this number.” He is a sick an twisted pervert. I have some naughty naked pictures of this all american football player too, but I am not going to be that much of a bitch. Yup he played me and I did nothing to him! That is messed up Efe! Karama is a bitch! I did some research on this guy Efe Ozturk. Efe Ozturk (born May 23, 1989) is an American football quarterback and student athlete at the University of Southern California, playing for the Trojans football team. As a high school player, Ozturk was named 2007 football New Jersey Player of the Year, and then the 2007 Powerade national male athlete of the year, becoming the first non-senior to win both awards. Ozturk also won the 2007 All American Award, given to best high school football player in New Jersey, as well as the inaugural Joe Montana Award as the nation’s top high school quarterback. Ozturk is rated as the first overall prospect in the nation for the Class of 2007 by ESPN. At one point, he was also rated the first overall prospect by (he ranked 4th in the final rankings). Quarterback coach Steve Shoebridge described Ozturk as a cross between Joe Montana and Tom Brady. Ozturk attended Lyndhurst High School of Lyndhurst, New Jersey. In 2003, he became the first freshman quarterback to start at Lyndhurst High School since Todd Marinovich. As a freshman he passed for 1,845 yards and 14 touchdowns, but suffered a season-ending injury (broken collarbone) during the playoffs in a quarter-final win over Secaucus .

Doing work on the beer pong table or photoshop…or work on your self post? nobody cares about your high school days.- nik

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Underaged Escort

October 12, 2012 FIDM, Hollywood, San Diego 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is an under age pros*itute that try’s to tell everyone she’s a model but clearly she’s NOT! It’s obvious she posts these pictures on BACKPAGE! No ones going to hire a little girl who has stretch marks all over her boobs & they’re saggy as SH*T LOL. anywho she’s located in San Diego ca no one is going to hire this underage saggy hooker.

She really loves that pillow..- nik

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Wannabe Model- LIAR

August 11, 2012 FIDM, Hollywood, The Dirty 47

Wannabe Model- LIAR

Wannabe Model- LIAR

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Kelsey. She thinks she is the sh*t and basically uses all her friends. She will just climb on the bandwagon with all her friends, use them until she is done. She is the biggest liar around town and will tell you anything to get what she wants. Not only that, but she cheats on ALL her boyfriends. She just cant handle the hard A and boys. Not only that, look at her so called modeling career. Put her on blast!

I love how girls get paid to wear swimsuits in a nightclub and they call it a “modeling job”.- nik

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Michael Diante Buys All His Friends

April 4, 2012 FIDM, Hollywood, The Dirty 35

dirty FIDM scum.

dirty FIDM scum.

dirty FIDM scum.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this creepy FIDM predator needs to be put on blast!! Michael Diante is a spoiled brat who uses daddys money to throw parties, get drugs and basically buy his friends. He’s also kinda psychotic, he acts like a gentleman and tries to “wine and dine” girls one after another. He says he wants a wifey but he just wants someone to be there for him 24/7 cause this p*ssy can’t be on his own, hence why he buys peoples affection.  But the main reason that girls should stay away is cause apparently he steals girls panties after f*cking them and tapes them to his wall. I went to a party at his place and saw a thong taped to his bedroom wall. There were only one pair but this girl in my class thats friends with him told me that they heard he has had more hung up. What kind of pervert takes girls used panties?  He thinks he has so much f*cking swag but he is the complete opposite.

Straight guys don’t go to FIDM. That is a gay and chick (scam) school.- nik

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