FIDM | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Finally Came Out

July 6, 2010 FIDM, Newport 3

Flopline finally came out

Flopline finally came out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Introducing Matt Fl**, simply he is a doucher. This kid goes to slo with the thought of escaping his past as a cry baby bitch from his home town of san clemente. Little did we know that in SLo town as well he is highly regarded as a miss nancy butthole muncher, cock gobbler, nobby licking rusty trombone giving pipeline bitch as.  The first pic is his coming out party which a bunch of girls threw for hi,m.

I’m sure this was sent in as a joke but I think you may be on to something…I believe he may be holding his greg back being so close to a couple other topless guys.  I’m calling forgy on this forgy.- nik

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Blast Her

June 16, 2010 FIDM, Hollywood 5



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Lizzy needs to take her ass back to the stables in new orleans must suck you ex boyfriend finally got sick of hearing about all the guys you fucked at usc, hollywood promoters, and all his friends that finally came out.someone needs to help her out with her eyebrows too jeeeesh, i hope you graduate fidm and do something with your life go back to new orleans we dont want your underage ugly horse face in la anymore. please nik would you? this girl thinks she is the sht and someone needs to tell her different!

Shes a horse faced sloot with a wrinkly upper lip.- nik

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FIDM Troll

June 14, 2010 FIDM, Hollywood 19

F.I.D.M Troll

F.I.D.M Troll

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this troll runs through the streets of Hollywood thinking she’s hot sh** but in actuality she has the face of an abused dog. She goes between LA and SB. this thing needs to be stopped from showing her brown bag worthy face in Cali..FIDM just lets anyone in these days.

Changing your pictures to black and white isn’t gunna make people think you look good, this is for girls who have trouble applying a Mac force field.- nik

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Would You Or Your Crew

June 7, 2010 FIDM, Newport, Would You? 7

would u or your crew Nik?

would u or your crew Nik?

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, this chick goes to my school and is always MIA after a few months, shady. so would u or your crew nik?

Answer: No, not even Ari would touch this caveman…besides shes a dyke.

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Duff Beer Belly

June 1, 2010 FIDM, Los Angeles 23




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Does moving to LA boost your confidence, because she deff thinks she’s rockin these outfits. I thought FIDM girls were supposed to be a little less sloppy, but i guess she proves us wrong. this underage barbie wanna be doesn’t arive to hollywoods “hottest” clubs alone though, she’s never seen without her army of baby prostitutes all complete with bad +2s, and nasty extensions. Everyone at FIDM is completely embarassed by these nappy a$$ bitches. Nik, please put this bitch on blast!

Drinking isn’t gunna make your torpedo’s go away.- nik

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FIDM Should Be Shut Down

May 21, 2010 FIDM, Hollywood, The Dirty 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well the FIDM girls complained the pics weren’t sl*tty enough soooo we will keep them comin.  Cheers Michelle, and Lizzy  aka JIZZY MCGUIRE!  Have fun on your finger painting finals. The last is how many guys she sucked off in the Lex Deux bathroom to get in.  Please someone blast these gross chicks call them out for their fake ids and all the bullsh*t… ugh they need to go back to their small *ss towns and get out of LA. FIDM should just be shut down.

FIDM is just collecting tuition at this point. They are definitely going for quantity only these days as you can tell.- nik

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Warning: DRD On The Loose

May 3, 2010 FIDM, Huntington Beach 5




THE DIRTY ARMY: soo nik, i would just like to warn all the poor innocent men out there about this nasty ass oompa loompa that loves to spread her legs and her genital herpes. her name is natalia. she obviously has daddy issues considering this: she put herself on craigslist requesting a man to go out with her and take care of her because she cant do it herself. she ended up recieving a response from a freckle-faced fire-crotch kid that didnt have 1 lb of fat on his body and they went to a motel and did their dirrrty business. and by dirty business i mean he didnt wrap his herpalurp infested greg. the result of this hooker-like behavior was that natalia ended up with genital herpes from some random guy off craigslist. haha. silly slut. thats not even the end of this whoreror story. she now goes around with the knowledge that she has herpes and spreads the love to the few that give in to her sobb stories about her daddy issues. so if u see this nasty b*tch, be sure to throw ur drink in her face and dont feel one bit of sympathy. she deserves it. and i just have to ask….so nik, WOULD U?

Answer: No, she has a lot of back hair, and how dumb do you have to be to list yourself on craigslist not wear a rubber or make any money.

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Kings Of Wilshire

April 28, 2010 FIDM, Hollywood 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who? DeMario Ja**, Zack Jo** & Chris Co***. DeMario is the leader of the pack, moving to LA in 2005, going to FIDM and f*cking over 400 girls and counting in the process. Then comes in his partners in crime Zack & Chris and they call themselves the kings of DTLA, and  Wilshire (Where they live at) They take advantage with their model looks, fast cars and mommy and dads money. I’m a victim from DeMario and I’m here to air him out and put his army of slut -whores on blast! My friends have all hooked up with the “big 3″ and I hope they stop doing it! Ladies let’s stand up to these Jerks that move to LA and try and ruin our lives by lying to us and them leaving us to dry. KINTF is there name.. p*ssy is their game is the slogan. Listed are pictures from DeMario Facebook account.

I didn’t know Kings drank the poor mans vodka.  I wonder if those heffers were impressed with that douche flossin with his bottle of smirnoff.- nik

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