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Hoodrat Denisse Gonzalez

March 27, 2014 Augusta, Georgia 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Denisse Gonzalez yes if you live in reno you know who Im talking about she is only 22 already had two kids one of which passed away and when that happened she was happy but she pretended like she cares she doesn’t even take care of her first kid she pretends to be a good mom but she doesn’t work to support he m just depends on the baby daddy and her daddy to provide has slept with all of reno her and her sisters her dad porably pimps them out she is a hood rat likes to fuck and go out in stead of watching her son after she had her first baby 2 months later was with a new guys cause she loves dick more then her kids she does her hair and make up in stead of cleaning her apartment looks like a third world country. She currently is not with either of her baby daddies let me rekind you both kids are from diffrent dudes she will cheat on her boyfriends and mess around with her friends boy friends trust me I know it what she did to me. Fakes girl in reno along with her two sisters rachet hood rat fake wont back shit she says up never been in a fight cause she just runs her mouth but runs when contfonted she know where to find me but wont ever come looking, she is the first to call the cops, loves to talk shit behind your back and wont say shit to your face denies everything.

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Francois R Russ

March 13, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This husband and father of two small children and one adult child decided that he wanted a girlfriend. So, he decided to cheat on his wife, with one of his children’s teacher. He began by calling and texting and then the relationship started. He continued to call, text, email and online message his girlfrind and not long afterwards, began a sexual relationship. They would meet each other 4-5 times a week, at her home in Gwinnett County or in DeKalb County. He bought her gifts and gave her money. All the while returning home to his wife that he claimed he hated and no longer loved.

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Kitty Ears

February 7, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: So there is a bartendeer in town here in Athens, ga named Sam Bellflower. “Skank-mantha” if you will. She works at Nowhere bar, which is appropriate because shes going nowhere. Except maybe in the trash like the filthy cum sock she is. She quite possibly might be the most RATCHET bitch ever. So about a month ago we were out having drinks, gettin SAUCED. I didn’t think that the night was going too bad, as i was DEFINITELY going to be able to fuck this poor, soulless ginger. Gingers need love too, right? Well, I should have known something was up when she was trying to hide behind me in a few encounters we had with some ppl who seemed to have something they needed to address with her.. Also, what fucking adult wears goddamn cat ears?!?!?!?! Soooo…. I hooked up with her. At this point i’m now qestioning my sexuality due to the fact she is built like a 12 year old boy….. Am i a gay pedophile?! holy shit…Ive seen ppl swell up from a punch bigger than her “tits” were. thats not all, though…. About a week later come to find out she has given me a “round of applause.” And by that i mean, SHE GAVE ME THE CLAP!!!! Stay away from her if you want to keep happy testes…. Users be warned.

Not all flowers bloom.- nik

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Hatchetface Connie

December 17, 2013 Georgia, Halifax 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this he/she is Connie aka Constance, she is a big whore, on a social website last year she claimed to have slept with her uncle. She has many boyfriends, including a new one her own photographer LOL. What a joke, this bitch enjoys making fake profiles of other people, and lies about her non existent life, while she lives in a trailer park, with a dead end job at Mcdonalds stuffing her face with burgers. She thinks she looks like the women in the 1920s. What a fat whore, she takes new photos of her raunchy twat while she is in a relationship. Yet she bashed other women for doing the same thing. The pot calling the kettle black, Connie. She also thought she could loose weight by eating pickles. Ew gross! She also thinks she’s Lady Gaga, wearing all these different wigs cause her real hair is nasty. Connie, no one wants you, not one person in this entire world is jealous of you.

I don’t get the rollers, but I could take a guess…- nik

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Hannah Moore

October 10, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hannah Moore is one of the one of the biggest sluts! She will fck for only 200 bucks. Her and Ansley go out of town with old men and fuck guys on breathing Machine She is seriously one of the dumbest girls also you can tell she’s a blonde she’s a fat nasty whore house chlamydia doesn’t even care to go get rid of it still having sex with people knowing that she has it she’s also a spoiled rotten bitch she doesn’t get her way she will cry and bitch forever do not trust this girl she tries to fck everyone’s boyfriends even talks shit behind all hers friends backs. She only has one friend and that’s cause Ansley needs her as a ride to go fck guys for money neither one of these girls work. That’s how the pay for everything. It’s seriously sad what these girls have turned into. No one likes them. They will fck old men just to even go shopping or get 200 bucks. All she does is want to take Zanax and get fcked up and talk shit and go fuck for money she will fck 3 guys in one day with no condom there is no telling what all she has. I know for a fact she has the clap and doesn’t even give a fuck and still goes has sex with anyone and doesn’t mind spreading it. I feel bad for any younger guy that had fcked her in the last three months. She used to be a good girl. Now all she cares about is getting fucked up and selling herself for $200. She also just went to jail for kicking the cop in the face this girls is nuts and a spoiled rotten girl who comes from a good Christian family they would be so disappointed if they knew even half the shit she did. Do not trust the girl or sleep with her you will get something

I wonder how many ‘hail mary’s’ she needs to do for her sins?- nik

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St. Louis to Georgia

September 5, 2013 Georgia, St. Louis 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is the biggest slore from st. lou to Georgia

She shoulda stuck with the quarter shot, or used a sharper softening tool.- nik

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Most Epic Speech Ever

August 22, 2013 Georgia, The Dirty 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I thought this was Harry Potter at first, but its an actual student. This has to be one of the best speeches I have ever heard… I was a Georgia Bulldog and am now debating on going to Georgia Tech for my masters because you call tell how much these kids love that school.

This Nerd will finally get laid (probably by an Asian girl).- nik

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Southern Trash

August 2, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Bitch’s name is Christen Geier. She’s the dirtiest, nastiest c*nt I’ve ever come in contact with. She thinks she’s fcking beautiful and that she’s above everyone else because she works in the music business. She met her boyfriend on the Internet and has now moved her white trash ass to Lancaster, PA to live with him and his three kids by two other women. When she first met her BF, he was still with the Mother of his youngest child. So she is responsible for the breakup of a family, not to mention she has been married before and has two kids that she has to pay child support on. She’s been arrested multiple times, and claims she’s on some sort of injections for bad kidneys, but she’s really just a junkie. She smells like dirty twat, and is a walking disease. She also has serious sociopathic and self esteem issues, and she is always acting intimidated and threatened by her BF’s ex. She’s fcking 34 years old and picks childish fights with the Mother of her BF’s son, who is ten years younger than her. Please help us get this fuking Cnt to pack up and take her nasty twat back to Georgia where it needs to stay.

She should thank you for the kids, her maternity clock has ticked.- nik

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