Georgia | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Southern Trash

June 3, 2013 Georgia, Hollywood 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl Meghan Theresa Swindall is a cheap bitch. Who steals and is moving to Dubai to become an Escort. She couldn’t get enough free things in LA due to her looks and after fcking her roommates over she decided to follow her dreams and work for Emirates so she can be on a plan filled with rich old men who will buy her free food. This bitch will literally do ANYTHING for a free meal and has even written a 50 year olds number on her purse in sharpe because she got kicked out a of club and lost her phone in order to get a free meal at the SLS the next day. If you see her you should def avoid her because she wants nothing more then to use you for whatever you have and then fuck you over. I feel bad for anyone flying Emirates who falls for her fake shit. Nik please put this girl on blast people need to know.

That dude looks like he’s wearing eye liner.- nik

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Bigfoot Sighting

May 2, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greeting Nik, LOVED the book. Anyway, this shrek lookalike is sending me numerous threatening messages on facebook, I have NO idea who she is… Did a lil research and found out her son died from the m**hadone and xanax she was feeding him. He was only 15. Now she prostitutes her body for rent money in Elberton, GA. Classy….. Just wanted to know what her deal is and if the Dirty Army has any more intel. Her name is Marsha Lynn Hardy.  Thanks Nik! Looking forward to your next book!!

Someone get out the ruler.- nik

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I Know You Would With Alena Esipova

April 11, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia, Hollywood, The Dirty, Would You? 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, found this girl and I can’t find a single thing wrong with her. She is gorgeous.  I had to ask you what you think, I think you will really love her face and say Yes for sure to her.  So Nik, would you?

Answer: I need to see real pictures, not screen savers… I’m curious as to how she breathes?

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Andrew Brooks

March 6, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Andrew Brooks is a straight up loser fresh out of Barrow County trying to find out how to be cool in Athens, GA now. He’s a scum bag who likes to play like all of his ex girlfriends are insane, but he has had several restraining orders against him, has gotten more than 1 girl pregnant in the past 2 years and forced all of them to get abortions so he could go sleep with MORE girls. He cheats on all of his girlfriends, lies about everything, and in his spare time enjoys pushing girls down stairs and bashing their heads into walls. He’s an abusive piece of sh-t and his own parents moved away so they didn’t have to deal with him. He also has this creepy obsession with trying to get girls to go have sex with guys so he can EAT THE GUYS C*m OUT OF GIRLS, he doesn’t even want to watch, just wants a mouthful of cm. He’s absolutely disgusting and he thinks he’s all that. If anyone deserves to be blasted, it’s this douchebag. Oh, and to top it all off, his last ex girlfriend he had, he stalked, abused, got pregnant, and during her recovery from the abortion he decided to trash her house and put DEAD ANIMALS in her bed, while sending her pictures of all the girls he was f-cking. Pretty sure this bro has drd, since there’s more than a few girls who have gotten  after sleeping with him. If you don’t believe me about his criminal record of stalking girls, just google his name. You can commonly find him at “The Manor”, usually cheating on his current girlfriend with a bar-whore. Oh, he also likes to go by “Stiffler”, which he can’t even spell right. He really thinks he’s hot sh-t and it’s pathetic.Just look at those pictures, how do you NOT want to punch him in the face!

I find it very disturbing that there’s a snake with them in bed.- nik

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Cheating AF Cop

February 13, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia, Seattle 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik eet Stacey…miss goody goody who thinks she is better than everyone else, and super hot, she always thinks people are jealous and want to be her. Everyone is actually of hearing how everyone is out to get you and how innocent you are. Stacey has cheated on her fiancé with four guys in the last year, he only knows about one. She cheated on him while she was deployed and he would always try to talk to her, but she was always so busy, with different guys throughout her deployment. She prefers married guys and thinks its funny and gets pissed when the guys come to their sense and don’t want to be with her. She has two no contact orders placed against her by her commanders at the request of the guy or his wife. She acts like she is sorry and turns around and does it again, and we are so tired of hearing how unfair stuff is. Stop cheating on your fiancé he deserves better, he is obviously blinded by love because she looks like a straight dude. Plus, if she marries him this year she will have had three different last names in 3 years. She gets awards for being a great Air Force example but she is a terrible example she is always lying, cheating and has no right to tell any airman how to be better or punish them if they aren’t ugh we are all tired of her mess. Hopefully, this will make her snap out of her fantasy world because she needs it.

Cheatings for the weak minded, ones who lack the courage to end their relationship.- nik

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Knob In Gwinnett

February 1, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this Prize is Natalie Carder of Gwinnett GA and she’s no Peach!!! When she’s not screwing other guys behind her mans back you can FIND her sipping on a whole Handle of her favorite alcohol beverage (ANYTHING SHE CAN FIND)or popping TicTacs but the non flavor kind! Pretty much anything to take her mind off of how bad her life sucks! She just got over breaking another poor Basterds heart by screwing some X Con behind his back after he took care of her and her kid for over a year.yes she has a kid!!!! who from the looks of it could careless about the child . She is more concerned about who is gonna supply her with her Party supplies! As you can see from the pics looks like she use to be a model of some sort lmao what a great role model and let me just say how this C_nt thinks her Sh_t dont stink. I hope she burns herself on her pipe when she see’s shes even more Famous on the World Wide Web then before. So Nik any Advice for this Wh_re besides drink less Pepsi?

She reminds me of a ‘welcome mat’.- nik

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Does Bottle Rat Have Multiple Personailities

January 17, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bottle Rat has a name but which one is it? Maybe she really just has multiple personalities and cant decide who she wants to be that day. There is three different profiles with not one but three different names for the same girl. Who is she really? The names are Farah Terranova, Farah Lee and Amy Mccoy. Shes been posted on here twice now for being a sloppy whore who doesnt know who her babys daddy is and a bottle rat who is always downtown drinking. Her whore bag followers or friends said she was far to classy to be caught dead at a bar. Dirty Army proved that to be a lie. Whats else is this slut lying about? Expose this dirty little whore!

Lets get to the bottom of this, try and figure out what she’s trying to hide.- nik

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Bottle Rat Is At It Again

January 11, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bottle rat was recently posted on here for being…well a bottle rat and a whore! Comments were posted defending this poor slob, even one comment said she wouldn’t be caught dead in that bar and was far to classy? HAHAHA I think the pictures submitted were anything but classy and prove the point made! So heres more poof, don’t think you can lie your way out of this Amy! This was taken 10-16-12.

Don’t think you can hide from the DA.  Their everywhere.- nik

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