Nik, You Have Issues

April 27, 2012 Atlanta, Georgia, The Dirty 27 9,432 Views

tissues for your issues?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after reading the responses from the woman who posted the labioplasty, I have but one conclusion: you have mommy issues, which is worse than a girl who has daddy issues. You are a fraud, promote the fake in everyone and everything and deserve to be put on the chopping block. I cannot believe you profit off of others pain, misery and imperfections. Guess what Nik, nobody is perfect! Not you, not your wife, not your dirty troll army or your followers who just love to put down others behind a computer screen. In reality you are a pussy and that’s it. You should get a real man’s job. You are like the Simon Cowell of the internet and that’s nothing to be proud of. Yeah, yeah, everybody hates you but can’t look away. You’re like a trainwreck and I imagine that within two years, you’ll be divorced, your site will be shut down and you’ll be a has been. Congratulations for extending your 15 minutes of fame, but I promise you this: it won’t come without a price.

I heard this year 1. Get some new material.- nik

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Law Student Or Cleat Chaser

April 19, 2012 Athens- GA, Georgia 3 8,103 Views

Law Student or Cleat Chaser?

Law Student or Cleat Chaser?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, In the dictionary next to two-faced, drama- queen, attention whore, and “cleat chaser ” you will find a directions to turn to page 69 and refer to “Kelli Black”.This all- around, self proclaimed “bad ass” has put more effort into “swagging” into football player’s beds than UGA has trying to keep them outta trouble. When she isn’t playing the “law student role” for mommy and daddy, she is hitting up the strip club, flashing guys for drinks from on top of the bar, and making out with whatever pair of legs she can get a hold of.. Thats right she is a damn good DAWG. Even the GA recievers could catch something from this b*tch.

Wonder what she’s doing with that purple crayon, doesn’t seem like her type.  There’s also awkward positioning in that car.- nik

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Giving This Georgia Cheerleader The Date Rape Drug Might Result In Getting Your Ass Kicked

February 1, 2012 Dirty Cheerleaders, Georgia, The Dirty 35 5,520 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Anna Watson.  She is college football’s strongest female cheerleader and damn she is ripped.  I have no doubt she can kick my ass and most mens as well.  She is buff as hell… She is a very religious girl and believes in putting the LORD before anyone, I think she is perfect for Tim Tebow and I would not be surprised to see them together sometime in the next 6 months.

She needs to be tested for steroids, something is not right.- nik

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Hali Is So Money Hungry

January 19, 2012 Atlanta, Georgia, The Dirty 157 10,807 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Hali Adams.  I dated her for a while when she was Hali Hope-Ross.  Shes 25 and lives in  Atlanta.  I found out she was playing me for multiple people then suddenly found out I have a DRD.  This girl has ruined my life and now I find out shes married to some dude twice her age and he bought her +2′s.  She can be seen running around Atlanta clubs promoting her bikini line, where one of her models admit she ripped off the tags from tomtop brand bikinis and put on her own and overprices them.  She constantly texts me talking sh*t about him and talks about how she wants to move to LA and leave him once her business booms.  She also hired models for her bikinis but she fired them all because she’s egotistic and wanted to be the only one modeling her “own” bikinis and apparently her new man is under fbi investigation for fraud because he made multiple websites pretending to be a rent-to-own real estate agent and stealing peoples money.  And now they’re both suing her parents for emotional distress after disagreeing with their wedding months ago because theyre STILL money-hungry.  Please help me make sure these people are known for who they really are Nik.

The old dudes hair is classic. Let me guess… his favorite movie is Desperado.- nik

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We Should Kiss The Ground They Walk On

November 8, 2011 Atlanta, Georgia 18 5,656 Views

Bitches of the South

Bitches of the South

Bitches of the South

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so let me just start off by saying all these girls think that they are the sh*t.  All they do is start drama, I for one think they are all fake b*tches and need to be put on blast.  The one in the middle with the white dress is the worst she is such a fake ass person with fake ass t*ts.  She thinks that everyone should worship the ground she walks on.  Her own husbands family hates her even her own family.  That should say alot, I just wanted to put all these stupid fake ass b*tches on blast because they are just a waste of everyones time.

What is wrong with fake t*ts?- nik

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Beware UGA And Atlanta

November 7, 2011 Atlanta, Georgia 5 5,779 Views

The STD of UGA & Atlanta

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch right here is Brittany Avila. The walking drd of Atlanta and UGA. This Fake ass ho* plays nice to your Face then F*cks your man. She goes from bar to bar f*cking her friends boyfriends & the slut has a  outbreak almost every week on her lips. Between her Orange spray tan  I think is enough to stay away from this b*tch Nik!

Judging by the lips is the one of the right (my right).- nik

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We Call Him The Black Mamba

September 27, 2011 Dirty Predator, Georgia 0 6,729 Views

We call him the Black Mamba

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy poses to be in a Fraternity often times saying he is in FiJi or Kappa Sig. He does not even go to Georgia but walks around campus trying to f*ck girls. He attempted to have *nal sex with my friend in the bathroom on campus! Another one of my friends went on a date with him. Then the next day she found out he didn’t even use his real name. If you see him on campus… RUN!!! The only goal in this guy’s life is to stick it in your *ss. (yeah its 3.5 inches).

He’s probably in his 30′s and married.- nik

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Tri-Delt Thinks She Is Special

September 5, 2011 Atlanta, Dirty Greeks, Georgia 22 5,902 Views

Tri-Delt Slore

Tri-Delt Slore

Tri-Delt Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda B. an Athens legend when it comes to laying on her back.  She’s what people like to call a DRD carrying wh*re.  Apparently she likes to get drunk and talk about these alleged DRDs. She lovessss sleeping with other girls boyfriends. They probally only want her when their own lady won’t give it up and their hammered drunk and can’t see that her vagina looks like a roastbeef and cheddar sandwich. The only friends she has are the ones shes likes to use / the ones she pays for in her slore of a sorority. As soon as you walk out of the room she’ll talk mad sh*t about you to make herself look better. Because lets face it other than a pretty face this girl doesn’t have much going for her. This girl talks sh*t about how unintelligent people are yet she dates that 25 year old loser who doesn’t even have a college degree. Whose also balding which is pretty hard to miss. He also sells drugs and buys her fatass longhorns four nights out of the week with his mom’s money. She’s pretty much a vampire who sucks you dry and moves on to the next one. And trust me you don’t want her sucking anything of yours!

She should be kicked out of her sorority. I decided.- nik

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