Gonzaga | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Real Or Fake SGM?

April 15, 2009 Gonzaga, Washington, Washington State 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, is he real or fake SGM?

FAKE SGM: Real SGM don’t dress up like Panic At The Disco.- nik

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Toolbag Dirty Material

April 14, 2009 Gonzaga, Washington, Washington State 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this is ryan and i just cant find enough things wrong with this loser!! just look at him!! toolbag dirty material fashow!!! ugh what a homo!!

I think his stache’ is kinda cool?- nik

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Schwabby Sl*t

April 9, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle 60

Schwabby Slut

Schwabby Slut


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tara. She is the biggest les schwab h*e bag ever! She loves the greasy rubber smell of their d*cks. There are 2 times she has said she is “pregnant” (to scam the poor guys into staying with her) and showed ultra sound photos from 1999. Really?! She moved to Cali and is moving back in May to work at the South Seattle Les Schwab. Please schwabby’s, and the greater Puget Sound area… BE AWARE!

I could see how those guys could be fooled, she does look pregnant. Just FYI I don’t think laying on train tracks is safe for the baby.- nik

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Quit Playing With Trash

April 8, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle 32

Quit playing with trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: If Billy Z wasn’t dirty before, he is now after hanging out with these two town wh*res for the last couple weeks. Billy, One day you will realize what trash you hang out with and how you’ll never get a classy girl. Quit hanging out with trash and go fight for custody of your kid.

I knew Seattle was famous for their fish, but I didn’t know they had Trouts there.- nik

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Dirty Homewrecker!!! Britney F*llis

April 7, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle 1

Dirty Homewrecker!!! Britney Fallis

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick’s name is Britney..the red-head on the left, with the eyes that are too small for her big head..not only did she live in my house and was my sister in laws best friend but she did the dirty with my babys daddy! She pissed in another womans backyard!! She f*cks anything that will give her attention and doesn’t care who she steps on in her path of destruction. It’s unfourtanate that the last time i saw her was in my grandmothers house and i had respect for my grandmother and didn’t piece her in!! Now she’s pregnant, by god knows who & she doesn’t even know who her babys daddy is!! Please help me put this nasty b*tch on blast!!

She’s about 10 lbs away from looking like that heifer next to her.- nik

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Seattle’s Plus 2′s Are Back!

April 3, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle, Washington, Washington State 11


Seattle Plus 2's Are Back!

THE DIRTY ARMY: So it has been like Alaska this winter in Seattle, but spring is almost here, and the rackstars are starting to come back…SWEET. Nik, I’m happy Plus-2 season is upon us up here… you can now come visit.

Now if only you could get these ladies some head transplants.- nik

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Long Head Clan

April 2, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle 10



Is the one on the right wearing a Scream Mask?- nik

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Clap for Kim

April 2, 2009 Gonzaga, Seattle 8

clapp for kim

THE DIRTY ARMY: lets give this b*tch a round of applose for that clap!!! telling you your greg can rott off just form her smelly p*ssy cuz the b*tch dont shower!!! my homie f*cked her and found a two week old tampon up in her she didnt even know was there!!!! she is the one on the right with her tounge out waiting to suck you off for any pills you got, word is shell only swallow for oxy tho… kim is her name and skanky is her game!!!

That dude on the right needs a haircut.- nik

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