I Hate When Ugly Girls Think They Are So Hot

September 2, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu, The Dirty 31 8,404 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this is Chelsea R. from Honolulu. I saw her a few times before on theDirty.com. So this Girl dresses like a sl*t to impress man and make Girls jealous. She is completely nasty and I can’t believe she thinks she is hot and that guys actually want her. Many say she is a dude but who really knows, all I know she is beat and nasty and needs to put some clothes on when she goes out?

Listen, everyone knows the hidden Tranny capitals in the United States are Honolulu and Las Vegas… why do you think they make so much money from Asian tourists? They are into chicks with d*cks.- nik

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Swedish Beauty With An Education

August 17, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu, The Dirty 18 8,776 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is absolutely perfect! She is from Sweden and goes to school in Hawaii. Please tell me Nik, dont you agree, I mean there is nothing wrong with her and its obviously true what everyone says about swedish women.  They are perfect.

She looks like a WNBA point guard… everything on her body looks long.  Her arm length really freaks me out.- nik

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My Neighbor Britt

May 7, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu 10 7,171 Views

who needs +2's when your Naturally beautiful?

who needs +2's when your Naturally beautiful?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is my neighbor Britt, I’ve been trying to get with her months, btt it ain’t happening for her. I guess im not naturally hot as she is. She never wears makeup at all, I see her at the beach & I almost jizz in my pants. +2′s would definitely bring her up a few points, but i think she’s fine as she is.  Nik, I wanted to ask you if you had any ideas how I can close this deal?  I mean she lives right next door that be the ultimate neighbor.  So Nik if you can, please help me out.  Thanks man. DA for Life.

Offer her drugs or walk around the house pretending to be on important business calls, seems like she would fall for some lame 30k maneuvers like that.- nik

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Blonde For You From Honolulu

May 6, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu 1 6,674 Views

Here's a blonde for you from Honolulu!!!

Here's a blonde for you from Honolulu!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have had a crush on this girl since highschool she is sweet and funny! The one on the right. I think you would like this one! What do you think??

Not into little gremlins with nappy hair.- nik

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Nik’s Hideout, At The Edge Of The World

April 19, 2010 Hawaii, The Dirty 45 8,854 Views

Nik's Hideout- At The Edge of The World

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Buddy. The best vacation destination to open your first bar at is on Kauai. It is the tropical jewel of Hawaii, and off the beaten path. Hanalei Bay is not only amazing- it’s also overdue for a real bar. The liquor flows freely, the Kauaian Krypp is dank as hell, and the women don’t need +2′s to get on. What the place does need though is a real bar- not fake bars like Bar Acuda (groan), nor places like Tahiti Nui where the owner “Mr. Miyagi” is a belligerant saki-swilling *sshole. This is the lushest, most remote Island in the entire Isles (see pic) and you can see why geniuses like The Spielberger filmed Jurassic Park here.  When you open up I’d like to get a job as your Security Manager. I received a nod as Real Scissor Gang Mafia a couple years ago after a tournament at Scottsdale Gun Club (copy of your pic also included). Consider me qualified. Plus it’s getting to be that time for me to leave public safety and anonymously blend in somewhere far out of the way… Stay strong, my friend.

That location is definitely worth exploring… I really need a clothing optional place.  Also, you are hired.- nik

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Sucks When +2′s Only Make You A 2

April 9, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu, The Dirty 43 5,674 Views

No Doodoo boyzzz????!

No Doodoo boyzzz????!

No Doodoo boyzzz????!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,  this is popular myspace wh*re Chelsea! Shes from hawaii and thinks she is the sh*t! she has the nastiest dsl’s and ears I ever seen! She photoshops club flyers and puts her pic on it to make it look like she promotes them.  Most of her photos are blurry and obvious she used photoshop.  I don’t understand how she looks in the mirror or at her pictures and think she is hot.  Sucks when your +2′s make you only a 2.

Are you sure she wasn’t a dude before because shims in Honolulu are shady.- nik

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Could She Be The One

March 9, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu, Jersey 3 7,037 Views

The One

The One

The One

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is my ex alyssa, she recently just moved back to rhode island from hawaii to “save money”. She knows how to party hard, & is usually classy, also sucks a mean dick. A few months ago she crashed up her E- Class, and shouldve died, but shes an angel. is this the brunette youve been looking for nik? would you?! i wish i still could. .

Answer: no. I thought girls who lived on the beach are supposed to have good bodies, she has one of the worst beach bodies I have seen.  And she is never gunna take you back after you put her on the dirty.

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February 3, 2010 Hawaii, Honolulu 14 6,484 Views

Kandace Wolshin uber groupie , AKA BICYCLE

Kandace Wolshin uber groupie , AKA BICYCLE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Kandace W**, 19 years old from Hawaii, and currently lives in Newport as well where she goes to “school”. This girl is the biggest slut, and groupie to hit Hawaii. She hangs around the North Shore looking for to hang out professional surfers because she is a groupie, she has been around the block. She is out almost every other day, getting sh*tface drunk, and being nice to anyone who is “anyone” . Oh yeah she also claims shes a “model”, who posts pictures of herself in thongs on her facebook and myspace. What kind of model is that? but hasn’t ever done any real work.

Nik what do you think of this trog?

She needs to get a chin implant and lose about 15 lbs if she wants to stay a groupie.- nik

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