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September 24, 2009 Caption of the Day, Hawaii, Honolulu, The Dirty 244 8,072 Views

model material

DIRTY ARMY, here is your beautiful picture for “Caption of the Day”.

Baywatch? Please be funny and not racist.

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If i’da known she was a squirter I’da never gone down on her while on the rag.

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Girls Needs Help

September 16, 2009 Hawaii, Honolulu, New England 4 6,859 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is from “connectiC*NT” but resides in waikiki, HI for “school”. She thinks she is so hot and can get any guy she wants. The sad thing is, she usually ends up going home with a new guy every night. She spreads stories about her sexual adventures with foreigner tourists, and they involve scrapes, scratches, ice cubes, and being bent over balconies. She drinks at bars every single night, and normally is on crutches. On top of that, she NEVER wears underwear with her dresses. She’s gotten so plastered that she’s passed out on random streets downtown Honolulu with legs spread vagina hanging out. Nik, please put this girl on blast, and tell me you wouldn’t hit it.

Her body was definitely not ready for a two piece in Hawaii.- nik

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My Antonio Equals More Strippers

August 25, 2009 Hawaii, Hollywood, Maui, New England, The Dirty 20 6,737 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: So sorry to expose, but the truth will set you free. All this info does is completley justify that being a “reality star” is still a “star”. I danced in a club in milford, CT for a couple months and a fellow dancer was “jessica” from the VH1 show MY ANTONIO. I can’t remember he stage name but i remember she drove from boston, MA to dance in CT which explains the accent. Srry “jessica” u were always nice to me, atleast to my face (forget the time you tried to proposition the guy who drove me to work one day cuz you thought he was the ‘new girls’s boyfriend) . P.S. Nik, I was a stripper, saw the down and dirty of it all. I luv how glorified it is. strippers=prostitutes/and/or single moms. Come on girls give it up. We all start dancing, don’t know how to switch from the act to real life and in the mean time get a drug problem. Need a clear mind to see the truth (I know big boobs make boners and those can be distracting) well…Holla.

So what you are telling me is that the casting for this show was done at a Strip Club.  Jessica are you prego or just fat?- nik

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Canary In Hawaii

August 4, 2009 Canary, Hawaii, Maui, Newport, The Dirty 25 7,612 Views

Canary in Hawaii

Canary in Hawaii

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik looks like Canary took some time off from Newport and Vegas and is Relaxing in Hawaii, Nik should the locals beware of her?

Good, she needs the vacation to find herself.  She has been eating some bad bird seed lately according to her mood swings.- nik

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Scumbag From Hawaii

July 20, 2009 Hawaii, Maui 12 8,885 Views

scumbag from hawaii

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, unfortunately, one of my friends use to date this guy awhile back ago. she finally dumped him, thank god. anyway now he wont quit stalking her , he needs to get a life and stay out of hers. he is nothing but a greasy scrub with terrible hair , who likes to mooch off any girl he can because his lame ass is too lazy to work and be responsible. Nik please put this douche bag on blast!! thanks.

Why are Hawaiians always so fat? I thought pineapple was low in calories.- nik

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Apple Approved: New Iphone Application For Scoring Ganja

July 20, 2009 Anchorage, Denver, Dirty News, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Michigan, Montana State, Newport, Oregon, The Dirty, Washington 19 7,812 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: (TRANSRACIAL) Apple has just approved a new Iphone app that helps folks find their nearest marijuana-distribution center with a few easy clicks. Appropriately-named Cannabis, the $2.99 app allows Iphoners to find legal marijuana dealers in the 13 states where medical-MJ has been approved.Users search by city or zip-code, with data supplied — and continually updated — by, a patient resource center. Interestingly, the software has been developed by techies who are themselves medical marijuana users — and 50 cents of every app down-load will be donated to pro-bud avocacy groups.

This application is going to make bank.  Glad to see that Apple will get their cut in drug trafficking.- nik

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Caption of the Day

June 22, 2009 Hawaii, The Dirty 163 6,145 Views

Rainbow Brite

DIRTY ARMY, here is your beautiful picture for “Caption of the Day”.

Pot of Gold? Please be funny and not racist.

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Hawaii Firefighters

May 20, 2009 Hawaii, Honolulu 4 7,142 Views

I guess fires dont happen in Hawaii

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hawaii’s bravest taking some time out of their day.

Is it a requirement in Hawaii to have big ears and be a Firefighter?- nik

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