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Miss Elite

March 9, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 37

Miss Elite AKA Miss Trashy Cokehead Mother

Miss Elite AKA Miss Trashy Cokehead Mother

Miss Elite AKA Miss Trashy Cokehead Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is DinaMK. MK? What the fck right. She is a single mother who tramps around Chicago thinking she is “MISS ELITE” -she is a chicago club promoter who sits in the clubs mon-friday while her parents take care of her child. Mothering is a priority, clubbing , snorting cke, and rolling is not. She even went as far as getting a tattoo saying’ “Miss Elite”-she is a phoney, lying, manipulative b*tch. Not to mention she is a fuckin terrorist. She thinks everyone is her friend, when really everyone is laughing at her. She will see sooner or later. Please put this trashy girl on blast. Think about your real friends who you left behind for the club scene. Who wants to live a life like that. She used to be a pretty girl, now she just looks and acts like a complete crack head. What do you think Nik?

Miss elite should take a shower.  She should also change her name, I’m sure a lot of people are confused about it (I am).- nik

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Fat Sloot Of DP

March 8, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 31

Fat whore of DP

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me start by saying that this fat whore of a living thing in Des Plaines, does nothing with her life but eat Tacos and f*ck all night long. She thinks she’s got a man but she gets f*cked by every nasty desperate motherf*cker out here. She lives her life thinking she is “ghetto” and gets her nails “did” BUT as you can see, she is missing the nails she so called got did!! lmfao She tans to look like she got attacked by Oranges, wears 20lbs of makeup and puts in glue on extentions, that make her look like she got into a fight with the glue bottle. If you ever run into this fat wh*re (which u can’t miss) she talks like this “Hey guythss (guys) whathss (whats) up? Lethss (lets) thsmoke (smoke)!! F.Y.I she has a lisp lol.

Who exactly is she sleeping with, besides fat food employees.- nik

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Big Bird

March 8, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 57

Big Bird Alert!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this big beaked bird is a f*cking fat a** little b*tch Nik, Morgan Mailhot f*cks every guy at east and b*tches every person out and then has her f*cking monkey a** looking friend b*tch at everyone else because she doesn’t know to handle her own problems. She thinks she is hot sh*t and she screams her f*cking head off whenever she talks. She can’t keep a friend for more than two weeks because she gets pissed and b*tches at them. Please Nik, someone needs to tell her and her monkey to go back to their f*cking jungle and stop infecting everyone with their dirty vaginas.

Learn how to use make-up.- nik

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Sloppy Sloots

March 4, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 19

Sloppy Sloots

Sloppy Sloots

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sloots population seems to be increasing. What do you think Nik?

That’s a fact, I blame TV.- nik

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Wanna Be Hood Bustdown

March 3, 2011 Chicago, Gremlin, Illinois 18

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

Wanna be hood bustdown (z0o0ted)

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, this girl used to think she was h the punkest thing alive, when really, she was just a little scene queen. Fast forward a few years and a few pair of apple bottom jeans later, she now think shes niki manage. Whats to blame for this? Well, I’d say a boy named Ryan Parlich. See, Samantha had this obsession with him a few years ago, and to this day, still claims him as hers. She used to lie, saying that Ryan said he loved her, and wanted her, and asked her out. I found out, all of that was a lie. See Ryan Parlich was a a bit of a punk back then, and still is now, but he did start listening to some rap, Samantha caught wind of that, and thought if she listened to it, he may like her. WRONG. Now im not sure why she still thinks shes ghetto but, oh well. Now this girl has openly hooked up with probably more then 20 guys. Everytime shes at a party she goes into a different room, or bathroom and f*cks. One time when she was hooking up with a guy he said “I heard your a prude, or a bust down, which is it?” And she said “prude? haha I dont know about that but I am a bustdown” HAHAHAHA SHE OPENLY ADMITED SHES A DAMN BUSTDOWN. We all knew this was coming as soon as she got a damn tan.

It really makes you wonder just how desperate some people are.- nik

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Horse Face

March 2, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 3

horse face

horse face

horse face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me just tell you about this hood b*tch. Shes definitely the type of girl that thinks shes all that, umm does this b*tch own a mirror? Does she know she has a horse face? She spreads her legs to any guy that gives her the time of day, she is probably the fakest girl I have ever met. OHHH and when I say shes a skank, I mean it in all terms of the word. Hide ur kids, hide ur boyfriends and hide ur husbands because this sloot is out for them all! For real, shes disgusting.

If your gunna make the same face in every picture you should make an attempt to cover up those chompers.- nik

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Who Let The Dogs Out

March 1, 2011 Chicago, Dirty Army Strong, Illinois 20

Who Let The Dogs Out

Who Let The Dogs Out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Orange Orange and more Orange. Nik please treat those dirty horse looking girls!

I wonder what race they check off at the DMV.- nik


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Lost Her Virginity To A Liar

February 28, 2011 Chicago, Illinois 67

Lost her Virginity to a liar & also banged THE SITUATION

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Michelle Lopez. She is the sloot of Des Plaines. She wanted to lose her virginity to a virgin when she was 16 , but James (the Asian dude in the photo standing next to Michelle who is in the red dress) lied to Michelle & told her he was a virgin too. Turns out James had already had sex with Michelle’s best friend, Marcie. Ever since this moment, Michelle can’t seem to have a stable relationship. She slept with half the football team at Maine West High School to gain status. She has no self esteem and was even one of the girls to go back to a hotel room with Mike “The Situation” after one of his Chi-town club appearances. She brags about that sexual encounter as if she just won an Oscar award. Hey Michelle, can’t wait til your AIDS test comes back positive, maybe then you’ll learn to close your legs.

That’s pretty much how it always goes.- nik

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