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Once a cheater, always a cheater

March 7, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Should have divorced the son of a bitch 20 years ago when he cheated the first time. I forgave him, but he just got better at hiding his cheating ways. I put up with this bastard for 30 years. His parents called him a waste of good sperm! He hooked up with this gap toothed bitch. His penis probably fits perfectly between her teeth! She says she’s a “regular churchgoer”. What a joke. I hope they both cheat on each other. He’s a cheap son of a bitch that will burn in hell.

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Fat Curtain

February 27, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, explain to me why an 18 year old Jenna Matze’s cl*t is all over Facebook? That is disgusting! Definitely blocking this child. Her parents must be proud.

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Scrawny Mouse

February 26, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey little girl, showing your whole body to the world and sleeping with a new guy every night isn’t cute. Every time I see you out I want to gag even looking at your disgusting ‘GOGO’ outfits. Maybe if you weren’t such a trashy slut your sexy successful boyfriend would have stayed with you. Thank god he left when he did because no wants to see you bringing him down. Without make up and your fake hair you’re just another ugly skank dressed in nothing. Oh and your tattoos look like you got them done out of the back of a van. SLOOOOOT

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Bryan Lando

February 21, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Bryan Lando again. He’s pretty famous on your site. I can go on and on how he’s a drug addict whom belongs back in jail, he’s a man whore, has DRD BUT Im not. All I gotta ask is does his current girl friend Stephanie Vitale feel special because they took a picture like this? Seems like Bryan has been taking pictures like this before he even knew this Stefania girl existed. Sweetie you’re not special. Put this loser on blast Nik.

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Meanwhile in Chicago

February 20, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, your website usually has the worst of the worst when it comes to ugly women. However, when I go back to the real world here in Chicago, I’m faced with girls like THIS. Why…why? WHY?!?! Why do girls think it’s okay to leave the house like this? Potbellys, back rolls, saggy t*ts, these girls have it all. Even a camel toe making an appearance out this past V-day weekend?! Number #2′s dress looks like it belongs to her skinnier little sister…Actually none of these girls fit in their outfits. And the chunkiest one of all is baring her belly?! The closest thing we have to “hot” is girl #1 on the far left, who has tree trunks for legs…is this what I have to deal with in Chicago? Please Nik, tell me what city a guy has to move to to find a decent looking chick. Preferably one that hasnt been seen naked all over the internet already, either.

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Stefany “Crusty” Sotelo

February 19, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: The dirty photoshop gremlin Stefany Sotelo is at it again! Did she really think she was fooling ANYone with this sad attempt at a photoshop job? Look at the random blue streak next to her right thigh, did the background come alive and become 3-D? LOL… clearly an attempt to cover up her fat, which is lumping over her too small bikini. And more weird marks/spots on her love handles and thigh? A little too much blur tool, trying to hide her cellulite. And the blue spots, trying to pass off her back fat as part of the “background” can she not be embarassed with how back this looks? I’d go into hiding and never come out. And to top it off…why is her face 50 shades darker than her elbows? Fake bake nastiness at its best. Why are we stuck with girls like this in Chicago?! Seriously, I wanna barf.

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Clown Party

February 18, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 230

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we go again. Audrey Bolek has officially used all the filters out there. Even the one where you can hide your ridiculous butt chin. What is wrong with this girl, she edits these pictures as if we dont see how hideous she looks in real life. Not only is she becoming the number one coke addict in Chicago but now that Bryan Nolan dropped her she’s hooking up with girl’s boyfriends and is on just about everyone’s hit list. She should really consider quitting SpyBar and staying on the South side because no one in the city likes this smelly whore. Stay away Audrey you look like a clown in every single one of your pictures. You scare everyone away at Spybar theyre loosing business. Nik, would you hit it?

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Loser Lustina

February 13, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this bitch at a club downtown. Her facebook name is Lilli Lustina. I thought she was a gogo dancer cuz she was up on the dancer box but turns out she just showed up to the club and took off her clothes and started dancing cuz she was soo wacked up on X. She tried talking to me cuz she heard I had money and was all over my D. When I turned her down she got in my face about how stupid I was and that she was a ‘BOSS’. just actin a fool. Reality check whore. Your clearly a pill-poppin cheap-ass hooker. She claims she ‘models’, your a BUTTERFACE! Your face is hideous and fat and you know it cuz you only come out at nighttime with skanky clothes so people don’t look at your cake-ass face. You cake on so much makeup, i can’t imagine how nasty you look when you wake up. SICK!!!! Is this what Chicago really finds sexy? TRAMPS?! ohhhh man Nik, this is pathetic. Please tell this girl to cover up and shut up. She on some crazy shit

She needs to double up on bras again to hide her refund.- nik

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