Illinois | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Audrey Puppet

February 13, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 158

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know she’s been posted a lot on your site, but I couldn’t help myself. What is wrong with Audrey Bolek’s arms. Not only does she have the hands of a 85 year old woman, but her arms are extremely long and look so awkward for her little body. So do her fake boobs that she got done twice in one year but I wont go that far. And OMG don’t even get me started on the red hair. I remember it was cool to change your color like this at the age of 16-18, but not in your early 20′s. She was probably born premature since there’s so much wrong with this girl. Nik, would you and why?

They make red extensions these days…- nik

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Super Broke

February 7, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why do all the girls in Chicago think selling their body is a legit way to get rich? Olivia here for example…no, she’s not actually a stripper. She just works at a strip club, begging every greg she comes into contact with for spare change…but that’s not the worst of it. She wants us to believe that shes better than us because she goes on “fancy vacations” on the regular to Vegas and Miami…Nik, what kind of people do u know that go on ONE person vacations???? Just sayin!!! Escorting is not something to be jealous of honey. This girl has been selling her body like an olympic sport for YEARS, but somehow she’s better than all of us? And we’re just jealous? Nik, let Olivia know not to get ahead of herself…she was in such a rush to get ready in this pic that she forgot her 2nd eye make up!! What a joke. Oh, and if you were really a baller like some of us…you would have gotten the nose job AGES ago!!! YEARS before the bad boobs… Just sayin!!

If she went for the nose first she may still have a job.- nik

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You got Busted Barbie

February 7, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: .Meet Ashley “Barbie” Furtick, she lives in the beautiful city of Chicago. This busty has been with 5 guys in the last four months but her currently true love is the new up and coming talentless gremlin rapper juvenile degenerate.. I mean babie. This dumdass cum sucking trashbag got her new bfs name tatted after dating for three weeks instead of being at home with her “sick son”. This life of the party train ride can be found at tiger ostylies where she would rather snort coke, dope, get fucked up and smoke weed than be a mother to her son, then turns around and brags about it. “#weboutthatlife” . It’s pretty bad when your son tells peeps you’re a liar and don’t love him. She’s a real winner in my book but ya can’t shine a piece of shit, it’ll always be a piece of shit. I wonder how juvie feels knowing that instead of sitting in his room listening to him rap into the stocking filled hanger in the closet she’s out her fucking her ex bf! Happy birthday Debo! Nik id like to give a shout out to this level 3 scumbag. Baby girl you make being a gutter whore look easy. Muaahh #nasty #stayhome

You let her lick your ass…- nik

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Fattie Pattie

January 31, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she is again Nik, Fattiecakes just making girls “HATE” on her with her amazing body. Recently started working out and posting pictures of her results. But really in real life she isn’t worth the 200+ likes AT ALL. The top pictures is Fattie Pattie 2 months ago and the bottoms are from this week. Call me crazy but I DON’T see a change. Do you? Does anyone? Nik, would you?

Answer: No, she’s just ducking her face more.

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Baby Daddy #2

January 6, 2014 Chicago, Illinois 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- You posted this hoe before and it was a huge hit, she got knocked up AGAIN by a different random ass rat looking guy she barely knows. Jesus Christ, look at her “selfies” she keeps posting of herself on Facebook. Do us all a favor one more time!!!  As you can see the heroine addicted mother Tiffany Collins is at it again, successfully getting knocked up by yet another scum bag… Two baby daddy’s and not even 21. As much of a disgusting slob this girl is I really thought she was going to actually do SOMETHING with her life. She did DO something… or somebody rather. I guess motherhood is her life’s goal. I feel bad for her first kid, having to grow up with multiple brothers and sisters from different losers getting tossed around everywhere. Who can blame her really… Look at the line of losers she comes from. Her fake sister is still whoring around, looks like she’s getting pretty damn old there looking at those wrinkles around those raccoon eyes. Ultimately this is what one in every 5 girls in Frankfort lives’ succumb to. At least she found out at an early age she’s good for nothing besides spreading those fat legs and not using birth control. When did taking pregnant pictures of your fat ass stomach that’s carrying your second bastard child become a trend on Facebook? Jesus Christ can’t you keep those locked up in a vault in your room? Where they’re safe from me wanting to gauge my eyes out?

These dead beats who are no doubt of age should wisen up and use a rubber.- nik

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Martin Hess

December 30, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: No caption needed, Bryan Nolan AKA Martin Hess.

Does that mean he’s the bottom…- nik

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Audrey Bee

December 18, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where’d her other fake tit go? I always wonder what a surgery gone wrong feels like.. Maybe she can help me understand. Was that two grand worth deformed, squared shaped boobs, that are up to your chin? Not even Instagram filters, and blurrs can hide those. And who is Audrey Bolek trying to fool? She hashtagged “bummin” and “lazy” as if she didn’t just draw on those eyebrows, cake on that bronzer, and not to forget the pink lipstick, just to take this picture. #FakeBitchesTheseDays.

No surgery is better then cheap surgery.- nik

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Greg Harris

December 12, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this filth is known as greg harris. someone needs to tell this GAY PORNSTAR to stop blowing up my phone. I have all the texts to PROVE! I’m done with this drug dealing wanna be somebody in life. clearly you are trash when the $$ low you go out of town and get f*cked in the a$$!! he’s nothing but drama, lies, cheats, and steals. so long greg harris, I’m off to the clinic to find out what manifestos youve given me.

Clearly photoshopped.  You gotta work on your shadowing.- nik

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