Wanna be Nicole Marie

November 27, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 44 6,583 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as you already know this is the famous wanna be Nicole Marie; Stephanie Vitale. She has been obsessed with Nicole Marie’s boyfriend Lando for about 2 years now. Has fcked half of Chicago and if you ask any guy how her vagina looked before she got surgery on it they would say DISGUSTING. Aside from that she’s a stripper at Heavenly Bodies. This weekend she turned 21 and had her birthday party at Castle Chicago with her only two friends Karina who works with her and Vanessa another unknown sloot. Like always Bryan Lando got his teeth knocked out once again by her other boyfriend Mark. Different club, same shit. Now a little advice to this disgusting skank.. Sweetie you can wear all the dark clothing you want & draw on your eyebrows as much as you want, but you will NEVER look like Nicole Marie or be her. Save your self the embarrassment and stop showing your face downtown. Get an education and do something with your life. You can’t be a stripper forever. Nik, what’s your opinion on this Chicago trash?

Don’t embarrass yourself, keep your clothes on.- nik

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Cheating, “Life Coach” Scam

November 15, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 35 7,940 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I met this guy on okcupid. under the username &***tickperson1". At the beginning he seemed to be a wonderful, humanitarian, unique, intellectual guy but after 7 months of being a relationship with him he turned into my biggiest nightmare. Sirmetrius Howard sells himself as one of Bob Procter’s "Life Success Consultants" however, his highest education was high school and he is a 7 year college dropout. Through his website sirmetriushoward. he offers services for "Becoming a millionaire, being successful and achieving your goals" however, he does not put into practice what he teaches in her personal life. The website is a scam and is only a tool for Sirmetrius to steal money from business owners. He is 31 years old, lives with his mother, drives his sisters car, works a 9-5 minimum wage job as a customer service rep and owes $12,000+ in child support for his 2 teenage kids. This amount does not include child support for 2 additional small children who he concieved while being on vacation in Puerto Rico with some random local. He currently denies and refuses to give his last name to those children and is running from child support. When on vacation he knocked up some local and cheated on his 5 year girlfriend who he lived with in Chicago. He is a sex addict (15+ partners) and has admitted to having sex with both men and women. He refuses to wear protection and manipulates women threatening to leave them if they don’t have unprotected sex with them. He speaks horribly about all his ex’s including his childrens mother. He humilliates women and treats them like sex objects. He is a self proclamed "pimp" and sends the women he meets at clubs to sleep with his friends and then receives money from them in exchange. He gave one of his ex girlfriends Mollu**** Contagiosum (sexually transmitted decease). He has gone to jail 5 times for domestic violence. You can find one of his mugshots at hl . When its his weekend to take his children he leaves them at his mothers house and goes out to club to live his double life. His favorite club to hang out is Subterranean in Chicago. There, you will find him every Thursday with a different girl, looking to hook his friends up so he can receive his portion of the money. Sirmetrius loves to lie and stole $650 from me when he told me he needed to pay his child support. He spent the $650 on male/female prostitutes,strippers and clubbing with his friends.

What language is this written in?- nik

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Alessandra Petro

November 8, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 277 25,636 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Alessandra Petro! She’s been posted on your web many times for doing porn but no one showed any prove. So here it is, the 19 year old Alie Petro goes to different states to do porn thinking people from Chicago wouldn’t find out. Her parents must be so proud. Someone put this dirty prostitute on blast please. Nik one more question, Would you?

Answer: NO, she lacks any kind of a figure. (padded bras don’t count)

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October 30, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 22 10,002 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sally Jordan is not pretty at all, if anything she looks like Fiona from the Disney movie Shrek. Has a pig nose with a weird shaped round head. Just because you fuk all the photographers who shoot you DOESN’T make you a model. She’s 4’9, that height will make her a very successful model one day LOL!!!! And also a very well known south side sloot. Would you Nik?

Answer: No, there’s a reason she cropped herself in the corner.

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October 28, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 7 6,974 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looking throughout hot girls’ photo shoots and came across this. What exactly is this suppose to be? Is this a typical wanna be model pregnant sloot from Chicago?

Not an attractive angle, may have just been peeking for a nipple.- nik

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Jeffery Briggs

October 23, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 15 9,982 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This kid has been “THE” Walking ** since 13 years old. Fcks old guys at Bath houses and Gyms. Biggest Homie Hopper I’ve ever had a chance to meet. Fcks all of his friends ex’s and he loves the attention, reminds you of a 4 year old girl who doesn’t have her barbie doll. Has been with most of the Chicago land area, bad breath “probably from all that dick sucking” Needs to learn to shave. Fried hair almost to the point where you can snap it off and add ketchup. He needs a new weave pronto. Don’t take him out to eat, he will be in the bathroom five minutes later with his finger down his throat. Will suck dick for cigarettes if given the chance. If you ever see this kid, run off. You will be annoyed in a minute of starting a conversation. And remember fellas he loves his coke, dick and dirty Mexicans.

Why does it look like he’s wearing Uncle Morry’s wig?- nik

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Ashley HulaHoop Firefly

October 1, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 27 8,748 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik. Aren’t we supposed to be grown up after 21? Ashley is so annoying with her Electric Fireflies company. I understand that she seeks attention because being large as a child, you have to make up time. On a funny note, even with the lost weight, who would seriously hit this? Maybe the ugly people that follow her to Drink Nightclub. Oh yeah. Her company is so big, it remains in the suburbs. Ashley, you still look too big to be pulling any type of gogo / hulahoop routines. We all know how much you love smoking. You may be making yourself dumber by the day. Looking at your face, I want to run the other way. Not pretty or sexy. Take your college degree and do something real with your life. Nik, would you book this prize grad from the University Of Illinois?

Molly messes your brain up.- nik

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Hoe’s Cantina

October 1, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 9 6,109 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shaunda Frazier. She works as a bartender at Moe’s Cantina Wrigleyville. If you’ve been there I’m sure you’ve seen her. She always has the same stank look plastered on her face and is always walking around with her saggy tits and fupa hanging out. Since when does showing your muffin top get you tips? She’ll go home with anyone that asks and let you do whatever you want to her, that is if you can get over the lingering dead fish smell once she takes off her pants. So what do you think, would you?

The pic quality of the nude is disturbing me, I didn’t know people still used phones so ghetto.- nik

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