Illinois | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Jeffery Briggs

October 23, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This kid has been “THE” Walking ** since 13 years old. Fcks old guys at Bath houses and Gyms. Biggest Homie Hopper I’ve ever had a chance to meet. Fcks all of his friends ex’s and he loves the attention, reminds you of a 4 year old girl who doesn’t have her barbie doll. Has been with most of the Chicago land area, bad breath “probably from all that dick sucking” Needs to learn to shave. Fried hair almost to the point where you can snap it off and add ketchup. He needs a new weave pronto. Don’t take him out to eat, he will be in the bathroom five minutes later with his finger down his throat. Will suck dick for cigarettes if given the chance. If you ever see this kid, run off. You will be annoyed in a minute of starting a conversation. And remember fellas he loves his coke, dick and dirty Mexicans.

Why does it look like he’s wearing Uncle Morry’s wig?- nik

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Ashley HulaHoop Firefly

October 1, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik. Aren’t we supposed to be grown up after 21? Ashley is so annoying with her Electric Fireflies company. I understand that she seeks attention because being large as a child, you have to make up time. On a funny note, even with the lost weight, who would seriously hit this? Maybe the ugly people that follow her to Drink Nightclub. Oh yeah. Her company is so big, it remains in the suburbs. Ashley, you still look too big to be pulling any type of gogo / hulahoop routines. We all know how much you love smoking. You may be making yourself dumber by the day. Looking at your face, I want to run the other way. Not pretty or sexy. Take your college degree and do something real with your life. Nik, would you book this prize grad from the University Of Illinois?

Molly messes your brain up.- nik

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Hoe’s Cantina

October 1, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 9

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shaunda Frazier. She works as a bartender at Moe’s Cantina Wrigleyville. If you’ve been there I’m sure you’ve seen her. She always has the same stank look plastered on her face and is always walking around with her saggy tits and fupa hanging out. Since when does showing your muffin top get you tips? She’ll go home with anyone that asks and let you do whatever you want to her, that is if you can get over the lingering dead fish smell once she takes off her pants. So what do you think, would you?

The pic quality of the nude is disturbing me, I didn’t know people still used phones so ghetto.- nik

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Dirty Cheerleader

September 25, 2013 Chicago, Dirty Cheerleaders, Illinois 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bird face lookin’ Cheerleader is one of Chicago biggest sl00ts. All she does – besides spreading her legs for anyone who is over 6 feet, is taking pictures of herself. She fcked every athlete in her college. SMH I’m telling’ you Nik, this bird thinks she’s hot shit when she’s got a cottage cheese ass. Please put this thing back in her cage.

Don’t let cheerleading get to your head, there’s no talent in it anymore.- nik

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Nicolette Amato Got a Job

September 24, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: …and what more fitting of an employer than everyone’s favorite dumpster baby conception site, Exit?! This is where you go if you’re too insecure to be a stripper but still crave that attention your father gives to all the other girls the same age as you? This is her big break and the start of Nicolette’s life long career, just look at how happy she is. Since her man (whom she’s only been with since he’s been locked up) is still in prison, she’s got to pay her phone bill somehow. Her tits are a sham, supported by multiple bras and nipple so high up she could lick them. The square flat portion of her lower back is wiggled around vigorously in front of old mens faces trying to pass it off as an ass. Her heavy greasy extensions whip you in the face while she rubs multiple faces in her tit sweat.Its both nauseating and fascinating to watch the slow deterioration of a once pretty girl make such a ridiculous mess of herself. Cautionary tale kids, Nicolette Amato.

Extensions or clip-ins…big difference.- nik

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Paula Sparkles Gone Wild

September 17, 2013 Chicago, Dirty DUI, Illinois 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Paula Zukauskait just turn 21 and has by far became the biggest Lithuanian trash in Chicago. She passed Kathy Srokowska and Angelica Megan. Since she’s so little and clearly doesnt get her jobs because of her looks, she sales her nasty smelly vagina to any club owner or promoter. Also she thinks she’s a model, it’s actually so embarrassing she keeps shooting with this old loser with a nice camera who keeps writing all over the pictures. What real and professional photographer does that? That picture with your shirt tucked into your tong is very CLASSY Paula, keep it up. Go back to Lithuania druggie! [IMG: El Hefe]

I’d like to know why her thong is pulled up over her shirt.- nik

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Justice Junkie Loser Anthony

September 17, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies of Chicago & surrounding areas: this is Anthony from Justice, IL. You may have encountered him on okcupid, Facebook, craigslist, etc. because that’s his life. He sits around all day on the Internet trying to meet new girls cuz he’s a loser. If you have talked to him for a good period of time you should catch on that he has NO JOB and no life. I talked to this loser on/off for a couple of months and could tell he was an exaggerated liar that just wanted to seem interesting when there’s very little to him. Why I met up with him the day he said he totaled his (non-existent) car is beyond me! The low life was attempting to steal from stores & later stole my prescription bottle full of anxiety med. as he exited my car and wrestled with me for them. And this is a douchebag that claims he loves his sister so damn much but what if some junkie robbed her? Anthony is a pathological liar. Claims to be a veteran, college graduate, scored 35 on his ACT, works for a good company, and has a “car” lolol underneath all the lies about how “great” he is, he’s a 27 year old bum that lives in a crappy room in his aunt’s house, steals from his aunt, has no job, is a self-proclaimed junkie (although he’d never admit that to you unless he stole your drugs), and just an all around scumbag that’s a waste of space. Stay away from him he has nothing but I’ll intentions. Nik, put this fool on blast!

Nice dresser.- nik

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What a Skeez

September 9, 2013 Albuquerque, Illinois 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Kimberlee Michelle Forrest that who the F who! What:She Stole a married man! (Among other things I’m sure!) He was a FAMILY man, and she came in and didn’t care that he had a wife and a child. She is playing the victim, complains that it’s so hard to be hated by everyone and just doesn’t understand WHY no one likes her. She was single for a reason, Someone needs to teach her her place! Which is NOT next to the guy she is with! Pretty girls think they can act on whatever they want and get away with it! But NOT this time! I also know she was sleeping around when SHE herself was married in New Mexico! There are nights she wouldn’t come home! She would go out and drink A LOT with her friend Shea, She would neglect her husband and set aside ALL of her free time to her friends. Maybe if she knew he role as a wife she would still be married today! Look at her friends! All SINGLE or DIVORCED, Kids out of wedlock, this girls life is a mess and anything she touches becomes a train wreck!
Where: All across the New Mexico and Arizona State-lines! When: April- May 2013! Why: because she is insecure! Lonely! Crazy! Selfish!

It takes two to tango.- nik

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