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September 5, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl who thinks shes related to paul grey from slipknot, claims to be forensics at illionis and fcks guys she just met on plenty of fish. heres some pics lol

Looks like she’s done some photoshop work.- nik

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I’m a Model

September 4, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m Audrey Bolek and I want to apologize that everyone is so jealous of me because I’m going somewhere with my modeling career and that even though I’m underage I work at a bar, I bottle serve at Spybar and golf with old grandpas. I’m going to be a Nurse soon too. Stop hating on my big nose, butt-chin and boobs because I’m still hotter than any of you. My boyfriend Bryan Nolan cheats on me with men and women but I’m okay with it. Judge me fckers!!

Keep telling yourself that peacock…the nose job was a start.- nik

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Morgan Baade

September 3, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ignorant Bitch of Jewish decent fcked 2 of her friends brothers, “claimed to be pregnant BOTH FCKING TIMES”, backstabbed most if not ALL of her friends. The tool you see in the pictures Hits her named Tim Human and comes crawling back to that abusive FCK every single time. Also likes to get shit faced when she knows her body rejects the alcohol each and every time to the point where the party I was at Jeffery Briggs’s house she pissed in his brothers bed…..Like WHO THE FCK WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Also this ratchet bitch is the BIGGEST HOE you will ever meet cause if you take her on a date anywhere 1st or last she will be on her knees under the table cloth sucking dick. Her last known friend in the entire world HOPE RENTFROW is a four eyed weirdo who needs to grow the fuk up and stop laying in front of cars together cause they are retarded.

Lookin good in that bottom pic….- nik

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Meghan NoHands Longwell

August 22, 2013 Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Meghan Longwell (Meghan DoitWitnohands Longwell on fb). She thinks she’s so ghetto fabulous but in reality she comes from a small town with a dad that’s a lawyer and a mom that’s a nurse, but she acts and talks like she’s from the hood. She claims that she’s “thick” but in all actuality it’s just fat. She edits all of her pictures on fb to make her look skinny and thinks that she has “haters” when people are actually just laughing at how big of a mess she is. She likes to wear tank tops as dresses with no underwear (no one wants to see that shit). She will only sleep with black guys and frequents the ghetto of Decatur. Someone please tell her thats not cute. In the pictures you can see what she posts on fb versus what she looks like when shes a mess at the bar.

Dear lord…invest in more fabric.- nik

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Micheal Schemmel

August 22, 2013 Chicago, Dirty Predator, Illinois 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik do I have a story for you! I think People need to be reminded about this punk who uses your site instead of confronting his problems like a real man. Just call him Girlyman it fits! Once there was a bespecled, pimple faced, skinny nerd who wanted to live a real life. So he googled his name and found out he shared it with Michel van Beetz of Elite Models. He decided to become that person. He went to the Salvation Army and picked up a suit. He purchased knock off sun glasses (yes, he wears them at night) and made some free vista print business cards. He lives two lives now. He works at a car dealership in Oak Lawn by day and preys on young naive model wanna bees at night. He has a steady flow of women and over 3,000 likes on his facebook. Well his cocky posts were a bit too extravagant and obnoxious and I found out he is a fraud. Normally I’d feel sorry for him but he is talking trash about the industry and people he doesn’t even know. His fan page [removed]
He’s been posted before! Read more at (click here) He makes comments trying to act like it’s different people but any1 who knows him, knows how his female-dog azz talks.

Looks like a label peeler.- nik

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Aubrey Bee Is Way Too Hot To Be Insecure

August 13, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Audrey Bee must have smelled a pile of poop again! That smile is horrible, makes her nose look even bigger than it is.  This girl is so insecure, she’s all fake to look perfect and her boyfriend Bryan Nolan that has 3 other girlfriends still cheats on her. Nik, what do you think?

Nice fake purse, the real ones don’t shine.- nik

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Reuben Pen, scum of Joliet

August 9, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Reuben Pena is 41 and pathetic, poor excuse of a man. He runs the streets of Will County like he is 21, cheating on his girlfriend thinking he is a player when he should be home taking care of his kids and woman. Don’t listen to a thing that this POS has to say. EVERYTHING is a lie.

Must be the pleats.- nik

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Veli Rosiles Little Village Steak

July 15, 2013 Chicago, Illinois 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Everyone, so I was browsing yes just browsing shesahomewrecker[] and came across my girls baby daddy with another girl on there. As I scrolled downi finally found out the truth, something my girl carried and suffered alone for two yrs. I’ve seen this skank out numerous times at el patron night clubs looking like trash always wasted. Never would I have imagined she was sleeping with my girls dude while my girl was pregnant with his second child. I’ve had cnversations with her let me tell u there’s not much up there. In our neighborhhod she’s known as a nation hoe. Done many of the 26 brothers. She’s an embarrasement. All she be posting on facebook is her out partying. If she’s such a great mom where r her kids. Sad how people like her become mothers but real women can’t conceive. Nik sh thinks she’s gods gift to men would u do her

I wonder if he meant to tuck his shirt into his fat.- nik

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