Mother of the Year

March 7, 2014 Indiana, St. Louis 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Vanessa Betancourt from Montgomery, Indiana. She is a prostitute and mother of three that is spreading diseases across southern Indiana. She likes to pick on girls to make herself feel better because she is a skank.

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Ducker Husband Suckers

March 3, 2014 Indiana 212

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet the infamous( well known for some bad quality or deed) Avon homewrecking Ducker sisters. Tara is the 37yr old landwhale in the red dress, and her 42yr old sister Teresa her biggest supporter. It all started when Tara admittedly seduced a married man, she knew had a young child at home, while she worked as a gas station attendant. Afterwards she claimed to be pregnant with her 5th child by said married man. In her own words she knew he was going to bolt, so she basically harrassed his entire family. Constantly threatening to tell his wife, and when she finally did, she taunted his wife by going into explicit details of their sexual encounters, that she so proudly posted online for the world to see, she loved calling his wife a ‘fat cow’ as if she has any room to talk! After so much grief the scorned wife exposed Tara on a fb homewrecker site. After the exposure Tara’s complete and utterly psychopathic side came out, and her sister joined in, they both became obessed with the site. Crying ‘victim’ of cyber bullying. Lol. Like it wasnt ‘bullying’ when Tara posted comments to that site making fun of a very young disabled child, that shares the same father as some of her older children do. She even went to extreme’s of writing into the site (see attached) admitting that she knew he had a wife/ child but still invited him back to her apt offering him drinks and kissed him. She also states that during her pregnancy she wasnt even sure if he was the father! Please set these trashy obese/ leather face sisters straight, someone needs to let them know having multiple children by many different men, some already married, and working minimum wage jobs with low enough pay to still be able to collect public assistance is nothing to be proud of. It’s sad that when you google the name ‘Tara Ducker’ homewrecker pops up beside it!!

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Laura Lundy

March 3, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis, Louisville 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong here in Bedford, Indiana! This gauntly looking creature/slut is named Laura Lundy. She’s known for being a slut since high school (fcking her friends boyfriend behind her back), a piece of shit mother, who puts her pill and m*th addiction before her two children. I mean look at the color of her skin!! It’s grey!! Her face is sunk in and she looks like a skeleton. She thinks she’s hot shit and goes after married men. Her morals are held into comparison to her mosquito bite titties, she has none. She used to be a nurse aide until she got fired for her pill popping addiction.If anyone sees her lock up your meds, and men! She’s a liar, manipulator, and overall disgusting human being. Oh and one more thing, look at her hair in the last pic where she’s “posing” trying to look less ugly. Who the fck wears their hair like that these days!!?? This isn’t the 60′s.

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Megan Martin Indy’s Loosest

February 17, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is this what a successful business woman looks like Megan?

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Josie Grossie

February 7, 2014 Chicago, Indiana 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, meet Josie Kolakoski, AKA by many in the Northwest Indiana/Chicago land area, “Josie Grossie”. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how exactly she got that nickname. I am surprised to see that in all her years of home wrecking and doing porn for attention, she has not been posted on here. Home wrecking is exactly the reason she is up here. This troll has been stalking my boyfriend of two years now over Facebook and IG. They used to live a town away from each other and she was a one night stand for him. That’s all she’s ever been for most guys in the area. She seems to think different, though. She believes these guys sleep with her because she’s Americas next top model, totally full of herself. She is nothing higher than average looking which is why she acts easy and falls for any guy that will give her even the smallest amount of attention. Her family clearly never cared for her being that she did porn in the past and it wasn’t even for money like most girls. She’s still broke and works as a CNA in Florida which is where she moved to get away from everyone bullying her. She does it to herself. I met my boyfriend in Las Vegas where we live and him moving hasn’t stopped her from contacting him. She blows up his IG with comments about how she misses and loves him when she has a boyfriend she claims to be crazy about. Shes been with this guy who has a kid for over a year now yet still keeps up with her boys from Indiana on social network websites. Me and a couple of my friends contacting her boyfriend and told him about it and she denied everything to him. Then she deleted her Facebook and hasn’t had one in over a move. I just want to stop this cum dumpster dead in her tracks before she ruins yet another relationship. You are nasty, too old now to be doing this and should work on getting a real job and being happy with your family instead of trying to ruin other peoples you stage five clinger! Nik, if you were in a relationship and she came on to you..would you ruin what you have for a std ridden disease such as this one? Oh, and gain some weight! You’re pushing 30 and have the body of a 12 year old little boy.

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April Miller

February 5, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis 14

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THE DIRTY ARMY: 42 year old drug addict stripper April Lynn Miller!

Smoking in bed is disgusting.- nik

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Soon to be Mother of 2

February 5, 2014 Indiana, Indianapolis 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Allison Mason is one of the dirtest girls and mothers in this city!!! She is 4 or 5 months pregnant and has a 6 yr daughter who is sunjected to her DAILY drug use!! t’s become known and a proven fact this girl is infected with *** and contines to shoot heroine ad pop any pill she can get her dirty little hands on.. Several years ago the court sysytem banned her from taking Xanax as she was on the verge of a drug induced suicide.. Allison lives with her parents, all of whom are prescribed Vicodin and supply each other with there own prescriptions just to be out within days of getting a script.. Her father takes her on drug runs even while shes pregnant and pays for everything for her. It’s SICKENING to even think a father and grandfather would be ok with this.. I’s come to our attention that she has led her on and off again boyfriend to believe he’s the father but has in the last cpl days found out its between 3 different guys , one of whom is her drug dealer here in one of the photos.. The pic of these two was take jus last nite.. If anyone know anything about opiate and heroine addiction your eyes have these pin dot pupils and bags for days under your eyes.. Just look at her face.. WOW this girl is crying for help!!! As everyone here should know a child’s life is most important as well as there well-being .. As of two days ago her 6 yr old daughter wrote a couple notes to her mom after she was withdrawling and was being mean to her .. Her little daughter said she hates herself and her life .. IF THATS NOT A CRY FOR HELP THAN I DONT KNOW WHAT IS… This has been goin on for to long and someone needs to intervene immediately.

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Creepy Loser

January 23, 2014 Chicago, Indiana 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Adam Feather. Loser extraordinaire and all around sad, embarrassing narcissist. This “man” will put his crusty extra appendage in anything with a warm hole who he can drug up enough to not say no. Desperation is an understatement with him… and if you lay out all of the reasons why you think he is a dirty waste of space, he still thinks you are just repressing your “inner desires.” He cheats on his poor girlfriend who can do SO much better than his wayward alcoholic, drug addled ass… but there is no way that she cannot know… sad, sad story. He belongs in a gutter with all of the other rats of Chicago. This sorry excuse of a human being is the biggest joke of 2014, and his inevitable, drug-related death will be the punchline. I don’t think his mommy hugged him enough as a child. Seek help, Señor Feather. Gah’ bless.

A proper fitting hand-me-down would work better for your look richer then you are scheme.- nik

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