One Big Dirty Family

August 2, 2013 Indiana 0 10,995 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…These two sisters veronica jamason on Facebook and the pic with her boyfriend is Charles an Samantha cannon! Veronica while she lived there with her boyfriend an 2 kids had Avery man in Richmond in there while he was at work. She overdosed a couple weeks ago in front of her kids with some black male. We told her boyfriend he doesn’t believe it. Anyhow she found out she’s pregnant with her 3rd. Nasty bitch fuked her 2nd kid up doing drugs while pregnant now she’s doing well the same with this one. She doesn’t work she lives off tax payers money. Shes had numerouse drd’s so if you’ve fcked her go get checked! The other sister and her boyfriend doesn’t work them two live off of us tax payers. If your sick of dirt dobbers living off us let them know it. They have a Facebook! Also while veronica jamason cowen is living with her boyfriend she’s actually still married! They fck people over an don’t pay anything back! Let them know how ya feel! Nik would you?

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EXCLUSIVE: Emails Between Anthony Weiner And Sydney Leathers [NSFW], HELLO!

July 29, 2013 Dirty Politics, Indiana, Manhattan, The Dirty, Washington DC 38 120,383 Views





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Hello! At least Anthony Weiner labels his pictures accordingly. Here are exclusive email exchanges between Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers during the month of August 2012. Notice how Anthony Weiner was trying to hurt Sydney Leathers’ education.

**More conversations will be published tomorrow**


World Exclusive: Anthony Weiner Nude Penis Images, New York Don’t Let America Down **WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES**

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More Cops Killing Dogs

July 23, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 2 9,612 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have to put these pigs on blast! This sh*t should make headlines but unfortunately its not. These pigs killed these Siberian Huskies cause they thought they were wolves! The DA needs to call CP police and voice there opinions, this is getting sick. This police station is soo shady you can just google them and you’ll see the madness they pull from hanging out in bar & grills all day in the parking lot and pulling peeps over while they are leaving the place to meet their quota’s, raiding bars cause they got “tips” saying underagers are in the bars but yet theres a county cop checking ids. I shall copy and paste the article! Help me get the word out to the army brother! Much love  [Click here for article]

Why would they try to kill wolves anyway? So messed up.- nik

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Sarah McGraw

July 17, 2013 Chicago, Indiana 9 7,452 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Sarah McGraw from Arlington Heights. She plays like she is a respectable nurse at Lutheran Children’s Hospital in Park Ridge but really she is a lying herpes infected sloot! She has a thing for hooking up with guys on dating sites and sleeping with them on the first date, not telling them anything about her drd’s. After its too late, she has them for good. She has issues with people because her birth mother left her on a porch and was adopted by an snooty jewish family and she thinks she is hot sh!t. Really she is a disgusting, dirty sloot who lacks personal hygiene and who’s baby maker smells like a fish market. She trolls around town with her extremely overweight friend Hannah and together they think they are something special. Stay Away guys!

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Missing Person Lauren Spierer

July 2, 2013 Indiana, The Dirty 266 116,354 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Lauren Spierer went missing just over 2 years ago in Bloomington, Indiana. There is a lot of speculation about what happened to her. With what happened in Ohio it gives hope that she may still be alive, but she had heart issues & rumor is they were partying the night she went missing. A college student isn’t that unlikely to try coke, etc., but rumor has it that there was an accident and the IU students last seen with her buried her body somewhere to escape legal trouble. Her parents just brought on a lawsuit to sue for answers, but I think you can help more quickly. Her parents haven’t slept a good night’s sleep or had any peace for over 2 years. PLEASE can you ask your viewers to submit any information they may have. Can you guarantee they won’t get in trouble? Her parents just want their little girl. If she passed on they just want to give her a proper burial. Whoever knows what happened to her KNEW her, & they know she is definitely worth a proper burial. To whomever knows what happened- PLEASE just give her parents some peace! Their hearts are broken. Let them mourn & move on. Otherwise her ghost will haunt your conscience forever & her parents will never have closure. Do the right thing- anonymously.

I promise if anyone comes forward to me privately I will not narc them out. I will relay the information privately and you will never have to speak to her parents. No authorities, just me. No set up whatsoever and no weapons. I promise your anonymity.- nik

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Biggest Slore in Indy

July 1, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 14 7,918 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ugly bitch is the nastiest whore in Indy. Her name is Melissa and she’s a stripper at dive clubs in Indy. She will screw for money, furniture, cars, drugs-anything. She uses people and then dumps them when she’s got whatever she wanted outta you. She thinks she’s hot shit but not only does she look like her teeth got smashed into her face, everyone here knows she has the dirtiest pussy in Indianapolis. Want an incurable disease?? This is your go-to girl! Whip out a $5 and she’ll do anything you want! This bitch deserves to be exposed for the nasty whore that she is!

Nice high socks.- nik

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I Fear The Day I Have To Send My Daughter To College

May 8, 2013 Indiana, The Dirty 83 82,633 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so these girls tweeted this picture and it amazes me how stupid girls are.  And to be honest with me having a 2 year old daughter, it really scares me to send her off to college in 16 years.  With girls being so dumb and doing anything to be cool, I’m scared my daughter will go through the same addiction problems I’ve had.  Nik, are you worried about Press when she is older?  Because I’m starting to have anxiety just thinking about this.

All I see is neck fat rolls, the Pepsi isn’t pure.- nik

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UPDATE: Craiglist Girls Of Bloomington

April 11, 2013 Indiana 0 7,416 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is some more text from Margo…. When she first told me she was pregnant….she flat out told me she had already setup a appointment to abort the baby, she claims is ours. Then when we get back together….she jokes about it in text…. with naming the baby aborsh ann….. The pic of the whale is her sleazy ass friend named Daniel that she partys with and can’t live with out. They both have done the CL call girl thing and Daniel has a account on POF looking for men and woman to have NSA fun with….fcking just nasty! This girl deserves this!

That masseuse is not enjoying that.- nik

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