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Biggest Slore in Indy

July 1, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this ugly bitch is the nastiest whore in Indy. Her name is Melissa and she’s a stripper at dive clubs in Indy. She will screw for money, furniture, cars, drugs-anything. She uses people and then dumps them when she’s got whatever she wanted outta you. She thinks she’s hot shit but not only does she look like her teeth got smashed into her face, everyone here knows she has the dirtiest pussy in Indianapolis. Want an incurable disease?? This is your go-to girl! Whip out a $5 and she’ll do anything you want! This bitch deserves to be exposed for the nasty whore that she is!

Nice high socks.- nik

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I Fear The Day I Have To Send My Daughter To College

May 8, 2013 Indiana, The Dirty 83


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so these girls tweeted this picture and it amazes me how stupid girls are.  And to be honest with me having a 2 year old daughter, it really scares me to send her off to college in 16 years.  With girls being so dumb and doing anything to be cool, I’m scared my daughter will go through the same addiction problems I’ve had.  Nik, are you worried about Press when she is older?  Because I’m starting to have anxiety just thinking about this.

All I see is neck fat rolls, the Pepsi isn’t pure.- nik

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UPDATE: Craiglist Girls Of Bloomington

April 11, 2013 Indiana 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is some more text from Margo…. When she first told me she was pregnant….she flat out told me she had already setup a appointment to abort the baby, she claims is ours. Then when we get back together….she jokes about it in text…. with naming the baby aborsh ann….. The pic of the whale is her sleazy ass friend named Daniel that she partys with and can’t live with out. They both have done the CL call girl thing and Daniel has a account on POF looking for men and woman to have NSA fun with….fcking just nasty! This girl deserves this!

That masseuse is not enjoying that.- nik

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Sasha Dehebreard Naptown Shank

April 1, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen, Meet Sasha Phillips Dehebreard. The biggest whore in Naptown and thats sad. She is an escort at a massage parlor. This thing wears two bras and has no ASS whatsoever, nonexistant. She thinks shes a model for what? Instagram. She has been in college for 6 years and only has one year completed. She is an air head. She needs to learn how to take care of her two ugly kids instead of fucking every guy that she meets. BLAST BIIIITCH.

When are they gunna make a push-up pair of undies…- nik

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Vanessa Carrillo Pariseau The Theif

February 18, 2013 Indiana, Indianapolis 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Vanessa Carrillo Pariseau. She is OVERWEIGHT, BOSSY, and she THINKS SHE CAN SING. Sorry for dumping on you like that. It’s just i hate her so much. she’s trying to steal all my friends away from my BFF and I by telling them lies about us because she’s mad that we turned her down on being her friend after a fight. i just can’t take it! What should we do?

I’d tell you if you mentioned something I could comment on.- nik

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Chasing The Saturdays

February 6, 2013 Chicago, Hollywood, Indiana, Liverpool, London, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Love your site! Just wanted to send a quick post, wondering what you thought of the new reality show “Chasing The Saturdays” on “E!”… Also “would you” with any of the women? I thought Mollie seemed your type!

The show is terrible. I’m not sure which one is Mollie, but the one I’m most attracted to is the short haired brunette… I think her name is Frank or something? Her eyes are next level.- nik

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Whiting Trash

February 6, 2013 Chicago, Indiana 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this right here is Heather Soltis. She has to be one of the dirtiest girls from the scum of Whiting Indiana. She acts like a good Christian but if she was would she be sending pictures like this to every guy she claims to care about so much. She continously lets guys use her and then wonders why they want nothing to do with her in the end. She’s done the dirty with half the town. She’s 21 and is doing nothing with her life except busting down for any guy that says something “sweet” it’s time this hoe gets exposed!! Want to bust a quick nut? Find her on facebook she’s DTF anytime.

Keeping her clothes on would do her a lot of good (It’d at least downsize her head).- nik

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Craiglist Girls Of Bloomington

February 1, 2013 Columbus, Indiana, Indianapolis 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I never thought I would post something like this about another person, or feel it needed to be done, but this Craigslist call girl/sug[removed]/seeking arrangement posing as a good girl and having morals needs to be exposed for what she Is and has done. Meet Margo Husky, a 23 year old trailer trash predator that I met under strictly platonic. Within two weeks of knowing her, talks of getting serious and her moving in came into play, with her bringing up if we get serious, she needed to sell her nasty ass trailer and move into the custom home I have built on five acres of land that is paid for in full, no loans. This girl has serious daddy/male trust issues, and acts as if everything should just be handed to her. If you don’t bend or break to her will, you are disrespecting her, and the guilt trip and claims your not a man follow from her mouth. Complete princess complex! She is a sloppy drunk, that does crazy shit when she drinks with her skanky ass friend that is 27. She Is employed as a care provider with a company that is funded through the state for people that need assisted living. She is always late for work, sleeps on the job, because she is to concerned with the party life and her fake ass loser friends, and yet she professes how important her job is to her. I call Bullshit! Margo has two big dogs that stay in her flea infested trailer, pissing and shitting on the carpets or anywhere they need to go because she works 13 hours shifts every other week, off one, on one, well sleeps around a hour of it after showing up late daily by a hour or so….leaves early, claims hours she didn’t work on her time sheet…. There is a 2′layer of dog hair on floors, counters, in glasses, on dishes, EVERYTHING from months on end of her not cleaning! I wasn’t even able to get to cleaning out the fridge while I was there for two days, milk dated back to Oct. 2nd, growing shit in it, (it was Jan.14th when I was there helping her) OJ that was brown from being in there so long! The stove was covered in mouse shit under when lift up the cover to clean underneath it, like three pounds of shit, candy wrappers….etc. etc! In the oven there was this pan i sent a pic in of, it had been in there for like 6 months! Its to bad for me that I didn’t go to her place before we had sex, while cleaning everything on the Island hood vat, she had her herpes meds right in plan view for everyone to see!!! She is gonna make a great mother one day! 4 months into our so called serious relationship, she informs me she is pregnant. At this point she had already moved out 3 times of my home… and while we was split up for a over three weeks, no sex between us from Oct. 20th-Nov. 17th , she had texted me on Nov. 11th, claiming she was on a date with a guy, and planned on fucking him that night, later telling me she said it just to hurt me, and she lied about it. We get back together on Nov. 18th and come Dec. 11th she has missed her period. This girl claims she wants a life with me, but as she starts telling me things about herself, I start to see what she is really after, a daddy figure to take care of her every need and is a selfish ass ho that is after one thing! [removed-get to the point..]

Looks like a fire hazard.- nik

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