Hoosiers At Their Finest

September 19, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think the picture speaks for itself. GO HOOSIERS!

Indiana looks like a campus I’d like to visit.- nik

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So Much For Tailgating At Indiana University

September 7, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so pissed. I’m a sophomore here at Indiana University, and the administration has officially gone off the deep end by BANNING handles of hard liquor at the tailgate field. IFC Vice President of Communications William Kragie says that the banning it was done in an attempt to “re-brand the Greek experience at IU.”  They are claiming that the presence of liquor on the tailgate field was considered a “dangerous tailgate practice.” Dean of Students Harold Goldsmith also chimed in by said that the traditional tailgate experience, “wasn’t a very positive atmosphere…I was asked what would improve the image of the greek community on-campus.” Consequences for violating the no handles rule will include police intervention. WTF Nik, I mean I guess it’s still cool that they’ll still allow us to keep our beer, but what gives them the right to take away our jungle juice?!!!

Beer is for fat people. Without Jack how is a man supposed to grow?- nik

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If Anyone Can Help Out Here, It’s The Dirty Army

July 25, 2012 Detroit, Dirty Army Strong, Indiana, The Dirty 33

If Anyone Can Help Out Here, It's the Dirty Army....

If Anyone Can Help Out Here, It's the Dirty Army....

If Anyone Can Help Out Here, It's the Dirty Army....

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need your help. I really think the Dirty Army could provide some important info that could tremendously help here. PLEASE NIK, be a hero. I think you posted something about Lauren Spierer going missing from Indiana University last summer after a night partying with friends. Refresher- the story from her “friends” is that she left one apartment building to head home at 4:15 AM (without keys or a phone), and was never heard from or seen again. Her roommate, HADAR TAMIR, (who many in Bloomington suspect knows more than she’s telling because this sounds suspicious,) said Lauren used JAY ROSENBAUM’s phone at 4:15 am to make a call to another friend asking where her phone was (how would Hadar know Lauren made the call? She wasn’t there? Obv she’s covering for Jay making an incriminating call) ANYWAYS….everybody knows Jason “Jay” Rosenbaum, a POI is directly involved with Lauren’s disappearance. He moved back home to the West Bloomfield area in Michigan right after Lauren went missing, and isn’t saying anything. Apparantly he had a couple friends from home visiting him there at the time or something, and they were using cocaine that night, like many other nights. It would add up that Lauren OD’ed on c*ke (she was high out of her mind that night telling people at a bar how loaded on coke she was), and the guys dumped her body instead of calling 911 because their coke dealers/friends are very well known drug distributors for these rich, jewish party kids at IU, and they could all get in A LOT of trouble for what would be discovered if Lauren was found, having OD-ed on coke. The guy said to have provided the coke is ZACH OAKES (convicted felon, dealer, the one who punched another POI Corey Rossman that night). I’ve heard Zach’s friend/fellow coke dealer ARJUN BABU had access to a car similar to the one captured driving around the block many times at 4:15 that morning when Lauren “went missing.” Makes sense those two would help in getting rid of her. PLEASE DIRTY ARMY—- give us some dirt on this situation, what you know of Zach and Hadar….. and most importantly, outside of Bloomington, I KNOW in West Bloomfield/Bloomfield Hills, MI where Jay Rosenbaum is hiding out there’s a ring of R.I.C.H kids knees deep in cocaine who MUST KNOW SOMETHING, or have some dirt to give up. People, you know he’s a giant dirtbag- please stop defending and lying for that spoiled prick who’s hiding behind his daddy’s money.

My guess is that this is more than a 1 man crime. Everyone is covering up for someone in desperate survival mode… a party with multiple people tied to a drug ring. DA if you have any info to crack this crime please come forward.- nik

Also See: Help Find Our Friend Lauren Spierer

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Jessica Marie Pierson Thinks Its Cute To Cut Herself And Post On FB

July 25, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik- this is jessica marie pierson and her wanna be purple crayon “husband” – ya right. as if anyone would ACTUALLY wife that up. she basically has no life and sits on her fat ass posting about how she wants her “man”, quote “deep inside” her. she also makes a habit of rubbing peoples dead infants in their face, when it was actually her who overdosed her OWN child on nyquil. way to go mother of the year . she also likes to make little kitten like scratches on her wrists and post them for sympathy. she just randomly added me and it was entertaining at first but i cant take it anymore and the world needs a constant reminder of what she is. trash. a terrible mom. and a raging slore. youve gotta really wonder what drugs theyre on when you browse their fbs though thats for certain! oh and apparently shes somehow in the military which i seriously doubt because she couldnt pass 10 seconds into the psych eval!

It’s sad when a person’s whole life becomes a cry for help on Facebook.- nik

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Since She Wants The Attention

May 25, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty, Would You? 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so everyone out here wants to know. Would you, with this chick. Her name is Falon Robinson and she is 23, this girl claims to be “Indiana’s hottest”. Yet, funny, she’s got a punk for a boyfriend, who treats her like sh*t. Which is probably why she stays with him. Also, I find it hilarious how much make up this chick feels the need to slop all over her face, on the daily. Plus, I might mention her little “creep” section on her facebook, dedicated to every guy who ever messged her. Putting them on blast. (Even the not so creeper ones.) Attention starvation, much?

Answer: NO, her nose is very dominate and her eyes are the type that would get cross-eyed with good sex (which makes my dizzy, cross-eyed sex is like wearing 3-D glasses without the 3-D movie and I hate closing my eyes during the process).

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What Is Going On In Atlanta, Jeanine Kraus

May 8, 2012 Atlanta, Indiana 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jeanine Kraus, just another Atlanta club wh*re that f*cks pretty much whoever she feels at the time. Openly admits to only f*cking guys with money so she can keep her little Kate Spade bags new. This chic will be seen wearing tutus out at clubs or you can catch her in the bathroom at Tounge and Groove on Thursdays sniffing coke with the owner. She will get one guy then f*ck him and move to the next one. She has a great personality so be careful falling for this one because once she gets the greg its on to the next one for her. Driving all over town to live the good life with dudes who are willing to give her a taste. This girl will go days without eating just so she can keep her gut in check. Hot chic, decent p*ssy, and long legs. Just dont check the scars on her legs because they came from being drunk and totaling her car and having to get metal rods put in her legs. Should be an easy catch for you guys that have a little money and and canget her drunk.

Isn’t she too old and fat to be in the club scene?- nik

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The Swine From The Midwest

April 23, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Indiana, Indianapolis 24

The swine from the midwest.

The swine from the midwest.

The swine from the midwest.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch is the biggest scumbag whore on the face of the earth. This thing goes by the name is Shannon Pitrowski. She is fat as f*ck and has the loosest p*ssy on the whole Indiana State campus, said by several of her male victims. As you can tell by the images this h*e could never get a guy to willingly have sexual intercourse with her soberly so she takes advantage of them by getting them belligerent drunk, and then f*cking them. Horror stories of her roast beef p*ssy have spread all around campus. Shannon will do ANYTHING in her power for attention. Anything from making herself vomit after some meals telling everyone about her “bulimia” problem, she obviously DOES not have, to her talking about her animals at home licking peanut butter off of her turkey gobbler, roast beef, loose pussy. She seems to have a circle of friends everywhere she goes, whether its back in her dump of a town she is from or on campus where this swine attends college. These “friends” of hers bow down to her, and look at her as a “representation of a good image”. Mostly, they feel bad for her, but otherwise they do it because they live in fear that she may consume them if she were to ever get in a fight with them, so people tend to stay on her good side. When any drugs or alcohol are in her systems she uses that as an excuse to justify her foul behavior. Such as taking shi*s in the parking lot of her dorm nearly every time she is under the influence. When she is on her period she will take her tampon out of her repulsive v*gina and throw it wherever she pleases in public. This pathetic excuse for a human being needs to renounce the vile lifestyle she is living.

She looks like if Miss Piggy and an Oompa Loompa had a child.- nik

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She Thinks She Is Perfect

April 21, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty 11

Shaniqua MONTOYA

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she is the best thing around.  Mean to everyone and always acting like she is the best.  She thinks she is perfect, but she is far from it.  She needs to step up her armpit game.

Looks like someone lasered their pit. Now if we could only LaserAway her freckles.- nik

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