Indiana | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Indiana Brooke Presser

December 3, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis 247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, Brooke Presser, aka “Madison Avenue” at the Bunny Ranch & Dancers, is a con artist. We have to warn the public so she doesn’t spread drds to more men. She sells her services on and then volunteers at Kingsway CHRISTIAN CHURCH! The same church that wouldn’t allow “Bad Ass Coffee” in Avon, Indiana because the name was immoral. She recently had her THIRD child by the THIRD guy, never been married. Where is the 2nd child? Given away like Thanksgiving leftovers. Luckily she gave him up for adoption though, because she has severely neglected the first child. Her first born has been the victim of abuse at the hands of her drug dealer ex boyfriend, Lindsey, & his drunk pedophile uncle. Lindsey allowed the abuse in exchange for pills. This happened over Christmas while Brooke was at the Bunny Ranch working. Left her kid to be abused on the holidays. The 2nd child is the luckiest kid alive to be spared the same fate by being given up for adoption. She brags about breast feeding the third child with her freakishly large nipples, but EEWW aren’t those the SAME nipples she uses in her prostitution career? YUCK! She has robbed people to fuel her vicodin addiction, worked as a stripper (got fired for sex in the back room), craigslist prostitute, Bunny Ranch hooker, & she regularly logs on to SeekingArrangement looking for new guys to steal from and infect with her herpes. I feel bad for her boyfriend, the father of her third baby, because he has no clue what a monster she is. Look at her last log in date on SeekingArrangement! YESTERDAY! RUN! RUN and take the baby with you! Nik, PLEASE warn the public & her third child’s father! Not sure why she didn’t just abort the baby or give it up for adoption like the others. SO SAD!

I think that’s a doll sucking her teet but I put a heart just incase.  I also think we’d all like to see you in more then a tie, please and thank you.- nik

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Samenthia Smith/Coco

November 13, 2012 Chicago, Indiana 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is a slut butt, a COMPULSIVE LIAR and may be mentally challenged, she travels from state to state indiana (where she lives with her mom,and stepdad) at the age of 22, she is unemployed,was a call girl but in denial &has no girlfriends because she always gets caught tryna sleep with their men,she makes up stories to the cops like someone is hurting her,playing the victim and is addicted to datehookup, you can find her under black_mamba88 she is a scary bitch that cant fight her own battles & has her mommy call people for her! i know of guys she f%#ked in my house!

Put your wig back on, that hair is nasty.- nik

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Royal Douche: Get The Word Out

November 7, 2012 Indiana, Indianapolis 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guys name is Kyle Smith. You can meet him on Plentyoffish, etc. He’s a major douche that lies about everything and plays chicks. He plays multiple chicks at a time, has 2 felonies but doesn’t tell girls he got out of prison in April, and he has drd and doesn’t tell anyone. His parents confirmed he’s had it for years after one of his girls ended up with it. He sends naked pictures of himself to multiple girls and talks them into sending him some then uses them as blackmail and sells them on the internet for money. He also loves to use the words “I love you” and talk about marriage. Uses his kids to try to help him pray on single mothers. He’s also one for sending girls videos of the same songs to help them fall for his games faster. He’s truly not a good guy and if confronted on his games/lying he denies everything (except that he knows the other girls)..

Next time you take a picture of yourself you should do it in a non-moldy area of the house.- nik

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October 17, 2012 Indiana, Pittsburgh 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: shes a liar a cheater and she doesn’t care who she hurts watch out for this one yeah she maybe fun to ride but id even be afraid to do that she gets around a cummunity bike if you will..

Is that a wallpaper couch?- nik

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Dirty Old Photographer

October 10, 2012 Dirty Business, Indiana, Indianapolis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik love your site but this guy miles fork is a rap*st hed lure young girls teenage girls in to do over provocative photo shoots telling them he was gonna make then famous and drugging and rapping them and then come to find out he did it to his own daughter what a scum bag put him on blast nik so he cant hurt no one else .

I’m sure he’ll argue it was a daughter in law…- nik

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Glorified Doorman

October 4, 2012 Chicago, Dirty Predator, Indiana 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…put this this skinny punk on blast. This kid works the door at a cool club in chi-town and is bringing down its enitre image. he claims to get “mad ho’s” hes 33 years old and is one of the biggest 30k millionaires out there. He try’s to throw his weight around with the little power he has three nights a week…he either got picked on a lot as a kid or has some serious daddy issues. On top of it Nik, this predator lured my friend out to dinner at Maestros and his credit card was denied! Please put this lame ass kid on blast so maybe the club will change it’s policies! This kid needs to learn it’s cool to be nice!

20k, don’t give a doorman too much credit.- nik

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Hoosiers At Their Finest

September 19, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think the picture speaks for itself. GO HOOSIERS!

Indiana looks like a campus I’d like to visit.- nik

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So Much For Tailgating At Indiana University

September 7, 2012 Indiana, The Dirty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so pissed. I’m a sophomore here at Indiana University, and the administration has officially gone off the deep end by BANNING handles of hard liquor at the tailgate field. IFC Vice President of Communications William Kragie says that the banning it was done in an attempt to “re-brand the Greek experience at IU.”  They are claiming that the presence of liquor on the tailgate field was considered a “dangerous tailgate practice.” Dean of Students Harold Goldsmith also chimed in by said that the traditional tailgate experience, “wasn’t a very positive atmosphere…I was asked what would improve the image of the greek community on-campus.” Consequences for violating the no handles rule will include police intervention. WTF Nik, I mean I guess it’s still cool that they’ll still allow us to keep our beer, but what gives them the right to take away our jungle juice?!!!

Beer is for fat people. Without Jack how is a man supposed to grow?- nik

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