Kansas | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Crystal Wilkerson

May 14, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Crystal Wilkerson if u haven’t already. Let’s get started… first off your are the most ugliest person inside and out. You only care about urself. Your a SNITCH! You helped k**l Denise Streeter and u walk away with clean hands. She probably sucked and fcked the prosecutor. You are a nasty slut who sucks dick for dope. She will do ANYTHING to take a hit off that glass pipe. You take your 12 year old daughter to dope houses and if she’s not with u, then you drop her off with ANYONE. LIKE I SAID SHE COULD GIVE A.FCK LESS ABOUT ANYONE ELSE BESIDES HER DAMN SELF. Shes a liar and a manipulator. Shell fck whoever for a rock. Someone needs to set ur ass straight. U don’t deserve ur kids. Ur the BIGGEST P.O.S … and she will NEVER amount to shit. U R a lazy c(m guzzling slut. Want a fck? CRYSTAL WILKERSON WANTS ANY DICK AND EVERY DICK. FAKE ASS BITCH! KC’S BIGGEST DOPE WHORE!

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Horn boy Alex

May 7, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet alex aka aj aka dope boy. Cheats on his fake wife abuse’ s women and hands out drd’s . This guy is a real nut job . When he is not watching or making porn he is getting high and screw anything with or without legs. No he won’t tell you about the herpis or other drd’s and once he passes it to you he will get crazy. . Also is a stalker carries a gun and robs the weak he also is a closet racist but his fake wife and children are black this guy will do anything for a peace of ass and a pill . He lives in his grandmas basement oh my what a dump when I was dateing him he wanted me to live there with him but after seeing the things in his phone the warts on his body and what he does with his dog I was out of there . I should of left sooner before he passed me his drd dumb me now he is stalking me and other women that he has met online . He will tell you he is not with his wife that she is a whore or to just keep it a secret but don’t fall for it as I did his wife is a fat black lady no offence I am not a racist but even she don’t deserve what he is dishing out . Ladies hold on to your money and med cabinet this guy is a real peace of work he won’t use a condom he will lick and screw anything and will beat you physically he has caused my family a lot of grief because I Won’t nothing to do with him after I found out the things I did. He will try and get you to send nude pics he will try to get you high and make porn and he will give you drd’ s that you can not get rid of just ask around about alex rye and anyone in Wichita will tell you he is a phyco druggie stalker meth/coke head that will ruin your life in everyway he can . He also will send you pics of his small penis but wont show his tummy because his wife name is tattooed on it . Sorry Carly it’s time you know the truth about your fake perv of a husband … Nik any words on this bumb??

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Cassie Cormacks Never Satisfied

April 1, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 26

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cassie Cormack. She is a whore that can’t get enough dick, so she sends naked selfies to guys other than her boyfriend that she lives with. If it has a hard cock then this girl will be on it in no time. She’ll take it however you gI’ve it her: no holes barred.

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Greg Lover Jackie

April 1, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 7

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this whore is Jackie she’s a dirty bitch that fuks who whenever everyone been in da hoe and out. Her pussy smells like fish that’s y she has so many cats lmao. She would suck dick for anyone who takes her pics for nudes to make her more famous in being a easy slut she is. This girl which looks like a dude thinks everyone is jealous of her sloor. She don’t have titts or a ass. She does crack up the ass that’s why she’s so skinny and is a carrier of a*ds so fellas watch out go to the clinic.

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Witch Ashlie Delorge

March 31, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet the poser ‘real witch’ slore, Ashlie Delorge. She’s constantly talking down on someone and seems to too easily forget about her splattering nudes across the internet not too long ago.. Well, about 100 lbs ago. Apparently shes a witch, with real ‘powers’ and everyone else needs to stop faking. These days, instead of sucking every dick within 10 feet, she’s piling on pounds of makeup and SELLING used makeup full price and people actually buy it. Not to mention her horse of a boyfriend.

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Tim Stribling

March 12, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy Tim is definitely one of the nicest guys I have ever known! His intelligence will blow your mind if you can keep up with what he says. He is also a great loving father to his three sons. I went threw alot of set backs in life but could always count on Tim to make me smile if not help me up. If I had not been stupid stuck on my ex I would have proposed to this sexy intelligent man myself!! I miss you Tim!!

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The Definition of Recidivism: Glen Cusimano

March 10, 2014 Kansas, Kansas City 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Kansas City (P&L district), I’m pretty sure that several of you have been informed about Mr.Cusimano’s recent ordeal against the P&L district by the local media and/or friends. This 40 year old “child” is nothing but a looser BIG TIME. His recent allegations against Cordish are ridiculous. He possesses an extensive criminal background including a federal charge for wire fraud (which he server 9 months in prison) and outstanding warrant for his arrest for fraud in Greene County, MO. He is what I term a “low-life shemale (masculine outside-feminine inside) gold digger”. I have personally witnessed Mr.Cusimano getting physically aggressive with patrons both African American and whites at Mosaic lounge on numerous occasions. He is an old man who has absolutely nothing going for his life and wants his financial looses to be reimbursed my people (tax payers) who have actually worked hard in a law abiding fashion to get to where they are now. This guys is a wanna be gangster/pro-boxer. He hangs around with dreadful individual such as Jonny Causevic. At this time, most of the negativity that is taking place at P&L (Rockbar, Mosaic, Hotel and Tengo Sed) are due to people assigned to management positions who have minimum experience on how to run a nightclub (The two faced Ron Martin, crippled Brain Collins, and heavy accent Carlos Falcon). I have visited all of these places multiple times and noticed that the employees who work at these clubs have little to no skills in the hospitality industry whatsoever. Lastly, I believe that Mr. Cusimano given his “checkered” background (which is public at Case.net) knew about this “rabbit” operation for a particular time frame and even participate fully in these incidents. I think that he feels disappointed and betrayed at Cordish by about the way he was terminated. As a result of Mr.Cusimano loosing his job as Manager and “Security Chief” at Mosaic he feels the need to get back at Cordish by revealing to the public what he witnessed at Mosaic as an employee. He should have quit immediately after he felt uncomfortable with the policies & procedures of the nightclub instead of waiting after he got fired to make his claim public.

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Meet Mrs. Asbell

March 3, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik… let me introduce Mrs. Asbell shes not even twenty-one with two kids who are watched by everyone who come in her home. Her and Ryan are married” but she likes to take time out and fck his bestfriends why he is out of town. She even became roomates with his bestfriend Cody and tried to get pregnant by him. she thinks that she is tough hiding behind the internet and talking shit but how can you kiss your kids with that mouth we all know where its been

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