Kansas | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Military Wives

October 10, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I live in a small town in Kansas. I’ve always been the artsy type..painting, photography…while most other guys around here were more jocky. Tons of guys joined the millitary after high school and now almost all of them are in Iraq. They send letters home saying how proud they are of their wives and how it must be hard for them to deal with their husbands being away. Well do you know how they deal with it? They fck me. Thats right. While you are away getting your ass hot off I’m shooting myself off in your wifes ass. Thank God for George Bush and Obama. I have about 4 wives I’m currently fcking because of his great leadership. I voted republican this year and then promptly went to a shipped off wives’s home and came in her mouth.

Not something to brag about.  You may have just shot yourself in the foot as they say.- nik

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Olathe Ice Queen

October 3, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: My ex April Paulino or Clark or wanna be guidette rat face is a old fat whore. She post up all over facebook posing in the mirror. Spend my child support on bebe & armani & drive around in her audi so she can be a slut & I aint even afford my own place. She think she a classy and act stuck up but she just a player. Now this bitch want to get me for more child support. She never worked a day in her life. She fcks guys for money. She played me the entire time we were together. She homie hopped all my dudes. She ask for threesomes and always go to pnl to cheat and got aids from an ugly little brazer named rabbit. She wit a little mexican brazer midget that wear the same size shoe as my five yr old son. He a dumbass she cheat on him all the time. I hear she fucked all the guys at golds gym. She like douchebags thats her kind of guy. She easy if you want a quick piece of ass. You can find her being a whore at saints with her big fat friend Sheila or at pnl in the city with her horseface mexican friend. She give it up easy to any guy that want it if you buy her a drink and gel your hair. Dont fall in love she will play you. She got no heart she evil!! Now she not let me see my son. She cant take him away from me. She dirty!! She got one son take away already and killed his father & got away with it. She stuck on me and my ex. She want be her but she too busy getting drunk and being a whore and making herself look easy. Grow up April dont worry bout me I got what i wanted

Looks like her and her friend just got in a fight.- nik

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Devin Reber The Tough Guy

September 3, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Devin Reber. He is a tough guy for sure. This little bitch robbed my house and stole a bunch of stuff from me and my 12 yr old son. Playstation, all our games, most of the electronics and sons coin collection. I called and offered to forget about it if he brought my stuff back because i respected a mutual person (which told me he robbed me in the first place) but he told me fck off and hung up. Sooo i called my cop buddy and he did six years for the burglary. Im sure that he wasnt too tough inside either. Would love to see him out and about in the city.

Giving yourself a chinstrap is just asking for trouble.- nik

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Little Boy At Heart

August 26, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is TERRIONNE MCDANIEL, A FAKE WANNABE “GANGSTER” ha ha ha . He likes to take things from people, because he doesen’t have any nice things of his own. His breath stank so bad smells like the sewage! This is what a certified Kansas City LOSER looks like bwahaha. He is NASTY and will transmit diseases, stay away from this LOSER, he will put up a front like he’s a good guy, but then rob you like it’s something cool to do LMFAO. This is what you call  TRASH. I feel sorry for his baby momma cuz this nasty ass nigga would allways cheat on her, pretty pathedic. He does not have a car nor does he have his own place. He doesent have anything at all but drugs he steals from people. He thinks he’s some hustler but really he AIN’T SHIT! It’s true, he is discusting. Ladies STAY AWAY FROM THIS WANNABE THUG LITTLE BOY, he will be a LOSER for the rest of his life! He thinks hes cool and will act like it, untill you get to know him and then you’l see that he’s a piece of dirty shit that uses good people. Guys like this deserve to be in prison or the dumpster along with everybody else’s trash haha. Stay away from this fruitcake loser weirdo, he don’t have a good head on his shoulders, he’s too crcked out on drugs and K2.

Still hanging out around schoolsI see.- nik

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Fake Fighter

August 22, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the kansas city woman beater “francisco granados”. This man is 23 years old and acts like a little kid. Francisco also likes to be seen as a “cage fighter ” , as you can see the tapout tattoo, but he doesnt even train for it, he wants to be seen as a big guy. He is thr biggest peice of shit ive ever seen, when he has a girlfriend living with him he fcks around with other females. francisco thinks hes big shot, but he doesnt have his own car , and he lives with his parents and hes almost 24. Pathetic. this man is crazy , he set up a fake facebook profile and was trying to talk to his ex . He also braggs about how many females he sleeps with, hes slept with, how many francisco ? I remember actually around 30. This man needs to be known around for his pathetic behavior and life. Ladies watch out for him, hell ruin your life.

Fake sponsor tats don’t make you a fighter, just a free billboard.- nik

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Fake Buttaface

August 21, 2013 Dirty Horses, Kansas, Kansas City 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nasty FAke Fake Fake. The pretty girl who is a raving bitch and always complaining about something.The brunette is great, but the blonde is going to wind up living a very lonely life.

She would come in handy during the hoiday season (cracking nuts).- nik

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Slorely Kapp

August 20, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 30

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THE DIRTY ARMY: (I decided to submit another post to you about this girl because whoever submitted her a couple months ago did a horrible job at describing her & chose photos that the photographer had rights to so they had to remove) ALSO SEE Am I the only one that does not understand the perpetual need for attention that Girls like Harley Kapp are so desperate for? Who the hell does she think she’s kidding? Just by looking at her you can see that she is clearly the definition of dirty white trash. She thinks she’s so special and that everyone should love her, when in reality it’s quite obvious she has no friends and only has a boyfriend because he’s also a worthless piece of trash. You moved here from Tampa, Florida in attempt to escape the shitty life you’d created for yourself only to recreate it possibly even worse. Let me just get into a few of the reasons this girl should just give up and stop bothering the world: – She is a stripper, and Ie heard on numerous occasions she was so desperate for money that she let guys finger her while she gave them lap dances. What a good way to show your boyfriend how much you love him right? – She’s been ran OUT of numerous strip clubs because how dirty & disgusting she is. “Customers complained about her questionable hygiene and scary face, and she was very arrogant and rude to all of the other girls.” “Pretty sure she got run out of Babydolls in Topeka. I worked with her for one night at another club and she never came back because she heard a girl she knew from Babydolls worked there. You can’t hide forever. Sad when everywhere you go people know your reputation. Maybe try leaving the country.” “She got run out of Whispers in Basehor as well.” ^all comments from the first post about her, and I do know she has worked at all those clubs and for a fact I know she was kicked out of babydolls, she called a friend of mine to come get her while I was with her. – While dating her current boyfriend she slept with Tattoo Artist Sean Harty from Skin Illustrations, the very same day he tattooed her. She went home with him and slept with him. I know only one person really knew about this and they gave me every right to tell who ever I wanted to tell, So I’ve decided you’re the best to tell. – She does lots of Cocaine, Heroin, Smokes weed, and drinks alcohol nearly all day even if it is 11am. I feel like someone who does heroin and cocaine should be much thinner. – I’ve heard from more than one person that she would put peanut butter on her pssy & then make her dog lick it off. What kind of sick pathetic excuse for a human does that to an animal? (apparently the dog ran away while she was out of town stripping in another state and she never found it nor even tried to return home to look, i hope it found a new home) – This girl claims originality, and runs an online store. at first glance her stuff seems cool, unless you know the people she follows on instagram or her old roommate. and then you quickly realize that everything on her store is a copy of someone elses product that she’s tried to make hippie-style. – She pretends she’s this fashion princess but overtime I see her post all I can think of is a little girl whose mother let her dress herself for the first time. – She is a compulsive liar. she will make things up, then go back on that story and say something else, then try to combine the two stories into one to make it sound more convincing & I do honestly believe she is so delusional that she has began to believe the lies she tells. – She also has a habit of pretending she’s suicidal online for attention. claims she has mental disorders for attention. news flash. that’s not cute. – Drives an unregistered, untagged car while having a DUI. need I say more? Sorry this is relatively jumbled & all over the place, I just felt like making a few points, what’s sad is there’s probably a list 10 times longer than this full of things that I have forgotten, But i leave that up to commenters to add their own personal experience with her. This girl needs serious help. Probably that will never be provided to her because how self obsessed & special she thinks she is. But maybe this post will make some people see her true colours.

You wouldn’t recognize her or her gender if she took off her wig.- nik

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KC’S Local Trash

July 30, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check it out. These two hookers have became friends. Both of them are prostitutes, Mackenzie Quivors and Ciera, which she goes by CeCe Da Mac. They must have became friends thru prostituting themselves, how sad. KC got some good females, but these 2 are not at all on the list. They are low-lifes and will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for a little bit of money. They like m*th and weed and both are dirty drunks. They are so “high on life” that they are taking it up the anal, and getting ran thru but ANYBODY it don’t matter who you are, they are DESPERATE for money. I know it is PATHEDIC. These trashy losers are going to wake up to reality one day when their drdS turn into ** and they are laying on their death bed. You can find both of them on facebook proudly embracing the fact that they are PROSTITUTES and HOES. Poor girls will do ANYTHING for money. All the men I know who know both of these girls, call them skanks and dirty dumbass hoes. Its pretty funny that they actually think they are “something”. Sorry but round here PROSTITUTES are only laughed at, not respected at all. You can find them bouncin around hotels, getting 1000+ dicks all up in their nasty bodies. What a shame, they do not value themselves. Well Nik, here you have it..The joke of KC and LV.

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