Johnson County Tag-Team Champions

March 26, 2013 Cougars, Kansas, Kansas City 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to the current reigning Johnson County Sloots Tag-team Champions, Kim and Christi! What can I say about these two that hasn’t already been said around town? Kim and Christi have been going at it for years and if youve ever been to the Johnson County bar scene you’ve most likely seen these two Jezebelles in action! You can find these two harlets at Mac’s Sports Pub if not Saints Pub and sometimes Ugly Joes. They’re always hanging onto every guys tubesteaks in hopes of getting free drinks. They’re heavy smokers and it shows by the reek of ashtray when you get near them and the aged wrinkly skin that sags below their ribs. All you have to do to get these sloots in bed is buy them some drinks and take them out to Ihop so they can stuff their faces with pancakes, sausage links and belgian waffles which would explain their unproportionate waistlines and beer guts. They are not picky at all with the types of guys they fuck they even love the purple crayon. But if you do pick them you might be dissapointed because their shit smells like fish and they certainly lay there like fish on their backs. These two sluts have kids that their baby daddies take on the weekends and sometimes during the week so they can party hardcore! These two have passed around their share of drd’s to the public and have spare amounts of amoxcylion laying around the house for that purpose! If one gets something, the other one does too because they like to share guys. Kim has been known to be a psycho girlfriend and stalks her ex’s and drunk texts them in the middle of the night and she completely forgets what she said or did the night before because she gets so faded. Christy dates guys and moves in with them just so they can pay her way and when she’s done with them she gets the law involved and lies to get them to kick him out resulting in his felony charges. These two hoebags will do anything to get what they want and if they don’t they will try to ruin your life. Kim got a job as a project coordinator without a degree or any experience and Im pretty sure she sucked some cocks to get that job. These two love drama and are as two-faced as they come even with their own friends! Who needs enemies when you have friends like these Nik? These two are always compaining on Facebook about how no guys ever take them seriously and that they cant find love but what do they expect when they cant even remember what they did the previous night? Kim has a boyfriend now but they poor guy is unwary of what Kim’s reputations is all about and he will find out very soon what she’s capable of. Nik please put these dynamic sloot duo on here so everyone who doesnt already know about them in Jo County will have a fighting chance to run and avoid Chlamydia! If anyone insists on taking the risk, I suggest double wrapping their jimmies and bringing a can of lysol with them!

It puts the sweater back on!- nik

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KC Reeses

March 13, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 3

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this female, Michelle Reese, is the nastiest sloot in kc. She sleeps with everybody and anybody. She says she loves a guy after one day which is absurd. She thinks her sh*t dont stink, but in reality shes fugly! Shes always posting stuff all over fb about how she misses her kids, but doesnt take the time to go see them. Oh ya she doesnt have custody of her three kids nor gives a f*ck to ever have custody of them. All day she pops pills, smokes weed, and drinks with her bff tiffany smith, which is as useless as her. This b*tch claims to be the realest around, but will thro you under the bus any day. Like come on your 34 grow up you nasty sloot! So for all you men if you want an easy female Michelle is the one to go to. She opens her crusty legs to everybody. .

That mirror seems to have lost its reflection..- nik

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Dirtiest Girl In Overland Park

March 5, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 99

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl’s name is Karli (of course any girl with a name ending in i is a slut) and I’m pretty sure she goes to KU. She is hands down one of the dirtiest girls I’ve ever met.. has fcked at LEAST 15 guys and she’s only 18 and she brags about it openly. I saw her at a party once and she was so drunk she was showing everyone her playboy bunny tattoo on her pussy.. which hangs like sleeve of wizard. She has a new set of friends every 2 months because thats how long people can tolerate her for. She is constantly black out drunk and either crying, taking her clothes off, or trying to fight people. She thinks she’s the hottest shit to ever grace Overland Park because she has huge tits, but I’ve seen her take her clothes off and those suckers hang down to her hips and she has huge pepperoni ass nipples. She will take ANY drug you hand to her even without knowing what it is and will fuck anything with a dick. I’m not kidding she doesn’t care if the guy is in a relationship.. if the attention is not on her she will do ANYTHING to get everyone paying attention to her. Her mom is a photographer and thinks her daughter is just the most beautiful person ever and takes pictures of her in her slutty ass outfits where her tits are hanging out and lets her have parties where everyone is underage drinking. I also heard that she recently drunkenly wrecked her nice ass lexus and got a brand new car… typical OP spoiled slut. PLEASE NIK SHE NEEDS TO BE PUT ON BLAST!!!! This girl needs a wake up call!

That guys biting down on all bra.- nik

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Dude Is Way Too Old

March 4, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy Wayne Hunt keeps coming over my house getting on my nerves. He keeps talking about how much of a Gangster he is and that he just got out of Federal prison. I think he still thinks he is a kid he even has his own teenage son thinking the same fantasy reality as if we live in some kind of gang world or something. He tries to act like he is some kind of drug dealer or something always acting like he is on his phone trying to set up some kind of drug deal thats going to change the future or something lame if you ask me. This dude is just sad and he talks too much about stuff. Real gangsters don’t make it to see 21 and they don’t run their mouths all day like little girls either. OG Bobby Johnson wouldn’t raise his son to act like a jackass and he was a real OG.

He sells baseball caps…nuff said.- nik

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The Dirt Kind and Queen

March 1, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik These Two Uneducated Escorting dirtss walk around this hurt bag city F**cking & sucking every Tom , Dick, and Harry , Dont forget their cousins Tim, Joe and Peter. Shaylynn & teola act like they got class when they’re really 18 & their pssys are already worn out . Teola is NASTYYYY .WE ALL KNOW THIS . she looks like a transvestite (Jeffree Star) to be exact, her celebrity look alilke idol . She has a sour belly that looks like its frowning, probably stinks like left over cottage cheese from all the loads shot in there, dont mistake that big hole for her loose pussy boysssssss . And those crusty pink pants you always see her in, baby daddy cant afford to buy you some new pants or what ? haha oooops.. forgot he spends all his snich fundss on his puddle smoking habbit . Shaylynn thinks she’s a model , get the fuck outta here this chubby midget thinks she’s the next MIss August when she looks constipated from all the dick she takes up the ass trading for iphone or laptops .. not to mention these are all serious junkies pregnant or not. Theres no denying it now these hoes are up on backpage selling their ass. Shaylynn selling it for pocket money on her trip hoping shell make it in playboy & Teola selling it cuz she too lazy to get a job & with baby daddy kyle gone now she gotta make it on her own with a FAS baby on the way.. LIKE MOTHER LIKE CHILD . dont you think it would be smart to get on birth control ? Teola you should correct your backpage add because im sure burnette should be spelt BRUNETTE.

Tats send porta pot dreams out the window.- nik

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Mike Tawater Dirty Stalker

February 13, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introduce this scum bag Mike Tawater the Home wrecker. Mike works at a company called Job squad in Wichita that is supposed to be helping unemployed people find jobs. When I say work it more entails him going and preying on young women at the bars, or harrassing women he works with. Mike has stalking charges, restraining order, and has been caught having sex in a car with a married woman. But his greatest accomplishment is taking advantage of women in unhappy relationships, making them feel all good about themselves, promising them the world and then trying to ruin their lives and their family lives. He has done this on more than one occasion. He is 50 and has kids in high school and I guess he likes to act like a child himself. True homewrecker piece of crap. He doesnt seem to learn from his past mistakes and still continues on with his old balls of charm or whatever you call it. I am willing to bet as I type this he is lurking somewhere at Emerson Biggons west looking for some young chick to get to come home to his lair/trashy duplex on 13th street. People like this guy are never going to learn. Don’t let the picture fool ya, he is a pretty fat douche who goes to the gym probably to scheme some vulnerable girl because if he was working out he wouldnt be so fat. He thinkis he is pretty slick but what 50 year old wears a flatbilled baseball cap backwards? LOSER….. Anyway just want people on here to be on the look out for this west side predator

His ‘authorities’ gotten to his head.- nik

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Wichitas Newest Dirty Couple

February 12, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure you know Liz Rizo from her numerous self posts, and than crying to Dr. Phil about it later on. Just weeks ago she was posted on here, and someone accused her of being pregnant with her BMX boyfriends child. Less than 2 weeks later she is apparently over him and already dating one of Wichitas biggest players, Kyle Bernsten, whose also been posted on here several times. They even made it facebook official, which if you knew either of them is just a huge laugh. My real concern is what the hell is going on with her kids. She wasn’t even single for 2 weeks before she starts dating a guy who is going to just hit it and quit it like all the ones before him. Sadly neither of them have uploaded any pictures of them together, so I must submit some solo ones. Just curious, how long do you think this train wreck is going to last? And do you think Liz will ever grow up and become a mother to her kids?

They sound perfect for each other.- nik

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No Need To Handle With Care

February 12, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Anthony Alaniz Jr From Overlandpark,KS. He is a man of many lives or so he tells you. You never truely know what to believe…has he been shot? is he in a gang? has he been a boxer champion? Does he have these so called “special wolf senses”? did he really “ki**” three people? But these things are for sure…He is known as a man whore jumping from girl to girl claiming his number to be OVER FOURTY WOMEN not knowing at 1/3 of their names!! He tries to play the daddy role to the children of his girlfriends while behind the scenes always talk to an ex. He’s so bipolar he can’t keep his own wants straight. His wife divorced him after he left and came running back less then 24hrs later mutiple times with no sensible reason. Shes no saint either but it’s not like the sex kept her around. After going through a few more girls he eventually convinced his ex to be with him even while she was living with her fiancee and his son.In conclusion he is a crazy multipersonaltied manwhore homewrecker

Guys ‘kill counts’ are how many chicks they’ve slept with…just saying.- nik

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