O.P Sloot

February 11, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 19 10,221 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- This girl right here is Paige “P-Dub” Williams.. I have no idea what the “P-Dub” is for but this girl is trash hands down. On her 19th Birthday she was dancing on some rando dude and ended up taking her skirt off in front of everyone (guess it was in the way) unfortunately I don’t have photos of that but wait there’s more! She had recently admitted to a friend of mine that she enjoys trying to get with her “friends” ex boyfriends because it”s like a game to her.. It doesn’t stop there tho! She also goes after guys who are currently in a relationship.. I guess that’s the next level of her “game”? There will probably be MORE dirt after her 21st which is coming soon, so stay tuned! Ha- well last but not least, would you Nik? Half of Overland Park and surrounding areas did.

I’d hate to see what that house looks like now.- nik

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Used Up Singer

February 11, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 35 9,263 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Taylor Haas. He is a dirty filthy used up little skank whore. He loves going around and bragging about his
little fake ass group called (young hungry musicians) AKA young hungry cocksuckers. THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! and when he makes his little YouTube videos he sounds like his one of the Adams family members. This little Piece of trash, comes from a wannabe classy family. He seriously needs a reality check, because this little cunt is Nothing but garbage. He can’t sing and his ass is used up and smells like a swamp from the bayous of Louisiana. I’d be careful, because he will stalk you and think that your dating if you start liking all of his music and fake ass Facebook posts.

Looks like a gay Fonzy.- nik

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Mexican Home Wrecker

February 11, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 7 7,594 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies watch the hell out! This girl is named Sarah Male. She only goes after men who have girlfriends. She purposely goes after guys who have girlfriends to prove that she can do it. She waits for guys to eye her down and then laughs in their face as if she is a hot commodity. She puts herself above others, but thats impossible because she is the one on the floor drinking out of a bottle.

If your about to bed someone and you see they have no sheets you should abort the mission.- nik

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Sophie Rush

February 5, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 6 10,775 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Sophie Rush she has self posted herself on this website before, but let me tell you a little about her. Sophie has been with many guys and cheated on every boyfriend she has been with, but whats disturbing the most is when she is dating a guy. For example she was dating a guy named Lane a few years back, I am sorry to tell you lane but after your year long relationship with her she cheated on you with me, Gavin, and Logan. Then had me lie to you on the phone while she was standing right next to me naked…For that i am sorry. But recently She was dating me and everything was going so well until we got back to KU. Nevertheless she cheated on me with two guy the only two days she wasnt basically living with me…Go figure…Now she is lying to me about everything and had sex with a guy named Graham and is having him lie to me about it…I guess it is Karma that i deserve but Sophie Rush has many terrible demons that she cant deal with so she looks for many different guys to be with so she feels pretty. I dont know what her deal besides her drinking problem but she is heartless and is not a person to be trusted and never will be.

I;m guessing that’s not her boyfriend..- nik

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Leprechaun Alert

January 31, 2013 Kansas, Kansas City 17 8,097 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So listen here Nik, this is Nick Decann, here is the leprechaun and we don’t mean the innocent cereal box character who rides rainbows and steals marshmallows from children. We mean the smelly, short, fat red-headed fuck that tricks everyone into getting his way. He puts the con in leprechaun. He such a drug addict and not to mention the big portion of his time of being fcked up takes place in his grandmother’s basement where he most likely contracted the possibly from another dirt worthy post. On top of all this man-whoring could be on his list. He is not unknown for taking v cards, or hitting on middle school aged girls when he was already out of high school. Please parents lock up your puberty stricken daughters and hide all your gold. He will supply all the drugs and alcohol just so people are too fcked up to realize who they are hanging out with. Girls beware and do not drink the alcohol, he will make sure you are blacked out enough to fck you and you dont want to be making a trip to the clinic the next day. Shout out to Nick Decann. Thanks Nik!

I bet that bottlerat never even knew he was a ginger (nor did she find out)…- nik

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Drunk Of The Week

January 30, 2013 Caption of the Day, Kansas, The Dirty 85 76,336 Views


DIRTY ARMY, here is your beautiful drunk of the week

“even though your night ended like this… you can still wake up feeling great … thx NOHO”

Please be funny and not racist.

Winner of this caption wins a case of NOHO (The Hangover Defense)

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Kaleigh Dawn Clem

January 25, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 24 9,300 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik this girl is a good one and every guy in Haysville would agree. Kaleigh Clem lives in Haysville, Ks and has guys in that town avoiding her now because she dates them for a little bit and then goes back to her meth addict ex boyfriend that is in prison right now for putting a 66 year old man in critical condition and then stealing his car. Anytime she has a boyfriend she still has contact with her ex and she uses them and makes them feel like their the bad guy in the relationship when she still talks and writes to her ex that is in prison. She will never get over that guy and still cheats on him with guys around Haysville, when u date her she beccomes freaked out about you talking to other girls because she does it all the time. Shes a pathelogical liar and to say the least she lived with and dated a 35 year old man in Hutchinson when she when to junior college, the girl was spoiled rotten by her parents so this being said no man will ever make her as happy as she wants. She claims to be a “virgin” but yet will give you head before shes dating. And to top this off no guy would ever want her if they knew how much acne she had on her back cant even touch it without popping a pimple. She used to be anorexic and because of this she would always have a gross pudge and blue gums. This girl also cant stand to hear that another girl is pretty either shes so tied up in her own little world and thinks she has something over everybody for some reason. She is a good one nik!

When someone uploads an embarrassing  photo like that of themselves you gotta include the face.- nik

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Unfaithful Sloot

January 14, 2013 Kansas, Wichita 13 10,228 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ok. Where to start on this chick? This is Felicia Woodin, (Felicia Burden) She is already on here three times, so no surprise she is on here again. This chick has no idea how to be faithful in a relationship. She only stays with a guy until all his money runs out. She has slept with a countless number of guys, and just about every guy in her grade from Northwest. She lies so much she believes the lies. She is an expert at looking faithful and getting people to like her, then that\’s when she bites. She will take everything and run off with her new dude she\’s already got lined up. Wichita, stay far far away from this h*e!!!! If you\’re going to hit it, you had better use the whole box of wrap! Good news is, you can definately hit it on the first date. She is completely selfish and thinks only of herself. Now she has a daughter, and everyone out there should feel sorry that she gave birth to that little girl. Her life is most likely going to be screwed up now. Poor thing. Bottom line, she is straight Sl*t that needs to work on keeping her legs closed!!!

Maybe having a child will change her for the better.- nik

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