Kansas State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Spreading Around Loco

March 4, 2013 Kansas City, Kansas State 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I want to warn every1 about Luigi.This guy is a fat little mexican troll.He can be found desperatly following drunk fat chicks around saints on wed night.He lives right behind the bar.If hes not at saints hes at macs.He will sleep with any girl he can get drunk enough to want to sleep with him.He is about 5 foot tall, fatt lookin for a green card. Dont let the picture fool u he dont look that way.I found him trolling craigslist for girls for one night stands. Dont fall for it. He will give u a drd he got from his mexican whore!! He was my ex so I know him. He was seeing me but tried to hook up with my friend right in front of me. I have witnessed him chase 200lb fat girls around saints. He stalked this girl to the point that the bouncers had to protect her. The guy has a small penis, I didnt feel him. He gave me chl**a!!!It wasnt worth it.He pretneds to be a guido from jersey shore.He thinks hes the best lookin guy at the bar.This guy is nasty, I heard he goes both ways, he likes the purple crayon!!If u see him run away!! u will be sorry!

This out of town act is in hopes that someone will sleep with him.- nik

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Boots For Days

February 27, 2013 Kansas City, Kansas State, Manhattan 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Kansas State University’s finest sloot, She goes by the alias name “Boots.” You can find her at the local bar as if it were her watering hole. Her face looks as if it has been pounded as many times as her vagina. You can find her servicing the local military boys at Mustang’s Gentlemen’s club in JC, KS. It is believed that “Boots” enjoys long walks to the ville, romantic trips to the Lions Den and of course the occasional “train” ride. She’s wonderful girl and if you get the chance give her a shot!

Anyone else suddenly in the mood for squash…(big forehead wide cheeks – like a squash)- nik

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Class Act

January 31, 2013 Kansas State, Manhattan 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: A Class act right here, Nik. This douchebags name is Tracy Vallandingham. He goes to KSU and got kicked out of SAE for smoking too much weed, and being an all around douce. Why am I putting him on here? Because he goes around having sex with anything that walks, sharing his chlamydia(true fact!!). Not to mention he knocked up a girl and then tried to call her the crazy one. This fat ass lives and breathes the frat life (even though he got kicked out). Pretty pathetic actually. So ladies PLEASE watch out and if you see him on campus run for your life!! He also frequents Tubby’s so watch out!!

Yes those pants are too tight.- nik

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Manslore In Manhattan

December 10, 2012 Kansas State, Manhattan 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This soldier is the biggest fg in Ft. Riley. He is a lying, manipulative, cheating WHORE. He’ll tell you he loves you just to get the D. He talks a big game but has the smallest dick on Ft. Riley.

The rainbow colors mean he’s down with the guys. – nik

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Girls Beware

December 3, 2012 Kansas State, Manhattan 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone, meet David De La O. He is the most disgusting person you will EVER meet! He has a disgusting personality, and he uses his looks to lure girls in. Don’t be charmed by the face and tattoos, because tattoos can’t cover up what he is REALLY hiding. David has GENITAL WARTS! He’ll say it’s an “ingrown hair” that he has gotten treated for, but he’s LYING! It’s genital w**s, an incurable drd and he won’t even think twice about not telling you. He has NO respect for any woman, he’ll sleep with you ANYWHERE. You may think you’re the only girl he’s talking to, but in reality, he’s talking to MULTIPLE girls! Don’t be caught up in his lies and INFECTION! DON’T GET W*RTS!!

Doesn’t look like he’s hiding anything..taking pictures of himself in bed n all.- nik

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Aaron Cowdrey, Wannabe Asian

November 29, 2012 Kansas State, Wichita 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this idiot is the biggest f**got of them all. Just like his namesake he’s got a face of a cow and the body of a toothpick. He’ll act nice to even his best friend’s face and talk mad shit behind their back. He’s going to college so he doesn’t have to get his lazy ass a job, at least until he fails out. He was married for 5 years, and cheated on her the whole time, even when she was supporting his stupid ass. He deserves all the shit he gets, she should have left his retarded ass years ago. How does the cheating feel you hypocritical f**got? And how did all those dicks taste when you kissed her? Now he’s trying so hard to turn asian, probably so he can find a vag that will fit his tiny dick. He can’t even get it up (trust me) and no woman could ever be pleasured by him, even a chinese bitch. He just floats by and tries so hard to get everyone to feel sorry for his bitch ass by lying through his teeth. He needs to go play in freeway traffic.

I think he just wants a mail order bride, he’s trying to appeal them then/get a discount.- nik

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The Biggest Douche In Colorado

November 26, 2012 Denver, Kansas State 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This man is the biggest piece of crap in the world. Not only does he have three kids he doesn’t take care of but he is loaded with drdS. I broke up with him a year ago and he is still stalking me. He has drd and gen***ds. I’m just warning all the ladies in the Colorado area to stay away!! He will tell you he is clean just to get you into bed. YUCK!!

Why don’t you fill in one tat before moving to the next, makes you look twice as trashy.- nik

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Pathological Liar

November 15, 2012 Kansas City, Kansas State 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, and Ladies, if you ever come into contact with Chris Deam – RUN. He is incapable of truth. He\’ll say whatever he has to in order to get into your pants. He does not and will not give a damn about you or anyone else. Quite possibly the most selfish person on the planet. Put in any real time with him, let him say he loves you and then you\’ll catch him f*cking a bitch you hate. Oh, and he\’ll tell people that you were just a random and he wants nothing to do with you less than 12 hrs after being with you. This is not one of those \”broken bad boys\” that all of us girls love to think we can fix, he\’s perma-f*cked. He is never going to change. Seriously – RUN.

The bathroom picture is a standard douchebag move.- nik

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