Kansas State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Double Bag It

June 3, 2011 Kansas City, Kansas State 115

double bag it

double bag it

THE DIRTY ARMY: shelbi gall… do i need to elaborate?

Nope.  Do I?- nik

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Another Photoshop Failure

April 23, 2011 Kansas City, Kansas State, The Dirty 112

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Heather ‘Nicole’. She is the biggest incognito wh*re in Manhattan Kansas! She is obsessed with the mirror. The girl literally cannot pass her reflection without stopping and trying to fix something. She has a few kids (had her first at 15) but recently she got her nose done (thank god) then +2′s and now she thinks she is gods gift to men & some kind of model. Her dad supports her & all her kids with his military pay. Hes overseas trying to pay the bills while she is running around with his credit cards but then turns around and says she is an ‘independent woman’. B*tch please.

Are you sure those are +2′s… they look way saggy and forced to me. I think they have old moldy milk inside of them.- nik

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Rick The Jayhawk

April 4, 2011 Kansas, Kansas State 5

Rick The Jayhawk

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik,This is Rick, he is so in love with THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS that he paints his toe nails crimson and blue. ALLL he ever talks about on his FB is “Rock Chalk this, Rock Chalk that”. The guy is even talkin about gettin a nose job to make his nose look more like a beak…… seriously?? He got a sweet fckin motorcycle that he painted red, and side car he painted blue, and the tag on the cycle says “ROCK” and the tag on the side car says “CHALK”. You can find him cruising old town on his 1974 Honda Gold Wing w/ either Mike or his buddy Jerry pimpin the side car. Rick “the Jayhawk” tans daily in hopes of one day becoming Danny Manning… the greatest college basketball player of all time. Nik, this guy is obviously dilusional, can you help him??

He should spend more then $10 on his guido chain, then he may actually find girls willing to sleep with him.- nik

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Spankie Mcduck

March 15, 2011 Kansas State, Wichita 38

Spankie Mcduck.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Spankie Mcduck. He is the most nasty duck in Wichita. He like’s to take it up the butt and I even heard he has aids. I would stay away from this skanky duck if i were you. Girl duck or Boy duck, it doesn’t matter. He will waddle on any thing that walks!

Looks like he’s been in some vicious cock fights.- nik

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Collin Gold

March 11, 2011 Kansas State, Wichita 12

Collin Gold (Diarrhea Pants)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sissy b!tch mother f*cker is a piece of white trash. He pretends like he is on our schools football team when all he does is sh!t his pants during a game and keeps playing (literally). He needs to find a girlfriend. I’ve noticed him being a desperate a** wipe around school following this one girl. GET A LIFE COLLIN GOLD!! You are a TOOL BAG and a desperate a** who needs a tampon for you’re diarrheaing a**hole.

That locker room must have been a nightmare afterwards.- nik

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Shawn The Hobo Hunter Bandy

March 10, 2011 Kansas State, Wichita 17

Shawn The hobo hunter Bandy

Shawn The hobo hunter Bandy

Shawn The hobo hunter Bandy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check this freak out. So this wanna be bad-a** picks up homeless chicks and trailer trash sleeps with them then comes to class braggin’ about it. I’m tired of hearing about all the degrading sh*t he has done to women just because they don’t have money. Like I don’t wanna hear about your golden showers, alaskan pipelines, eating periods, chilidongin’, protien quakes, “piss-nut butt-her and jam it” sandwiches thats just gross. Also he has a used condom collection he calls his “sperm awards”. This kid needs his own catageory called….Just F*cked up!

That is beyond disgusting.- nik

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Full Of Himself

March 3, 2011 Kansas State, Krusty, Wichita 48

Morgan Slutz

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Morgan Lutz. He claims to have slept with over 20 different women. He has cheated on the majority of the women he has been with he thinks he’s so big and bad and muscular. He is always talking about how big his penis is when every girl he has been with says its a chode and he just thinks he is amazingly good looking when all the women he has been with are disgusting and trashy I think he needs to learn a thing or two Nik.

I think you made a mistake, did you mean to write over 20 different men.- nik

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To Be Gay Or Not To Be Gay

March 2, 2011 Kansas State 8

To be GAY or not to be GAY

To be GAY or not to be GAY

To be GAY or not to be GAY

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Josh M. He is a pathological liar. He lies about anything and everything. He cheats every chance he gets, likes to cross dress and blame it on alcohol. He slept with a man in his 40′s and Josh is in his early 20′s. He is now married to a much older woman who strongly resembles a dude. Can we blame that on the alcohol?

I think a lot less people will be hurt if he just accepts the sugar in his shorts.- nik

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