Kansas State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Orange Army Wannabe

February 28, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Kansas State 3

Orange Army Wannabe

Orange Army Wannabe

Orange Army Wannabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: What’s good Nik? This here is Kimberly Oney, aka “Princess Oney” and let me tell ya a little somethin about this b*tch. You may think she’s a goody-goody, faithful chick.. BUT you’re wrong! Recently, her “facebook official” boyfriend (guy in pic #1) went to rehab to better his life FOR her. The entire time he was gone, she was sleepin with other dudes (her entourage of guys in pics #2&3) while she was telling him she loved him and couldn’t wait to spend forever with him. AND not only is she fake when it comes to her relationship, but LOOK at her (pic #4)! This b*tch makes me sick. Orange skin. Need I say more? The only thing real about “Princess Oney” is her need to GTL.

Why would you send a dude to rehab if he was doing the same things as you, grow a pair and break up with him, or is he supposed to teach you what to do once he’s out…dumb sloot.- nik

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Dirty Dan

February 28, 2011 Dirty Athletes, Kansas State, Wichita 47

Dirty Dan

Dirty Dan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Daniel Leal, Wichita’s biggest meathead man wh*re. He cheated on his now ex girlfriend with at leat 10 girls and I would not be surprised if the number was higher. When the poor girl finally smartened up and broke up with him he started dating her fat and ugly best friend. Not only do him and his new girlfriend probably have every DRD under the sun, he thinks he is the biggest, baddest dude and that everyone loves the sh*t out of him. It is very rare to check facebook and not find a day where he didn’t let the world know he was going to the gym. He thinks he is so strong and fit when his stomach is just a beer belly. Someone needs to put him in his place, what do you think, Nik?

I think he needs to spend some more time in the gym, watch a bunch of sweaty men and learn his forgy ways.- nik

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Who Does She This She Is

February 22, 2011 Kansas City, Kansas State, Krusty 14

who does she thinks she is hahaha

who does she thinks she is hahaha

who does she thinks she is hahaha

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl thinks she is the sh*t walks around like everyone loves her but really everyone doesnt want her to be around… she cheats on her boy friend and is always talking to other guys… she talks sh*t on everyone but trys to be your friend hmmmm some friend i would like to have .

Being mean and fat is just a sure way that you won’t have friends, unless you count hostess cupcakes as a companion.- nik

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Pizza Escorts

February 16, 2011 Kansas State 16
THE DIRTY ARMY: This advertisement plays in Manhattan, Kansas ALL the time. There are actually 2 different commercials now staring these bitches. These sloots just want you to buy some pizza and maybe give them some D in the B. Not sure who they are. I never see them at the bars so they must not be 21 yet. If you wanna see the video I posted the link below. Cheers for pizza and hookers!! Would you take these slam pieces to pound town Nik??

They kind of look like Dirty Celebs Back-Up Dancer and Prodigy.- nik

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Matt Is Still Wack

February 15, 2011 Kansas State, Wichita 77

matt is still wack

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, once again this is matt heinly he is a derby boy and has been on here once before. he thinks that he is hot shit because his family has all kinds of money. he is also known for dating multiple girls at the same time and cheats on every one of them. the only problem is that he choses girls that are bestfriends with eachother! not only is he known for being the “derby loser” but he has already had 2 drds in his life and he is very proud of it. he claims that having an drd is just proof that he gets p*ss*. this punk cant even legally drive a car because he has multiple DUIs. matt NOT COOL! get a life else where because everyone is tired of your games.

Making sure your mini greg isn’t visible in the middle pic eh.- nik

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The Delusional Con Artist Behind BVegasVIP

January 25, 2011 Dirty Predator, Kansas State, Las Vegas, The Dirty 24

the delusional con artist behind BVEGASVIP

the delusional con artist behind BVEGASVIP

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is just a general warning to Las Vegas and it’s surrounding areas.  Ryan Weigel is the owner of “BVegasVIP”. He claims to be a well-connected nightlife figure when in reality he is a drug dealing sociopath, who would likely steal from his own mother. When I first met him, I realized he was slanging on the side. Well he obviously didn’t know the commandments, and started getting VERY high on his own supply lol. Hence his skeletor appearance. Then I found out he had a live-in girlfriend who had moved to Vegas for him. All the while he was professing his “love” for me. He would come into where I work and play the role constantly, until I finally told him I don’t f*ck with scrubs. A known bottle rat and thief, wigz lives off anyone and anything around him. In three seperate incidents I heard of him selling people fake m, money going missing out of girls purses when hes around, and of course hoarding all the pepsi that doesn’t belong to him. My favorite story involves a group of my sorority sisters who went to vegas for the first time. They somehow ended up “meeting” him outside of a major Las Vegas club, where he usually prowls for naive women. He conned $100 a head which apparently included two bottles. Before they even got to their seat, he said he needed another $100 to tip the host who got them such a good table. He tells the girls to wait at a big booth, and guess what? Never comes back. Five minutes later the server showed up and said that booth was reserved and they had to leave. When they called me and told me what business they used, I was beyond shocked. This is perhaps the reason why I decided to put Ryan on the blast today. Ripping off young chicks is bad enough. Could you imagine having your first trip to vegas turn out like that? So Ryan, before you decide to get higher than a 747, take a moment to think. Everyone knows about your LV to LA “trips”. the problem with rolling dirty, is that eventually you will get caught.

Ladies, if a guy texts naked pictures of himself that is usually a warning sign that he cannot be trusted.- nik

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Big Bird Alert

January 12, 2011 Kansas State 9

Big Bird Alert

Big Bird Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Cadija Harris, also known as the lifesize big bird. She is currently living with momma and claims shes a model, yet she isnt signed to anyone. Every bone in this girls body is a lie. All the men should watch out, she tells everyone she’s 18! Did i mention she lives up to the meaning DRAMA! also, she’s known for talkin to multiple men and ruining relationships. as she likes to say, “i get around” or “im not a player I just crush a lot.” but don’t worry, if your not tall, black and tatted and sexy, she won’t talk to you. But any guy that actually tries to talk to or date this girl should also be on Thedirty!! last yr at her track championship, she told two team mates she would sleep with them IF they won. Just goes to show how easy she is. The sad part is, she’s maybe at track practice one day, but the next day, you might just find her at the club or smokin a blunt or drinking at a party. Doesnt sound like a true athlete to me! She says she reps KSU yet she’s always wearing USC. phony. Nik, this is a BIG BIRD AlERT. lol.

USC shirts musta been the ones on sale, and wanna know how I know shes a sloot…- nik

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She Wonders Why Everyone Starts Drama With Her

January 7, 2011 Cleveland, Kansas State 48

ohio and kansas have been contaminated

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Megan Potts. She is the definition of trash. She sh*t talks her friends behind their backs and then wonders why everyone starts drama with her. She has never once had a boyfriend that she was not cheating on…. with multiple guys. Not only can she not stay faithful, but she’s a homie hopper and feels the need to test out each group of guy friends to pick the “right” guy to leave the state with and move in with them. She is 21 and has never taken a sip of alcohol in her life, so instead, she pretends to drink whenever there’s a camera present or she’s at a party. Whether it’s to look cool in front of other people or to act like she’s in middle school again, neither are working out-only making a fool out of herself. She smells bad all the time…. not to mention her constant need to have her hands in her pants… absolutely disgusting. So now that you know what’s going on with the nastiest sk*nk in the country, what do you think of her Nik?

Looking at her pictures I don’t even want to read what you wrote… she is too ugly for my words.- nik

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