Stephanie Borja

September 26, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 23 11,699 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stephanie Borja the girl in the purple is a nasty pill headed whore who has been all around Slidell. She makes this town look bad. If you havent slept with her yet you must be the only one. She acts like she is better than the whole town but she is nothing but a nasty pill headed whore. She is a hair dresser but cant even do her own hair but if you fuk her she might cut your hair for free!!! Bitch thinks shes a model what for fat nasty slidell whore?? Hope she stays on that adderall or she will be huge!!! She thinks her fiancee is fine and he looks like nepoline dianamite on steroids she always cheats on him and he is so blind to it!! She is marring into the perfect family they are all dope heads she probley fcks her father in law for pills because her mother in law is a fat ass pig and Stephanie is such a junkie she will do anything just to get a fix!!! She is a nasty pill headed c*m guzzling junkie whore that has stds and lots of them!!! She is the girl in the purple

I’d imagine it would be hard to cut your own hair.  Just saying.- nik

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Lafitte Go Getta

September 23, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 54 9,401 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the cheater of all times she has 3 children from different dads and acts like she’s the best mom only if her husband knew she is still sending photos to other guys hope he knows his home isn’t that great I was banging her last night in your bed while u was still at work you came home around 9 Thursday night in your big van better check your wife she’s still messing around

What’s in her gap, it doesn’t look like bubbles.- nik

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Meet Brandon Ballard LSU’s Bottom Baby

September 13, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 17 10,478 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon Ballard also known as @ohhibrandon on Twitter is a college student ‘up’ for a good time. When he’s not attending classes, he’s trolling the local bars for some action. Its rumored he likes them long, dark and just a little abusive. The rougher the better for him.
He fancies himself a hot stud but mostly he’s just fancy. Between his partying and pony shows the only way he can make a grade is on his knees, and while down there, he aims to please. Yes, he’s a real swallower. Most of his male friends have abandoned him because when he drinks he gets handsy. If you ever do want to hook up, and he’s always down for that, heres where to find him [removed]

At least he’s not in the closet about it, that’s one thing he can be proud of…- nik

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Amanda Drago one Desperate Fool

September 9, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 35 7,469 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl Amanda Drago has been warned several times about Her Boyfriend Mike Marange I’m sure you’ve heard of Him because He’s on Here twice He must be having this girl believe all His dirty lies just like He had all the girls believing. Mike is controlling, the jealous type, abusive, He tells girls what they want to hear, He has a wife and a son with a new baby on the way with the wife, He got this girl Brittany pregnant back in 2011,His friends baby’s momma just had a baby this past February from Him, and His Ex girlfriend Melanie Jones from Franklinton, Louisiana just went to His shop a month or so ago to tell Him that she’s pregnant with His baby. He doesn’t like to where condoms and that’s why He now Has drd and Cla**ya. Amanda needs to go and get a Pap smear done so she could realize that we all are not lying and that He is the lier. Amanda’s test results will come back positive like all the girls he’s been with. He has a fake charm that all the girls call for, When He doesnt get His way He gets very angry and becomes abusive. He’s nice at first but it does not last. Amanda please go and get Tested.

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Steve Ward Is A Hairy Loser

September 3, 2013 Las Vegas, LSU, New Orleans 21 9,584 Views

Steve-Ward-at-TAO-Beach-588 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Dirty nasty Steve Ward…. Man, at one time I thought he was soooo cute and sexy. I was single at the time so would flirt and try to get him to ask me on a date. After a few weeks I gave up, he just wanted to stick it in without having drinks at a bar, movies or dinner. Cheap Ass! A little while later he messaged out of the blue asking if I wanted to go for a drink. I had just started talking to someone, and had told him it would only be social, which he accepted. After a few drinks he started to get horny and was pressuring me to give in, I declined and for some reason he took off his shirt! I immediately vomited on the floor. Body hair is repulsive and makes me nauseous and this mother fucker was hairy like a bear, fat and pasty white skin, yuck yuck yuck!!!! I’m glad he keeps covered up in public because no one wants to see that nastiness.  Hopefully someone will find a way to sue him for every dollar he has so he can go back to the trashy streets where he belongs.

I’m guessing this was during his filming in Nola since the submission came from LSU.- nik

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Cathy Jo Brignac

July 23, 2013 Cougars, LSU, New Orleans 30 12,162 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me start by saying cathy jo your are a walking drd.You gave 4 guys a drd.You need to take your ass to the clinic.Look at yourself of the pics you are posting man your tore up from head to toe.How many baby daddies you have now.I think i will contact the health department and let them no you passing out drd”s.Look at yourself you bad built crack whore stripper.You are ugly,fat with a million strech marks.You look like a tiger stripe pitbull with all those marks you have on your body.You caught those drd”s from fucking all those black guys and now you want to start fcking white guys and give them drd”s.I see you in the clubs giving out those ***s out to guys in the clubs you dont even no.What a whore.You are westbank trash.Cr*ck smoker.You havent herd the last of me.

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Looks Good But You Don’t Want It

July 23, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 10 11,685 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ex girlfriend, who let me raw dog the first day i met her. 3 weeka later she is pregnant, she then has a miscarriage. Im sure this scheming hoe was playing me from the start. Even though she had a boyfriend who was 100% committed to her, she took advantage and did whatever she wanted to do..gave this hoe all of my love, I should of known not to trust this girl…can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. We broke it off earlier today, then texts me tonight saying she already has another boyfriend? Damnn ole girl quick to leave the one guy who really cared for her for a guy who will fck her then end up leaving her in the same position that she was in before. Nik, help me out on this one.

Don’t settle for desperate chicks.- nik

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Heather Lyn Goodwin

July 22, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 103 6,831 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fat roll heather Lyn Goodwin, living in Breaux bridge would like to invite any man that needs his dick sucked to contact her. She performs oral, Amal, regular sex for the same fee. She refuses to Lose her fat roll gut as she’s a far nasty lazy bitch!!!! From the country club!! Located in the parks/ bread bridge area!!! She thinks she is the finest thing since sliced bread. She’s a fat, nasty,  skank. She claims to be from the country club but lives in a trailer and got knocked up by a LOSER. She smokes cr*ck in front of her daughter and never changes her diaper. Her house is disgusting and smells like shit 24/7 She has the nerve to call other women fat. Her excuse is she had a BABY!! ONE YEAR AGO!! LOL It’s called being a LAZY SLOB! NOTICE HER DOUBLE CHIN IN HER PHOTOS LOL SHe thinks she’s one bad mutha fcka, but really she’s a sad MUTHA FUCKAn She’s an angry little troll and is jealous of anyone that has done better than her. (which is pretty much anyone-since she hasn’t accomplished much but getting knocked up by a LOSER–LuLz) NIK, WOULD YOU HIT IT?

Answer: Not even if candy fell out.

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