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Clueless Know-it-all

June 5, 2013 LSU, New Orleans 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This weirdo is Jeremiah LaVelle. He is a very pathetic person who tries to compensate his insecurities with acting like a know-it-all. While this could be annoying, it’s actually very funny because he is so closed-minded and dumb, it’s hilarious listening to his “facts”. He has several “jobs” which he always embellishes. As a security guard, he likes to tell people how he’s been in war, etc, and he will goes on and on about all the guns he owns- I’m sure this is to compensate for his lack of getting laid. A friend of mine had to sadly live with him for a few months until she could find a place to live, and what she told me was absolutely bizarre. Even though she paid rent, she was not allowed to have people over, unless he met them, and eventually it turned out he did not want her having men (even if they were just her friends and even gay friends) over. So it was a “No Men Allowed” rule. She put up with it because she was moving soon, but towards the end it got worse. If they ever went out just to have drinks after work, she wasn’t even allowed to talk to guys because he would tell her that he thought they were “creepy” then would tell her those guys were never allowed over. A lot of those guys were her friends and formal co-workers. His behavior became weirder when she had to move out and he refused to help her move, and when she had a guy friend help her, he called her and told her that the guy was not allowed in his house because he was “creepy”. Yes, she was apparently supposed to move everything by herself (and she’s a small girl) because him and his friend refused to help her, and she was not even allowed to have any guys help her move because this guy was insane and found every guy “creepy”. I think he was confusing himself with all other men. Also, when he gets drunk, he gets pissy and will disagree with what anyone says about anything. He will then talk about how he could shot anyone because he was a “trained security guard” and due to him fighting in wars, it was legal. I believe his war fighting were of him playing Call of Duty. This man is delusion and should not be owning any guns. He lacks a lot of common sense and knowledge and it’s just creepy that someone of his IQ can legally have a gun and works security. And he bartends, but he loves to keep his guns with him while he bartends and will clean them while he is working… Not a very comfortable situation.

Very few people prefer the couch.  He’s one of them, not like he has the choice.- nik

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Far From A Degree

June 5, 2013 Lafayette, LSU 229

THE DIRTY ARMY: One word: DISGUSTING. One of Lafayette Louisiana’s biggest whores, this chick’s name is Molly Redfern, a “nursing” student at the University of Lafayette. I’ve seen this big forehead bitch falling over and throwing up in clubs. Some nurse… Can we say drinking problem? She’s already been charged for a Minor in Possession once, and searched by police on marijuana suspicions. Two shots of cheap gas station liquor and you will have this fat bellied pig in your bed and ready to give out all those college drds she’s acquired. Close your legs! Her facebook selfies will make you want to claw your eyes out, mostly showing off that huge forehead and flat chest of hers. Do you really think you look that good? Nah… She has an extremely misguided image of herself – telling people how intelligent she is, and how awesome her tits are. Bitch please, who let you into college? Your tits are as about exciting as a funeral home. Nobody wants to see that shit. Don’t share any secrets with this one, whether you’re pregnant, had an abortion, f*cked some bro, ki**ed somebody, or snorting lines of cocaine. If you tell Molly, the entire Northern Hemisphere will know about it. Eh, but what can I say, that’s what most attention whores from broken homes do. White trash from North Louisiana, I’m surprised she still has all of her teeth! Take that country accent and hillbilly smile of yours back to the sticks where you belong, because Lafayette is tired of hearing about how many dudes you’ve slept with and how many people hate you because of it. What’s with her selfies, kissing liquor bottles? Can’t find anything else to wrap those cold-sore lips around? Nice choice of nursing students, UL Lafayette. I can’t wait to have this drunken sloppy mess give me an IV ….. Not.

I think she’s past her slim fit days.- nik

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Melissa Knob

May 20, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,this is Melissa Bennett ( SMITH) She is a crazy BITCH!!!! She has slept with most of Hammond. She is crazy and needs to be put out of her misery. She is a horrible mother. She is sooooo pathetic. Bless her heart .

I would never touch anyone who chains themselves to a slot, its like accepting your homly.- nik

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Georgia Peach

May 20, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, This girl right here, nasty as can be. She thinks she is some hot shit. She pretends to be all Christian and god like but she is really a nasty sloot sleeping with whatever man will give her the time of day. Now she is pregnant and doesn’t even know who the daddy is. Well she likes to pretend she knows who the daddy is. But we all know she was sleeping with multiple people at the same time. And the sad thing is the sloot was TRYING to get pregnant. This B*TCH wanted a baby, but of course she wanted baby daddy to have money. Well too bad cus now she is alone and pregnant.

You sure thats a baby belly?- nik

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Baton Rouge’s Amber Is Smoking Hot

May 18, 2013 Baton Rouge, LSU, The Dirty 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amber. I feel the need to post her because it’s been a while that I’ve seen a girl in BR like this. She’s 20, pretty cute, Hooter’s girl, and with work and training could become a solid 8. So, I wanted to see what you think about her and she is she has any potential to be a DC?

She is a 5.88927718 at the moment. The lip ring, nose and teeth are really holding her back.- nik

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Wanna-be Hef

May 14, 2013 Dallas, Dirty Predator, LSU 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Dick Wilcox, or better known as Richard H. Wilcox, jr. This guy delusionaly believes he is a cooler version of Hugh Heffener, and notoriously “dates” young , mostly blonde, bimbos. His only friends are his employees, who he over pays just so they will stay on & put up with his overwhelmingly huge ego. He is a narcissist, arrogant jerk & believes he can purchase affection with the almighty dollar! HOW SAD. He flys around in little king air boasting to “friends” & employees & these young airheads girls around while picking up the tab & buying luxe vacations for the whole crew. He I’m a dancer at the Lodge in Dallas & he offered me an unusuallylarge amount of $ to go to bed w/ him. I declined. He disturbed me on many levels, he acted like he truly wanted a relationship w me after a few dances, telling me I’d be in the will if I picked up my life to move in his home in east Texas. I declined again. I like sex with someone with a pulse. He went on about how I had this angelic “child-like” face, & said “tweet baby” instead of Sweet, talking to me like I was 5 URL old- I have never felt so repulsed, he had the creeper factor off the charts! He must be a pedophile, young blonde women watch out & don’t sell out to this pervert. Ladies, watch your kids if you see him. Do I need to get on his looks now?? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sounds like you’re off the pay roll.- nik

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Mind The Gap

May 12, 2013 LSU, The Dirty 195

photo 3 copy


photo 5 copy THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I go to school at LSU and this is Megan.  She is one of the hottest girls on campus hands down.  When 50 Cent rolled into town, he was a huge fan of her as you can see.  Wanted to ask you one thing.  Do you mind the gap?

There is NO GAP.- nik

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Dirty Nurse

May 8, 2013 Dirty DUI, LSU, New Orleans 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this little numbers name is Jessica Goodrum. She is from reserve la. I havent even heard this girls name since high school. Untill recetly when my brother started talking to her. She might look and come across as an innocent little hard working nurse, but in reality she is a dirtly little slut who plays with guy emotions. My brother started to really fall for the girl, till one day he found out she had been sleeping with three different guys at the same time. Naturaly i told him to go get him self checked. sure enough he had caught something from the nastly slut. thank god it was cureable. The moment he ends things with her, she moves onto the next which i hear is a guy in the military. poor guy if he only knew what she was doiing behind his back and the she is infested with nasty drd’s. anyone who comes across this girl beware!!!

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