Whys Everyone Hating On Dina

February 28, 2013 Maryland, Washington DC 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why is everyone hating on dina hershey are they clearly jealous of her natural beauty, toned body and party girl lifestyle? stop putting her life on blast because she is honestly one of the nicest and fun girls you\’ll ever meet once you get to know her. Nik take another look. would you?

She slaps on make-up like a clown and heavily under-dressed.- nik

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DC’s Doorknob

January 8, 2013 Maryland, Washington DC 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why is DC infiltrated with girls like this? And why do guys sleep with them? Help Nik. Save DC.

Blond hair is the only reason guys want her warm hole.- nik

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There Is Really No Hope For DC

January 7, 2013 Maryland, Washington DC 7

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is why DC is known for ugly girls. This is literally the left overs that infest our nightlife. Anyone who gets with this must be doing it for a bet or wants the clap, right? Or do they just put a bag over her head?  Is there anything we can do to save DC or are we just screwed?

She doesn’t deserve blonde hair.- nik

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Maybe There Is Hope For DC

November 19, 2012 Maryland, The Dirty, Washington DC 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Allyn Rose, Miss D.C. 2012 and an upcoming contestant for Miss USA. Maybe there is hope for D.C. after all.  Wanted to ask you and see what you think?

I think Washington DC might have a chance at Miss USA. The nose is a little long, but her chest makes up for it.- nik

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Such A Douchebag

November 8, 2012 Maryland 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this cross eyed piece of sh*t named Ryan Nemcek is 33, unemployed and likes to beat up girls. He borrows money off his grandfather to go out drinking every weekend. He has been known to piss on his own floor in the middle of the night. He doesn’t cook, do his own laundry or clean up his own piss, he makes his 75 year old grandfather do it. He only hangs out with morbidly obese girls because he is so insecure with himself. He got knocked out in bar and laid face down on the men’s room floor. How disgusting!! He even gave someone I know DRD but won’t admit it. He hates all women and thinks they are sluts when in reality HE is the slut.

His grandparents need to cut him off.- nik

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You Are Not A Model

November 8, 2012 Maryland, Washington DC 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this wanna be needs to put her modeling in check… She needs serious help, from her trashy pole dancer poses to the outfits she wears. She picks the nastiest photographers and she thinks shes going to get somewhere important modeling like a tramp? Really!?!?!? She promotes “self tanners” yet her nose looks like she shoved it in a bowl of mashed carrots. She actually got a guy to settle down with her.. poor chap…. She’ll use him like she uses all the rich men in the area.. To promote her “Up and coming modeling career”.  She actually has a website too, classy one she is.  She can’t hold a real job because who would hire this low class hooker that poses nude – images that you can just GOOGLE and find her nasty ass… and that ugly orange nose.

You cannot be a model at her age. I decided.- nik

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Jill Pultz, Miss Piggy

October 19, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Maryland 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jill Pultz she is the biggest whore in Baltimore/ Glen Burnie area. She has one kid then got knocked up on purpose again by her boyfriend then got an abortion messing with the guys head. The poor guy got locked up thinking she still loves him meanwhile this btch is out fcking with some junkie who she is begging to nut her up as well. This bitch is dirty as shit and shes had more loads in her than a public washing machine. She needs to get set straight. Somebody lied to her and told her she was the shit but really she looks like shit. Word around town her pussy smells like fish and is filled with drd’s. Everyone should stay away!

She’s got a lot of purple in her.- nik

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Psycho Plastic Persian

October 12, 2012 Maryland, Washington DC 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know as her friend you know how crazy shadi is but I just wanted to warn you about how insane she is. I’m making a PSA announcement to ppl that know her so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. She works at multiple strip clubs, her friends are all ‘escorts’, she still deals with Carlos who she herself told me is a cke dealing cke addict who used to pimp and even roofeed girls, shadi has his name tattooed on her butt. It’s really sad.  I got into a normal ‘friends’ argument last night and she threatened to send Carlos to my house…wow. Then today instead of just coming to pick her things up, she brings Lauren Beckley and her Eminem wanna be boyfriend who thinks he’s a gangsta to my house and they are banging on my door. I’m not scared of either of them. I’m arguing with Shadi who is sitting in her car smiling while her trashy hood rat friends argue with me and dude threatens to hit me. And then says he’s going to send someone to burn my house down and rape me….wow, while shadi’s smiling. She waited til she was driving away to talk trash. She’s seriously mentally ill. I go to therapy for depression and anxiety but she needs anti-psychotic meds. Be careful girl. She is delusional and is phony. Oh and just to be a bitch I’m telling everyone how she recently spent $30k on getting her nose re-done, getting her breasts done, full body lipo, and a chin implant LOLOL.

30k! what a rip-off, she’ll still needa have it re-done.- nik

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