Maryland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Jill Pultz, Miss Piggy

October 19, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Maryland 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jill Pultz she is the biggest whore in Baltimore/ Glen Burnie area. She has one kid then got knocked up on purpose again by her boyfriend then got an abortion messing with the guys head. The poor guy got locked up thinking she still loves him meanwhile this btch is out fcking with some junkie who she is begging to nut her up as well. This bitch is dirty as shit and shes had more loads in her than a public washing machine. She needs to get set straight. Somebody lied to her and told her she was the shit but really she looks like shit. Word around town her pussy smells like fish and is filled with drd’s. Everyone should stay away!

She’s got a lot of purple in her.- nik

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Psycho Plastic Persian

October 12, 2012 Maryland, Washington DC 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know as her friend you know how crazy shadi is but I just wanted to warn you about how insane she is. I’m making a PSA announcement to ppl that know her so that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anyone else. She works at multiple strip clubs, her friends are all ‘escorts’, she still deals with Carlos who she herself told me is a cke dealing cke addict who used to pimp and even roofeed girls, shadi has his name tattooed on her butt. It’s really sad.  I got into a normal ‘friends’ argument last night and she threatened to send Carlos to my house…wow. Then today instead of just coming to pick her things up, she brings Lauren Beckley and her Eminem wanna be boyfriend who thinks he’s a gangsta to my house and they are banging on my door. I’m not scared of either of them. I’m arguing with Shadi who is sitting in her car smiling while her trashy hood rat friends argue with me and dude threatens to hit me. And then says he’s going to send someone to burn my house down and rape me….wow, while shadi’s smiling. She waited til she was driving away to talk trash. She’s seriously mentally ill. I go to therapy for depression and anxiety but she needs anti-psychotic meds. Be careful girl. She is delusional and is phony. Oh and just to be a bitch I’m telling everyone how she recently spent $30k on getting her nose re-done, getting her breasts done, full body lipo, and a chin implant LOLOL.

30k! what a rip-off, she’ll still needa have it re-done.- nik

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Cop Claims Teen Assaulted Him, Video Shows He Assaulted Teen

September 4, 2012 Dirty Cops, Maryland, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Prince George’s County, Maryland police officer Corporal Donald Taylor, a 13-year-veteran, claimed that after catching up to an aggressive youth who swung at him and began to flee, the youth reached for his gun, at which point he fired his gun at the youth in self defense. Despite this tale, newly released surveillance footage obtained by Fox 5 News shows the officer running up behind the youth, then smashing him in the head with his gun in a surprise attack, which triggered his gun to fire in the process. The youth, 19-year-old Ryan Dorm, spent about four months in jail before prosecutors dropped the charges against him. Another case of the system failing us.

Yup, this is the system typecasting a young black man because the #police never lie.- nik

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DC’s Fakest Promoter Douchebag

June 8, 2012 Maryland, The Dirty, Washington DC 22

DC's Fakest, Promoter Douchebag

DC's Fakest, Promoter Douchebag

DC's Fakest, Promoter Douchebag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This David Tristan Coombs. He is a failed promoter in the DC area who lives with his parents in Montgomery County Maryland. He says he works for multiple Companies who throw EDM parties in the city but the reality is that he just hands out flyers for for them for free just so he can brag about working for them. When he’s not being an attention wh*re or trying to get pictures with DJ’s, he’s having nervous breakdowns on Facebook. His most recent Facebook meltdown is him being pissed about a girl name Maris he was stalking for 6 months who had a boyfriend and was just using him for guest passes. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she still told him to piss off. What his bug eyes failed to realize is that she just turned 17. Another girl who went on a first “date” with him said he took her out into the woods where he made a candlelit shrine, cooked chicken, and demanded she sit in the middle of it (picture enclosed). What sociopath does that? Nik, Please rid our city of the douchebag.

The devil worshipping sacrifice pictures didn’t upload, please resubmit them.- nik

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She Messes With Every Guys Head In Maryland

March 23, 2012 Maryland, Washington DC 9

Lauren .. messes with every guys head in Maryland

Lauren .. messes with every guys head in Maryland

Lauren .. messes with every guys head in Maryland

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lauren, she looks sweet and innocent but that is clearly a front, she isn’t so much of a sloot because she doesn’t actually sleep with many guys at all. She has way too high standards for the way she looks. She does however go to different towns around Montgomery county and find one guy, flirt with him and hook him into her little spell, she has am amazing personality and is an all around cool girl and fun girl to be around. But she will get what she wants from you, make you fall in love with her very easily, get close to your family and friends. And then end things with you just to do that same thing to your best friend, but she will somehow still string you along while doing so. And of course all of your friends want her because she is so much fun. She will then spend the next few years playing both you and a few of your friends, and shes good at it too. And while shes doing it to you and your friends, shes doing it to another group of guys in a different town. She is a highly intelligent girl so she is very good at manipulating guys and making them give her what she wants and making them fall under her spell. I met her 4 years ago and i am still in love with her after all she has done to me, my best friend is also still in love with her. She’s a cool girl but she will break your heart, this girl has absolutely no feelings at all. Lauren gets anything she wants and will stop at nothing to get it, and I’m sick of it, because i want to be the only guy to give her everything she would ever want or need, for the rest of her life.

You sound like a stalker.- nik

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The Definition Of A Dog

February 15, 2012 Baltimore, Maryland 37

The Definition of Bitch!

The Definition of Bitch!

The Definition of Bitch!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Allow me to introduce to you, the arabian clowns Mo and all his cousins. these guys are the reason women can’t walk on light st! they are under cover they LOVE pepsi & vasaline they start fights with guys who can’t defend themselves then play the victim when the cops come Mo was caught giving his dog a hand job when asked wtf he said “the dog is in heat i don’t want him going in the house” YEAH also go caught stealing snuggers rubbers from CVS these guys are truely pieces of shit that need to be put on blast for being the harassing annoying disgusting manginas they are!

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Mad River Slore

November 17, 2011 Baltimore, Maryland 41

Mad River Whore

Mad River Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick is Holly Greggs…better known in the Baltimore area as the Mad River Whore. She is a self-centered attention seeker. She likes to get down with her co-workers and there friends as soon as they call last call. Behind the bar, bathrooms, cars, she does not care as long as she gets what she wants. Allegedly she is in a committed relationship, but her current fling must be blind because he has no idea how dirty this girl gets on her work shift. When she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention she decided to create a fake facebook page to make it look like she had a stalker on her hands and then told everyone how creepy it was that someone do that to her. Nik, this girl needs to be called out!

Her relationship is with an older guy whose only in town a couple times a month, don’t worry about it.- nik

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Hottest NFL Cheerleader

October 25, 2011 Baltimore, Dirty Cheerleaders, Maryland, The Dirty, Washington DC 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, here is Serena from the Baltimore Ravens. I think she is the hottest female alive. She has everything a guy could ever want in a female (from a physical stand point). I figured you, of all people, could find something wrong with her…unless that is, you agree with me.

I don’t agree with you, besides the fact that she smells like noodles… her face is overweight.- nik

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