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Steven Muller

April 8, 2011 Maryland 2

Steven *Girlfriend Beater & Sh*t Talker*

Steven *Girlfriend Beater & Sh*t Talker*

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Steven Muller. He abuses women. He is all talk and no action. He is known for saying that he good in bed. When in reality he he aint. He cant satisfy the women or men. He thinks that women have to obey him. Cuz he’s a man and apparently has that power. Do not let this fool you!! He act all nice and sweet and make you think he’s a good man. But its all lies!! He dont get wat he wants or you double cross him or even turn him down, he will hurt and make you. He’s in the navy and thinks he’s “the man”. He a man he’s a p*ssy and he knows it. He just wont admit to it.

What is he doing in the bottom pic, trying to cup the balls that he apparently doesn’t have?- nik

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Sloot Of Bel Air, Md

April 8, 2011 Maryland 12

Slut of Bel Air, Md

Slut of Bel Air, Md

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristina Grammer, then schneider, now sexton. all the name changes should tell you about her. And at 22, she is the slut of Harford county. Bel Air, md. She has slept with everyone, has the herp, and has 3 kids by 3 different men. If you want a good time i guess call her cause she will open her legs up for anyone! and oh yeah, dont piss her off, cause she likes to TRY to press charges on people and they are denied cause she is bi-polar and is a compulsive liar. so men BEWARE of SLUT!

Locking guys down with babies should be entrapment.- nik

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Meme The Backstabber

April 1, 2011 Maryland, Washington DC 5

Meme the backstabber

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl I’m posting on is named Mariyam Alshatti, she lives in Washington D.C. in College Park. She was raised in Kuwait and she is full a blown Muslim sloot. Shes the kind of girl who plays it sweet and innocent. But ends up screwing every guy friend she makes and lies about it. She dated me for 2 years and she was cheating on me the entire time with multiple people. She would go to the “Library” but not come home til 10-12pm.. she would stay after school to “Study” but not come home or talk to me for hours. She would completely avoiding. Her looks are as deceiving as she is by that I mean she looks like a cute, innocent, 13 year old.. But the truth is that she is a very slooty 20 year old who cannot be trusted with a friendship. I’ve never come across a girl like her before. Who lies as much as she does. Who attempts to cover up her lies as much as she does. There’s a point where it gets ridiculous and it should just stop but she keeps at it. I’m glad I am far away from that nightmare and this is guaranteed that she is not trustworthy and has slept with so many different men.. Bus stop men, counselor, student staff, students in her class, friends of my friends, and lots of others.. I can name and list everyone she cheated on me with but the list would be pretty long. I don’t understand her. That’s why I am posting her on the dirty. To warn anyone who might come in contact with her. Do not become her friend, she will use the crap out of you and treat you like garbage afterwards.

Why did you date her in the first place? She has -2′s and the face of a monkey.- nik

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My Future Wife

March 17, 2011 Maryland, The Dirty, Washington DC 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Tatiana aka the girl I want to make my future wife. I have had classes with her for about a year now and she might just be hands down the most hottest Persian girl I have ever met. Not to mention she speaks French, sexy. I know she was in some beauty pageant because on FB I saw, and there is this site called University Rated, and my friend put her picture on there and most people want to be posted on there but she was actually I think upset she was on it, which I don’t know why since she is in the top 24. She is not in a sorority, yet still people think she is the sh*t. Should I pursue her?

Pursue her after she gets the Iranian nose job. There is no such thing as Persian unless it is a rug or a cat.- nik

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Playboy Terp

January 13, 2011 Maryland 8

Playboy Terp

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Rachel. I was in several of her classes at Maryland and thought she was beautiful. A couple of years ago I found out that she was on playboy but she obviously used a stage name. I just began coming to your site and I figure it would be the best place to find out where I can find her playboy shoot pictures. So Nick please help me find those pictures.

I would check the girls who got rejected bin.- nik

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Baby Please Come Home

December 6, 2010 Maryland, The Dirty 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just want to say you are my biggest idol. I have followed you since the beginning. I’m not as strong as you when it comes to women and that is why I’m reaching out for some DA guidance. I have a beautiful wife in my eyes. I adore her, she is my world Nik. Currently we are going through a rough patch. Six months ago she caught me mixing pest control poisoning in our dog’s food bowl. Before you get all crazy on me Nik please understand that our dog was a blind 13 year old husky who could barely walk. Everyday for the past year and a half I would have to pick up the dog to sh*t outside. The problem was if I didn’t get outside fast enough she would piss and sh*t all over me. This happened 85% of the time and I couldn’t take it anymore. As a husband I had to be happy and terminate the dog without my wife knowing, but me being an idiot I thought my wife was sleeping and she watched me pour the poison pellets into the food. It took me three months to win her back since the dog Roxy was in her life before me. Her Mom has not spoken to me since the incident and refuses to eat over at our house or try any of my wife’s yearly Christmas cookies. Anyway that drama has past and now I have a new HUGE problem. I work from home on my computer and rarely does my wife come into the office unless she makes me strawberry lemonade. I actually don’t think she has ever used a computer since we have been married. She is a bookworm. Man I f*cked up Nik. The other day she must of been looking for something and stumbled into my office and caught me masterbating to a picture of her sister from a camping trip we went on last summer. She screamed and immediately called her sister yelling at her thinking we were doing it. Her sister just turned 19 and is still a virgin with a very mature body. So Nik I haven’t spoken to my wife and I have no idea where she is. Nobody in her family will answer my phone calls. I have cried all weekend brother and I need your advice. Do you think it is over? Did I ruin my life Nik? I know I’m being a pussy right now but I love my wife and want her back home. Meredith if by some chance on God’s green earth you are reading this I LOVE YOU. Please come home.

Meredith, you are jumping the gun. True love is hard to find in this world and your husband truly loves you. So what… he masturbated to your sister, she tastes the same as you anyway. Don’t ruin two lives over snail trails on your computer screen.- nik

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Would You Hit This Small Town Teacher

November 3, 2010 Maryland, Would You? 4

Would You Hit This Small Town Teacher?

Would You Hit This Small Town Teacher?

Would You Hit This Small Town Teacher?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Jessica, Or better Known as Ms. Schn*****, She prances around the Local High School here in NE, Maryland Like she owns it With her Skirts That show off her Cellulite Ridden Ass. My friend Showed me these Photos And i Just couldn’t Resist.. Who would let this IT Teach?! I guess whale’s need to be fed too.

Answer: No, I don’t think I’ll be able to have sex for about a week now…thanks.

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Scammin Dyke

November 1, 2010 Dirty Predator, Maryland, New England 14

Scammin Dyke

Scammin Dyke

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I met this ho on a dating website. She seemed pretty genuine so when she said she lost her job and her family was having some problems I sent her some cash so she could get by. She promised me a really good time in return if you know what I mean. Then the bitch disappeared off zoosk. This is a warning to other guys out there. She goes by Katie Smith and lives in Baltimore.

Your an idiot.  I’m sure you spent more on her then you would have with an escort 10x better looking to.- nik

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