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Jessica Ashley Is Back

February 12, 2013 Detroit, Miami Of Ohio 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jessica Ashley just put out some calendars and some of them even have nude pix. I’m thinking about buying one. She’s a bit on the conceited side but who doesn’t want some boob shots?

Never heard of this chick.- nik

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Heather Patrick Needs To Change

November 8, 2012 Cincinnati, Miami Of Ohio 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Heather Patrick [ on the right ] is the greasiest, foulest, crusty ass bitch I have EVER met. Her face is riddled with piercings and black heads. Her hair is never washed. So recently she pretended to be pregnant and I called her out on it, being a mother myself. && what do ya know, she lost it.  Basically in return to that this gutter scuz bitch tried to make herself look better than me, a redemption of some sorts.  Hi, you have no job, no man, and make up babies.. don\’t forget your unwashed penis you dirty c*nt.

Heather, use this as a wake up call and make positive changes in your life.- nik


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Someone Needed To Come Out And Put This Girl In Her Place

October 24, 2012 Cincinnati, Dirty Army Strong, Miami Of Ohio, The Dirty 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, someone needed to come out and put this girl in her place. Her name is Taylor Hartman but she sometimes goes by her middle name “Cammie”. She still goes to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio although she tells everyone she has graduated but lying is what she should be known for. She also works at Target and is known as the Target Slore because she has tried to sleep her way into a promotion but hasnt happened yet. She has also slept around with pretty much all of the Miami U football team (mostly purple crayons) as well as a handful of other guys on campus, including two of my ex-boyfriends (she must enjoy sloppy seconds). But what she is really known for is the fact that she went around telling people she had cancer.. Now I personally dont know why anyone would lie about something as serious as this but she needs to be put on blast for her actions. People at Miami and in her hometown (Monroe, OH) have donated money to her but when I ran into her mom a week ago, she had no idea about what her “little angel” was telling everyone. She has been known as a wild child on the MU campus and can be found spending her hard earned money (that was donated for her fake cancer foundation) on all sorts of drugs. This b*tch is out of control and everyone needs to know the truth. Dont believe a word this liar says.

You can call the cops on people with fake Cancer (FYI).- nik

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Cheesy Laur Burgers

October 23, 2012 Cincinnati, Miami Of Ohio 47

THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik, Lauren Gray is a former stripper from the Harem gentlemen’s club. Got pregnant at the age of 17 married at 18. Cheated on her husband every chance she could. One day I get off work and go to my boyfriends house only to find her there with him : Later on in the night she rubbed her ass and bruised thighs on every guy who she saw. Sucked off big shot bob for a couple perk 5′s. About a year later she bought sex from my boy by bringing him 2 cheesy cheddar burgers. Tried to fight me while I was pregnant calling me a dead beat mom among other things. She always drinks and trips on acid she steals peoples shit. Didn’t go around her own child because she was too busy sleeping with other girls boyfriends. She enjoys leaving her daughter with her crippled mother, who cant even get out of her wheel chair, so she can get drunk and wiggle her way into any mans bed whose willing to touch her. She goes for the drug heads so she can get her fix in without paying a dime. She acts like shes the queen bitch of ‘LWALD’ and runs around with other cracked out young mothers. While their children play with each other, they step aside to get as high as possible before they absolutely have to go back to the kids. She decided to drink and trip on acid while pregnant with her second child and lost it, as soon as she found out she lost it she posted on facebook saying oh well at least she still has her boyfriend. Overall shes a dirty, sleezy drd infested skank. She cheated on her boyfriend Steven with sir Joshua Schenk usin’ some CHEESY CHEDDAR BURGERS.

She musta been the only girl at that toga party, which is why the guys still have their pants on.- nik

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Fairfield Homewrecker

October 9, 2012 Cincinnati, Miami Of Ohio 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lindsay Andriacco has been sleeping her way to the top working for Kroger. She loves to get drunk and smoke pot at fairfield bars and cheat on her husband screwing guys in her car. She has been caught in the past sleeping with older married guys when she worked at the Fairfield Kroger and apparently she still gets a kick out of it. She married a really good guy last year and she has slept around behind his back the whole time with old married guys including one of his friends. She now works at the corperate office for Kroger and continues to advance probably because she is comfortable on her knees. Be careful guys because she has serious drug problems and loves to pass out drd. She might look innocent but she has major daddy issues and will just mess your life up and move onto the next..

Easy on them push-ups.- nik

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Phil Kappa TAU Sues For 10 Million Dollars

September 7, 2012 Cincinnati, Dirty Greeks, Miami Of Ohio, The Dirty 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is embarrassing.  The fraternity of Phi Kappa Tau is suing at Miami University in southern Ohio for $10 million. Why? Because they had happen to be one of two fraternities suspended after an incident earlier this month involving a fireworks battle between frat houses, but because of that incident which would involve police, led to the discovery of illegal drugs. The lawsuit is claiming that “university acted recklessly and maliciously when they imposed the punishment.” And The federal action also claims the suspension interferes with the fraternity’s business operations and violates members’ constitutional rights. A federal judge refused to intervene, rejecting their request for a temporary restraining order that would lift the suspension. How stupid are they Nik? I mean we all know there is illegal drug use in college but these idiot frat bros knew what they were getting into and just DEAL with the punishment. Suing the school for that ridic amount is only digging themselves in a bigger hole, don’t you agree?

The University should make a counter claim for wasting their time. There is no chance Phi Kappa Tau will win this suit and they will probably end up paying all legal fees. Retards.- nik

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Cheating Alcoholic

May 10, 2012 Cincinnati, Miami Of Ohio 16

Cheating alcoholic

Cheating alcoholic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jon Shiner. He is an alcoholic, cheater, and a wannabe motocross rider. Jon claims to be straight but he is bi-sexual. He was in the Penitentiary for 5 1/2 years, he claims that he was only there for 3 years. He’s a straight up liar, a drunk. He will throw down a 12-24 pack a night, afterwards he wets the bed. He is 34 years old. He is also a racist. He has two swastika’s tatted on him. He’s a really bad guy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He likes to use women and move on. I know for a fact that he has slept with women older than 60. Please post him on your site so I can warn every female in the Cincinnati area to stay away from him.

Lets get some wetting the bed pics, it’ll wisen him up a bit.- nik

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What Would You Do With Her

July 25, 2011 Miami Of Ohio, New Orleans 0

What would you do with her?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick is super rich and HOT!! Would you Nik…?

Have her park my car, that’s it.  If she was hot she wouldn’t be wearing a full dress, you’d also be able to see her chin and those thunder thighs wouldn’t exist.- nik

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