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Just Married, Just Cheated

February 4, 2013 Detroit, Michigan 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Danielle Radloff. Wife of Charles Radloff. Just married couple from the white trash town of marine city, michigan. Danielle has a child which she claims is her husbands. She claims wrong! Danielle Radloff has been having an affair with me for over 5 years and even still well after she has been married to Charles Radloff. We are all from marine city and I’m am through with her playing games on people. She needs to be known for everyone else to see. One more thing. I admit that I did give her.

This post was just months away from saving a life.- nik

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Carly Francavilla Is My Girl Crush

January 29, 2013 Detroit, Michigan 155

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love this girl! She has the perfect little body and she actually seems nice and normal. She has a boyfriend who is not a dbag and such a pretty face. I am so curious if you can find anything wrong with her. I also love her thigh gap. I am a girl by the way… I just have the biggest girl crush on her!

She looks like the perfect mother. Her body will bounce back super fast.- nik

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Sloot Of The South MOHO

October 10, 2012 Charlotte, Dirty Army Strong, Michigan 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this chick needs to be on here! As a warning to the entire Charllotte/Shallotte/Supply areaof North Carolina. This wh*re moves around a lot. Miss Monica Russo everybody. She sleeps with anyone who will have her and then uses abortion for birth control. She bounces from guy to guy, young or old, and uses them for whatever she can get while fu**ing other guys as well. She wears the same clothes daily and thinks she hot sh*t. She needs A NOSE JOB and a diet plan! Her plan in life is to drink and do drugs while sitting on her ass answering phones for a check. This chick is seriously concieded and needs help. Yes everyone can see you got your tongue pierced. AND? Quit posting pics for a ego stroking and get a life. Please let her know she is not a hot sugar baby just because she fu**s old guys.

I didn’t see that guy coming…- nik

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Joining A Sorority Was The Worst Idea Ever

September 21, 2012 Dirty Greeks, Michigan, The Dirty 242

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, last year as a freshman I didn’t join a sorority and all my friends that did made all these new friends and always bragged about how cool it was to be a part of a sisterhood.  Long story short, I decided to pledge this year and it by far has been the worst idea ever.  First the hazing to join them was the worst week of my life, having to act like a slave and someones little b*tch was not fun at all.  And now that I finally got in it has got even worse.  Having to party all the time is not my thing but what has really made me mad is how they set us up with other fraternities, make us do drugs and get super drunk so we have to sleep with a bunch of douchebags.  My freshman year I only slept with 4 guys and this year so far I’m at over 10.  Its disgusting how they force us to do this, I totally feel like I’m getting raped on a weekly basis and this is not the life I want.  Not what I expected and very disappointed.

Stop crying and quit before your #sleepnumber hits 69.- nik

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Atlanta Sea Slore

September 20, 2012 Arlington, Michigan, Philadelphia 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Take a look at this sloot. Her name is Leonard, but I guess we can call her Leotard. She needs to be called out. I know her from when I lived in Philly then she went to Michigan State where she was a total whore. She moved to DC and all my friends separately know this sloot cause she did not have a place to live and I don’t think she still does… so she sleeps from bed to bed and couch to couch and from Guy to Guy…. She got a job at the FAA to get more whore flyer miles I heard and now she might be known as the Atlanta Sea whore.

Her name is Leonard…sounds like a dude to me, looks like one to.- nik

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The Real Krispy Kreme Diss Song

August 3, 2012 Krispy Kreme, Michigan, The Dirty 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Krispy Kreme was better at rapping in full retard.  His real tracks are hard to listen to to say the least when hes being serious.  I know everyone thought this was gunna be the next 50tyson, I think we wanted it so bad we looked past the truth.  Nik you gotta find the white 50, I can’t listen to Lawyer Mikes gospel music anymore —that guy sold out hard, he used to be a gangster (he’s undeserving of his dreads now)— anyway, love the site it keeps me ampelly entertained, yes ampelly (wait for it–amply- thanks online dictionary).

Krispy Kreme please go back to your retard character. Your real life sounds like another M&M poser lifestyle.- nik

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Monidoll Has A Ton Of Videos

June 6, 2012 Detroit, Michigan, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik-This is a followup to the Monidoll pics I just sent. Have you ever watched any of her videos that she posts online? She videotapes herself with her slooty friends wasted outside of bars and hanging out at Denny’s at 5am etc. Here is one with Sarah Rich and her babydaddy, Cody, where they are wasted at 6am and even reference you saying “This is going to be on the dirty!!” Who posts embarrassing videos like that? That would be my worst nightmare waking up and someone posts me wasted the night before at Dennys, but Monidoll posts them herself. What are her kids going to think when they are old enough to type her into youtube? Her youtube name is Monidoll24. The latest ones are all of her kids but if you look past that you will still see a lot of the wasted drunken pre-kid videos.

The video started off great like a 3some was about to happen on the bar, but then Cody got selfish and had to make it about him. What a bust… Midol can do better.- nik

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Monidoll Update

June 5, 2012 Detroit, Michigan, The Dirty 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I thought I’d update you with recent pics of Monidoll since you haven’t posted her in quit awhile. She has two kids now with her baby daddy, Cody-a boy and a girl. Would do you think of her post-baby bod? She describes herself as a MILF on Facebook. She had +2s done a long time ago. She was hesitant because she had a heart condition and was concerned about the anesthesia risk. Do you think they were worth the risk? I think that Monidoll is smokin’ hot. However, I am worried about the fact that she still goes tanning all the time-like not mystic tan but actual tanning beds. People warn her all the time that she will be all leathery and have wrinkles when she’s old but she claims by the time she is old it will be the future and there will be products developed by then to eliminate wrinkles and leathery skin. What do you think?

You can tell there is a REFUND Gap under there… why is she forcing them together?- nik

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