Fake Girl In Michigan

July 18, 2011 Detroit, Michigan 8 8,712 Views

Just another fake girl in michigan

Just another fake girl in michigan

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is so nasty. Shes so fake but she thinks shes so original. Also shes slept around so much that her legs are constantly open and she has so no life but lies that she has gone to college, but all she does is bitch people out. She has a bf whos shes never met but says shell be with him forever. AND shes extremely unintelligent. People need to watch out…shes a slut who sleeps around, lies, cheats and steals. And i would know because her bf used to be my ex…she fucks with everyone…this girl is bad news.

There’s nothing original about greg pleasures, they’ve been doing it for ages and they are all the same (sloots).- nik

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Classic Ugly Girl Thinks Shes Hot Syndrome

June 29, 2011 Michigan 5 10,193 Views

Classic ugly girl thinks shes hot syndrome

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lexie, a wh*re that I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working with the past couple of summers. She is one of those ugly, semi fat, slooty chicks that think they are the next sex symbol. She slept with my ex and then felt the need to text me all of the disgusting details (I had an instant image of two whales humping each other). She walks around town with her drunk of mother acting all high and mighty, when everyone knows they are actually broke and begging her grandparents for money. It is widely accepted that Lexie is one of the biggest wh*res ever and she will sleep with anything that has a greg. On a work trip to Vegas she not only slept with our old boss, but the perverted middle aged bar tender as well. She makes all of her pictures on facebook black and white in attempt to hide the nasty yellow fake hair and disgusting acne. So Nik, tell me is she not one of the ugliest f*cks you’ve ever seen?

I don’t know about ugliest but she’s definitely one of the fattest. I actually I take the back she’s definitely both.- nik

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Gotta Be The Perfect Brunette

June 7, 2011 Detroit, Michigan, Would You? 6 7,512 Views

Gotta be the perfect brunette

Gotta be the perfect brunette

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo player I think this chick is gas. Her name is Emilia Clarke, she is an actress. I think sometimes her eyebrows could be done a different way but still shes gotta be the one. Would this not be a beautiful chick day in day out without all the shit done to her (i.e) fake tan, alot of makeup, fake hair .etc I mean thats the goal right? Knowing everyday your wife is hot even without getting done up..

Answer: No, she has a sad face, the edge of her mouth points down and her left cheek has a lot of extra sag.

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Why Do People Fake Beat Girls Like Laura Vinicombe

May 26, 2011 Hollywood, Michigan, Same-Face, The Dirty 67 8,508 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is known as Laura Vinicombe, she has many fakes on the internet you name a site her pictures are going to be on it ! There is a bebo that everyone believes is REALLY HER ! but I highly doubt it.  Maybe I just like the real look. BUT I dont know why anyone would fake her? Shes pretty I guess?  I mean I cant really say shes that nasty but come on there is better people out there.  So why is this girl faked so much? Do you think she’s as amazing as people think she is?

She is faked because of her BREASTS… wake up and get with the program.- nik

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Gold Digging Man Sloot

April 26, 2011 Detroit, Michigan 1 5,242 Views

Gold Digging Man Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy (second from the left) is the scum of all scum bags he acts like the biggest douche bag around and still expects people to respect him just because hes ‘applying for med school’ yeah hes been ‘applying’ for a few years now the low life cant even get in. Hes arrogant and thinks hes hot sh*t. Hes almost 30 and still lives with his mom i dont think hes ever worked a day in his life. i hope he never gets accepted into med school because i would not want him as a doctor working on me.

Don’t worry he won’t, he just tells girls that expecting their pants to drop.  He must of wrangled a couple sloots and now thinks he’s captain amazing.- nik

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Nik, Would You

March 28, 2011 Detroit, Michigan, Would You? 19 7,861 Views

Nik, would you?

Nik, would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik i dont give two shits about w.e i just wanna know would you? by the way she is over 18.

Answer: No, she has a beer belly and thunder thighs which she tries to disguise with angles.

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Kate Yet Again

March 22, 2011 Chicago, Michigan 8 7,267 Views

Kate Wilcox....yet again

Kate Wilcox....yet again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, Here is Chicago’s very own, Kate Wilcox yet again, in the only full body picture I believe she has ever allowed to be taken of herself, which is bizarre because not only does she think she’s gorgeous, a fantastic actor, and “very fit” (a quote right out of that horses mouth), She also believes herself to be among the same caliber as many of the best modern dancers…it’s almost painful to watch this behemoth awkwardly stumble around a dance floor, and then she wants all who are forced to witness this terrible scene to praise her mastery of grace. She’s about as graceful as an elephant…In addition to all of this, I have a sneaking suspicion that she never washes her hair.

No full body picture should ever be allowed to be taken of her.- nik

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Courtney Needs A Job

February 28, 2011 Detroit, Michigan 9 9,454 Views

What a sloot

What a sloot



What a sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Courtney she has to be the greasiest girl I have ever met, she met her boyfriend through facebook,started dating him on new years had sex with him that night AND now has a tattoo of his name on her body. She barely went to high school from freshman year to junior and then finally dropped out senior year, she doesn’t have a job NOR does she want one and even if she tried I’m sure she couldn’t get one. She’s on probation for god knows what and all she does all day is sit around and take gross pictures of herself with her shirt up exposing her huge stomach, people actually ask her if she’s pregnant it’s that big. She thinks she is so gorgeous and calls pretty girls ugly for no reason? I’m assuming she has some insecurities and a whole lot of daddy issues. What do you think Nik?

Sweats and fake lashes do not excite me.- nik

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