Shirley Rubiletz The Scam Artist

April 1, 2014 Minnesota, San Francisco 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this bitch here is Shirley Rubiletz aka Sky Morgan aka the founder of manitoba motorcycle mayhem. She thinks she’s top shit when really nobody can stand being around her. She has to blackmail people into staying with her and she talks shit about her friends behind their back when really they should be talking shit about her cause shes the biggest **** of them all. She said her motorcycle club Manitoba Motorcycle Mayhem is a not-for-profit organization but yet if you go on their facebook page it says ”We will operate as a not-for-profit organization with funds going directly back into the Organization and its Charity with small salaries paid to Founder and Board Members for their time, energy and efforts.” LOL what a joke, she also says its the ”sturgis of the north” but yet the group on facebook barely even got to 300 members without her nagging people to join the group. Shirley The Scam Artist is the name she should go by on facebook cause she changes it all the time on facebook… maybe its because she doesnt want people to know its the same person or maybe she is schizophrenic. Thinks she’s gods gift to women but shes just a fat pig.

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Sydney Krych

February 3, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sydney Krych. She is a 19 year old heroin addict who can’t go a single day without putting SOMETHING in her body whether it be uppers or downers, she’ll take it all. She’s always the one girl at the club that is WAY too fcked up on drugs, puking in the garbage can, on the floor in the bathroom. She’s literally fucking CRAZY PSYCHO on Molly, if only I could put the memories I have of her “dancing” on the internet- JEEEEESUS. She has been disowned by two of her best friends because of the horrible human being she is. She owns both of them hundreds of dollars, she also has stolen clothes, bras, panties, hats, etc from the female friend who disowned her. She is the kind of girl who doesn’t practice what she preaches (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect.) She dances/strips to get into $20 concerts so she can get in for free.. Is $20 really gonna break the bank? Shit, I’d rather pay $20 than be known as the atrocious skank that strips at a club (&no, not a strip club… A night club) All her outfits are VERY chaotic, she can’t even dress herself. She has recently asked her exboyfriend to pimp her out to his friends for money even though she has already had one abortion (will there be more?) She blamed her frequent heroin use on her “pregnancy” although she was just barely 2 months pregnant (and trust me, this all came from a reputable, knowledgable source) ! Although she is still just as disgusting and as horrible of a person. Let’s hope the next time she overdoses, it’s for good. You won’t be missed, fat, ugly, whore, prostitute BITCH.

Looks like she has too much time on her hands.- nik

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Tanned and Teen Mom

January 27, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul, Would You? 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw Brooke Bauman was posted on here earlier…… keep in mind she’s pushed a baby through that already loose car exhaust pipe she calls a vagina. So Nik… would you?

Answer: No, It’s be frightening seeing her without filters.

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Airbrushed Attention Seeking Airhead

January 24, 2014 Minnesota, St. Paul 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brooke, the teen mom of Minnesota and Queen of the Trash. I’m not sure where to begin, so I’ll start here. She has a child with a convicted serial rapist (Michael “Swagboii” Stucky) and she is never seen out in public with her baby. (Who she so adorably named “Bentley.”) Now that daddy’s in jail she kicked up her “modeling career.” (Basically, her mommy and daddy pay for photographers to take her picture and use them in their sample books) It’s basically just a way for her to get more pictures for her to post on Facebook for more likes (Brookey baby likes her attention!)Brooke never talks about motherhood but makes about 10 statuses a day using “inspirational quotes,” song lyrics, and how much she “looooves her new boyfriend. She posted pictures of her baby after it was born SUFFERING in the hospital, she used her own sick child for likes. She air brushes her pictures so much RuPaul gets jealous. She has added so many people on facebook that she cant even add anymore. She’s a trashy mom and brags about how she’s a “slut” for any boy who’s “country.” She needs to grow up and parent her baby and get off the internet and embarrassing herself and her family.

Work on one fluid sharpie stroke…your lines are showing.- nik

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Beaded Allison

January 20, 2014 Minnesota 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Allison, aka BlooblahBlack a gem of a girl who has made a life out of gold digging and preying on people’s generosity and friendship. She goes through guys pretty quickly, once most of them catch on to the fact she doesnt want a relationship she just wants a parent, someone to wipe her ass, pay her bills and give her a place to live they kick her out and cut her off. She works maybe two days a week at a pizza place in uptown and spends the rest of her time playing video games, drinking other people’s booze, getting high and eating. The pittance of a paycheck she gets goes almost entirely to feed her pot addiction- she can’t live without the stuff and will buy more green instead of food. She’s a parasite and a terrible fuck (though at least she’s easy) and of course once she does move in and take over your home? She stops putting out so you don’t even get that shitty benefit. Stay clear of this chick Mpls she’ll fck you then expect you to take care of her completely, so unless you’re in the market to adopt a perma-skank face slut save your money, time and effort and just run the hell away.

The more you rave the worse your housing options become…- nik

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The Lion Killer Melissa Bachman Needs To Stop

November 21, 2013 Minnesota, The Dirty 372

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, known hunter Melissa Bachman from Minnesota is sick and twisted. She recently shocked people after shooting and killing a rare lion that was trapped on a private game farm in South Africa. Skank Melissa posted a smiling picture of herself with a dead lion in front of her, gushing about her ‘incredible hunting day.’ Her enthusiasm was not shared by thousands of others, who signed a petition to ban her from South Africa. This is not the first time she has angered people with her shocking hunts. Please pass along the link to the petition and put this murderer on blast.  Everyone keeps saying how good hunting is for the villages in South Africa because they get a cut of the money that the white people spend… which is complete BS.  The villages are reported seeing less than 1% of the money these fools are paying to kill innocent animals.  Thanks Nik.  Click here to sign the petition.

Signed.- nik

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Rachet Trailer Trash

November 19, 2013 Minnesota, Would You? 229

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik… Meet Brittney Dipshit. (BrittShit). She’s a trailer trash ratchet hoe who I wouldn’t even trust to sleep in a barn full of pigs! She looks fcked up like she gets gang banged 5 times a week, except nobody would touch that piece of shit because she is big and fat without a boyfriend. She also claims that she is the best looking “person” (she calls herself a person) on, when she is only a fugly beast who loves to eat! Nobody in her real life would dare to touch her in fear of STDs & getting squished to death, so she only fits in on the internet. Little does she know that literally no one cares about her. With that being said, her favorite thing to do on these rating sites is troll people, including myself. Her real life is sad and lonely so she likes to argue with people that are prettier than her because she is jealous. She tries to sound witty, classy and intelligent in her arguments by stealing argument come backs from Google! Desperate much? The poor trollop, I do feel much sorry for her. Then again, the truth is the truth. Oh and I’m not the only one who thinks this about her; These are some texts/comments made by other people from bangme. -and she’s a trailer trash whore (nothing against trailers -i’ve lived in one, but people like her give them a bad name) with her retarded tapout fcking hoodie, nasty band of sluts, and tries way too hard. those pics of you…. so dumb and high school. but still. and she obviously has no fucking life as she claims she’s on bchat all fucking day, being cliquey and trolling people. bet she flashes her tits all the fucking time and puts on web cam shows and all that. she looks like she gets gangbanged 5x a week. and it’s really creepy when folks post pics of their kids on here. REALLY CREEPY. ugh. they both make me ill. -If you have pics of your kids on here then move on. I have no respect for someone who puts their (or anyone else’s) kids on an adult site -Yes, I have 2 beautiful children and no, I don’t parade them around on a site called “bangme.” P.s. Hope you get a kick out of her “beautiful” pictures she puts up, comparing herself to Hollywood actresses and models.

I’d rather not decide, save face from even thinking of sticking it in.- nik

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Why Do Athletes Have So Many Kids With Random Women

October 17, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Minnesota, The Dirty 342

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp

gty_adrian_peterson_ll_131011_16x9_992 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I will never understand how superstar athletes like Adrian Peterson have so many children.  First report came out that he had 5 children and 4 baby mamas, but now one of his baby mama’s is claiming that AP has 7 children.  With the money he makes, I can only imagine what child support for him is monthly.  Does he not understand his career will be over one day and he will not be making money like he use to?  I hope he has a really smart Jewish financial investor because he is going to need it.

No wonder he didn’t seemed phased by the death of his son. Pathetic.- nik

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