Minnesota | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

50 Tyson Is Back In The Game

March 19, 2013 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, love the site bro. It looks like our boy 50 Tyson is comin up in the rap game! He owes his success to you. Nobody had even heard of him until you posted the videos of him rapping on his street corner. Now look at him, grown and makin some bank. Much love 50 Tyson!

I heard he is rich as f*ck now.- nik

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Rez Girl

March 5, 2013 Minnesota 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: A “so called friend from work” Ashley Haverhals, shoved her DIRTY PERIOD STAINED thong under my floor rug in the living room then acted like she slept with my husband while I was asleep in my bed after celebrating a friend’s birthday party. She is mentally ill and has Schizophrenia. Being the jealous girl she is, she tried to destroy our family and our 6 children’s lives. She then told me on Facebook that she DIDN’T sleep with him! WTH?? She is crazy and here is some of the pictures! Tell me what you think!

Under the rug is a couch surfers closet.- nik

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Dead Beat Ex-Sex Offender

January 31, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet James “Brandon” Mullins. This class act has a sex offender pass yet has kids!(Do a quick google search with his full name) He hasn’t been able to keep a job at any of the fast-food places he goes to bc he thinks getting high is far more important. He’s been kicked out of every place he has lived in the past 6 month bc he cant keep a job let alone take care of his own kids. He hands his kids off to family memebers just to he won’t have to deal with them, then won’t even go visit them. He likes to tell people that he is smarter than anyone he knows, but doesn’t even have a GED. Some of his lies include: he works for the government, CIA, he was an undercover agent, was part of a NAZI gang, was a buddist monk, and the list goes on and on. Watch out for this crazy sex offeneder.

Nice bike.- nik

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Desperate Hot Mess Glue

November 29, 2012 Minnesota, St. Paul 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: There are so many words to describe this “fresh” little goth/emo 21yr old girl, but when you hang out with your parents from the “bar scene” that shit gets unbelievably weird, especially for the guys she meets. For someone who has the brain capacity of a bug, she somehow ends up getting around pretty easily. Living at her parent’s friend’s house with her so called “friends” who are really people who just have to deal with her on the regular scene. She ends up being able to some how afford the so-called gorgeous tattoos she likes to show off to everyone; when in all honesty no one wants to say how gross and nasty it really looks, all stretched out so that the lines go with her stretch marks. Not to mention her nasty obsession she has with cats, but I won’t get into that. This girl has a TON of growing up to do, so think twice before deciding to elope with her, although she’ll totally fck on the first date, if you don’t call back she’ll find you, don’t expect her to run away… ever.

Fresh is not a word I’d use to describe her.- nik

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Please Say It Ain’t So

September 12, 2012 Manhattan, Minnesota, The Dirty 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so what’s the real story with Kanye Chest? I read some intel saying she is actually a he. I’m hoping that’s not true because I rubbed it out to shim yesterday and in the session I kissed Kanye with full tongue. Now I must sit back and pray she is a she because I really want to rub it out to this girl after work today. Dirty Army don’t let me down. Please vagina gods be with me!!

I think you are gay. Kanye Chest was is a dude.- nik

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**Are we all in agreement that his/her DC name is Kanye Chest?**

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Dem MN State Rep Solicits/Engages In Truck Stop Oral With 17 Year Old

August 23, 2012 Dirty Politics, Minnesota, The Dirty 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: So NIK Republican Akin is getting a firestorm of hate/being asked to step down because if a comment he made, but the press is silent on covering the fact that Democratic Minnesota State Representative Terry Gauthier solicited oral sex from a minor, meeting up at a rest stop after arranging the gig online. According to police reports, Gauthier admitted to the act. The New York Daily News has more on what happened: The first-term legislator wasn’t charged in the alleged July 22 encounter because the legal age of consent in Minnesota is 16 and no money was exchanged, according to the St. Louis County attorney’s office. Police say the two had oral sex behind a rest stop pavilion in Duluth after the teen responded to Gauthier’s Craigslist ad looking for a “no strings attached” sex. Who should resign? Probably both, but this Terry Gauthier is twisted.[Click here for full article]

I wonder if Terry got a permission slip from the girls mother?- nik

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Only Good For One Thing

June 15, 2012 Chicago, Minnesota, The Dirty 20

Only Good For One Thing: Giving Out Diseases

Only Good For One Thing: Giving Out Diseases

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sl*ts name is Ashley Cain, or better known by her MySpace sounding Facebook name “Ash Hole”. This girl is from Minnesota and has been giving all guys of Chicago some curable DRD. When she’s not bragging about “having seen more gregs than the average girl”, her many sugar daddies or how much her fat ass needs Chipotle… she’s complaining about not having a boyfriend and being in a relationship. All she does is lay around on her back expecting things from people. Don’t introduce her to your male friends, she’ll use them for beer and hop on their Greg at the drop of a time. PS. I have nudes of her, but I won’t have your viewers gauging their eyes out.

Don’t send the nudes. I don’t want them.- nik

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My Bestfriend’s Girl

June 15, 2012 Minnesota, The Dirty 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you know about this girl? My boy has been dating her for several months and he swears she is the hottest thing around.  But to me, she looks way too shimmy like.  I don’t see what the hell he sees in her, no curves and she looks weird.  Maybe this might open his eyes ones he reads this and decides to move on.  Thoughts Nik?

I think you should bang her so your boy gets over it (team effort). She is an Orange disaster zone.- nik

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