Mississippi State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Winnipeg’s Dirtyest Mattress

June 30, 2011 Mississippi State, Winnipeg 25

Winnipeg's Dirtyest Mattress

Winnipeg's Dirtyest Mattress

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This here is Ashley Woods aka Knowing-Lee spreading drd, Things thing some people call a woman cant even take care of her own kid. The only pictures she has of her kid are from visits. She lost her kid because she was to worried about COCK & CRCK OR CCAINE ? THAT IS NOT A WOMAN. She tries way to hard to be sexy, & then when guys don’t want her drd she gets mad & then has a fit cus she cant get COCK ! She likes meeting new people to support her dirty partying & drug use. She shouldn’t be so worried about doing drugs & getting fcked n chucked Who are you kidding your not the “wifey type”. You should be worried about trying to get your kid back. Everyone knows you & your baby daddy have it, if not they do now so Watch out cus, you never know where she has been OH WAIT EVERY ONE KNOWS SHES BEEN EVERY WHERE ! this girl has so many haters NOT FANS. HATERS ! THE BITCH IS DUMB DEF * & i sure as hell aint a ashley fan . but its nice to see that you got out of the hooking business.

I bet she could hide things in her lumps.- nik

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She Totally Ruined My Life

January 10, 2011 Mississippi State, The Dirty 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik this b*tch here totally ruined my life. We dated for 4 years until she caught me cheating for 3 years with ten other girls. The only problem was she was the ten other girls. She made 4 fake profiles on facebook and 6 on myspace and made me send naked pictures of myself to all these fake chicks. I was even stupid enough to send money to one of her sisters friends in Texas. I just want to warn all the guys out there to stay away from this con artist who said she loved me only to give me 10 presents on Christmas that were all different pictures of my penis. I broke up with her immediately and kicked her out if my parents house after I opened the second present in front of my mom and close relatives. If you see this b*tch run for the hills. I should call the cops on your ass.

Let this be a lesson to all guys. Nobody is real on the internet and everything is a trap.- nik

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Screwed My Husband

November 29, 2010 Cleveland, Mississippi State 26

This nasty ho (Celeste Skates House) screwed by husband

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik The waitress here, Celeste Skates House, screwed by husband twice and would not apologize to me. Yeah I know, men will screw anything, but this??She is 42 yrs old, and just looks nasty! Would you???? Karma is a bitch, maybe she should have apologized. I told her she would learn the hard way. oh yeah dude in pic is not my husband btw. lol block his face, just a poor bystander.

Why are you asking her too apologize?? she probably didn’t even realize he was married.  Hope your still not married to this douche.- nik

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Jackson Bike Bunnie

November 9, 2010 Dirty Army Strong, Jackson, Mississippi State 286

Jackson Bike Bunnie Sloot

Jackson Bike Bunnie Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik We had to write you and tell you about the #1 lying, scandulous dirt bag in mississippi. BARBIE POPE. She is the original bike bunny. She sleeps with guys, and buys them parts for their motorcycles to keep there attention. She also snorts c*ke, smokes weed and pops pills. She craves attention, lies about everyone and everything just to stir up drama then claims innocense. She says she is straight up but she talks so bad about every person that ever tried to be her friend, and claims she is gonna commit [] if someone hurts her feelings. The broad is pyscho crazy, thinks she is hot shit and needs her ass whooped again (its happened before). Nik, this girl plays every guy around her, claims to be knocked up then “has an abortion” so magically shes not pregnant anymore. PLEASE put this bitch on blast so the ‘sip knows whats up!

I can’t tell if her eyebrows are drawn on or just poorly tweezed, not that I care cause of her man’ish figure, just nice to know…also, I like the group effort on the post.- nik

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Brittany Is No Southern Bell

August 15, 2010 Jackson, Mississippi State, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brittany.  She thinks she is the hottest thing at Mississippi State but she is crazy, she needs +2′s and her blow hole is ridiculous. I just wanted her to know whats up so her head doesnt get any bigger because so many of her friends are starting to dislike her and talking bad behind her back.  Also Nik, I’m also a junior here and want you and the Dirty Army to get ready, because I’m putting every freshman I slay on TheDirty this year.

Slay strong and close your eyes ever time because it is all the same on the inside.- nik

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Would You With This Mississippi Hottie

July 27, 2010 Jackson, Mississippi State, The Dirty, Would You? 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want you to meet Devon.  She is one of the hottest girls in Mississippi and since I am a true Dirty Army soldier I wanted to send in a hot girl from here since you never have any on your site.  She is a blonde and has some nice +2′s and she loves to get down in the bed, you can pretty much do anything you want and she is game for it.  Nik, what you think and would you with this dime piece? Would you? I did..

Answer:  No, thanks for ruining any chance of me ever coming to Mississippi… this chick is beat.  She has something on her lip and a very blubbery face.

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Brunettes Are Better

February 10, 2010 Jackson, Mississippi State, Would You? 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Raegan. She is gorgeous, though maybe kind of snobby, would you? don’t give up on brunettes yet!

Answer: no. Your not helping with this…she has chipped teeth, pointy cheeks and I’m assuming I won’t like the body.

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Tiger Woods Finally Spotted

January 20, 2010 Dirty Athletes, Mississippi State, Missouri, The Dirty 211


Finally someone gets a picture of Tiger Woods.  Good job National Enquirer.  I am surprised he chose a sex rehab in the United States.  There are so many cooler ones with better thread count overseas.  Especially places like Sweden (they f*ck like rabbits over there from what I hear).

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