Sophie Sassafras / Kansas City burlesque

February 18, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sophie is a user, a thief, a liar, a cheat and worst of all, delusional about having talent. She says that she’s a retro girl for hire. To me that means give her money for sex. She collects sugar daddies on facebook who pay her for cheap thrills. She tries her damnedest to be a local celebrity. But she uses up her resources with a circle of people and then has to move on. She says she’s a performer, but she stumbled through the same bit every show. She says she’s a producer, but her shows are full of fatty chicks and bad burlesque. She says she’s An mc and radio dj but she has no public speaking skills. She will use you fot your weed and your drink buying generosity and then move along when you run out. Her Mom pays her rent while she steals from charity organizations. Nobody in kc likes her or takes her seriously. But she genuinely thinks she’s one bar gig away from stardom. Avoid this girl at all costs unless youre just looking to get laid. Cover your nose though. She’s been known to have stank vag.

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Drag Queen

February 14, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off this chic thinks she’s gorgeous and gods gift to this planet.she is so stuck up her own ass,all she does is brag about herself and everything she has.she just got off of welfare which helped her get her nice apartment and her food stamps.she’s a sloppy drunk ,a method head going on her second dui and all she does is party at the local bars why her parents raise her kid.she’s fat ,ugly,big,she’s far from gods gift ,she looks,like a drag queen

You keep saying she…- nik

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Devin the Liar

February 13, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this liar here is Devin he is a “dj” in st charles who i met about 2 months ago. We talked at the bar most the night one Saturday night and he even walked me to my car which i thought was nice, he did act weird talking to me in the bar though like someone would be watching him but id didnt think much of it, he kissed me at my car and told me he would call me so i gave him my number but never heard from him, i finally found him on facebook just to find out he is MARRIED and THEY HAVE A KID. Im not upset about it im just shocked, i barley knew him so it is what it is! but figured he needs to be put on blast! I would be so disgusted if my husband did that to me and i feel horrible for it now to but i did not know. What a slime ball!

Is he taking her to her prom?- nik

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Brandon Kelley the Child Molester

February 6, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brandon Kelley is a child molester from st joseph mo. everyone knows him as the bisexual black guy who lives in mitchell park p**a that drives the toyota. i didn’t know he was gay until we were getting pedicures at the same place. he finelly got caught getting little boys drunk at a 6th grade teachers house named Ann Dotson and charged with rape and obstruction. the news said one of the little boys blew a .120 after brandon kelley got them drunk and tried to have sex with them. The other two boys broke a window and escaped. Thank god some one called the cops. Watch out! dont let his pretty little dimples fool you! HIDE YOUR KIDS! HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS!

Of course it was at a teachers house.- nik

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Homewrecker Carter

January 23, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: After Anthony carter cheated on his last two wives this dumbass strikes again! He tells everyone his wives cheated on him and in reality its the other way around. He’s a charmer through and through, a complete douchebag who thinks he can have any pssy he wants. He doesn’t have the balls to be honest with the females he drags into his fucked up life, a total player! It’s not a love triangle it’s like a fucking octagon with this asshole! If you ever come in contact with this creature RUN! He’s a bottom feeder who will do anything to get in someone’s pants and he doesn’t care who he leaves heartbroken in his wake!

Its still cheating if its with your ‘bros’.- nik

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British Toad

January 22, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: This turd fuck, BAS DE FUCKER slleps wit erry damn beeeeotch he can get wit! He is ADDICTED 2 crack yea dats just WRONG. He is studyng abroad from Europe and he is tryn to get wit EVERY ameracan bitch he can!!! He never texts bak and he smells like shit……… WTF!!! If u see him, DO NOT TALK 2 HIM. HE IS A LYING MANSL00T. Oh and did I mention HE GAY

You can tell a lot about a person with that face…mainly sexuality.- nik

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Nasty Female

January 21, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok this bitch is fucking a married man which is my husband I’m seperated from. her husband is in prison right now and to be real her husband is my husbands friend which makes it even worse. so if you see her she lives in saint joseph missouri with my husband and she will suck and fuck anybody wherever and whenever she’s saint joes finest and known for it

Put down the grease!- nik

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Thinks Shes Hot

January 16, 2014 Missouri, St. Louis 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brittany Fincher…This is the ugliest fucking skank I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This bitch sleeps with EVERYONE in town….her p*ssy looks like an Arbys drive thru…beef curtains for all. WATCH OUT FOR HER- she has a child….whose the daddy?? This is Maury Povich times 10. I feel so sorry for the poor soul that she has sucked the life out of right now. He ACTUALLY thinks he’s this kids dad. MEN BE WARNED!!!!

That’s no up-do.- nik

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