The Creepy Photographer Of St Louis

November 4, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 80 7,770 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I have to introduce you to the creapest guy in St Louis, Steve Grappe. Steve is an old, fat, bold guy who enjoys taking pictures of teenage girls naked to get a hard on. He owns 314 studios. What he does is he messages hot teenage girls on facebook, and tells them he will do free photo shoots with them, to help build them a ‘modeling portfolio’ so they can some day make it big. These girls believe him, and then as soon as they goes to his studio, he hits on them hard core… and tries to get them to only do bikini and naked photos. Then, he continuously texts them, and tries to get them to come over to drink. WHAT A PERVE. Everybody in St Louis knows this guys is a nasty disgusting pervert, who’s only intention is to lure them into his studio to get a hard on, or worse. plus put this guy on blast, and lets warn the other girls in St Louis about this nasty fuck.

Quite male modeling yourself Steve.- nik

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Meet Emily Shepherd

October 24, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 40 6,570 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this right here is Emily Shepherd AKA: The North County Slut. This girl will put anything in her mouth, and f*** anything that walks. This girl goes out pretending she’s the baddest b**** around, when really shes just the biggest h** around, and it’s about time someone called her a** out on it! I know this girl personally, and have watched her cheat on countless boyfriends, and lie to my face about screwing people I’m friends with, just to feel like a “bad b*tch”, when really she just LOOKS bad. She endlessly flirts with everyone I know’s boyfriend’s, and even girlfriend’s because she hangs out with people that participate in gay pride and wants to ‘fit in’ with everyone, thinking we don’t notice. I’m here to let everyone know who this b**** is, this girl is disgusting, walking, talking **’s in a nutshell, she gets with anyone possible and never uses protection, her p*ssy even requires special soap, it stinks so bad. I suggest if you’ve been with this one, I’d hit the doctor’s office QUICK. This girl even used to blow a married 50 year old MANAGER to get free drugs and STILL drives to see him as of two weeks ago!! Well, here she is STL, be on the lookout for the biggest Slut in North County!

Went a little heavy on those eyebrows Emily.- nik

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Ashley Ho-rphy

October 14, 2013 Missouri 2 8,956 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! This is Ashley Murphy (brunet) from Smithville, Missouri. She is currently a freshman at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri and a member of TriSigma sorority. Don’t let this cute innocent face fool you Nik; Ashley is an overly dramatic ho, who likes to sleep with people’s boyfriends. She’s always whining and makes a big deal out of everything! She acts like she’s too damned good for the world because she thinks she is hot! What’s more, she is a cheating slut! She has a boyfriend named, Gage, who is going through hell at boot camp while she goes out and sucks and fuks frat boy’s dicks! Honestly, who the hell is that low? The funny part of this is TriSigma’s motto is “Faithful unto death,” which she obviously isn’t! So Nik, what do you make of this girl?

Welcome to college.- nik

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St. Joe Viper

October 11, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 14 9,850 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I met this idiot on POF. I know red flags; but hey…I thought I would give it a try. Boy was I ever right/wrong. He tried to play the field with me for about a month, asking for nude photos and wanting phone sex. Thankfully, I never gave in and found out he had a GF, who I feel sorry for, because I know I am not the only one, so watch out girls for Harold Cline from St. Joseph!

Nice shirt.- nik

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Dumb and Dumber

October 11, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 41 7,346 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am so sick of these two sluts walking around the St. Louis area thinking that their shit don’t stink. Meet Danielle Behlmann (bleach blonde dyke looking bitch) and Samantha Gegg. Two of the most concieted pieces of shit you’ll ever meet. Danielle literally thinks she’s queen bitch…but literally she is nothing but a dumb whore. She’s getting married (God help the poor dude) but that doesn’t stop her from fcking the whole city (particularly Jon Mohon and Jake Flickinger!!!) We all know you put those roast beef curtains everywhere you can for whoever you stupid fucking skank. She used to bully people in High School and Grade School..this dumb fcking c*nt even made fun of her cousins because their Dad died!!! What the fck??? Ugh…anyways the other nasty skank is Samantha Gegg of Florissant and she literally thinks her shit don’t stink. She’s a “professional spray tan artist” (what a fking joke) for some crap company called O.C. Tan to U which should be put out of business for making girls look like pumpkins. She has fcked half the city and her pussy stinks like tuna. I’ve tried on more than one occasion to beat this bitches ass for trying to sleep with my man but she’s too pssy to meet up. Put these dirty skanks on blast and give them a taste of their own medicine….it’s about time they got it!!

Spray tan artists can’t go pro.- nik

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Peydon Less

October 1, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 22 8,544 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is peydon less from jefferson city missouri a generaly nice girl but easy even though she plays that she isnt she was sending nudes to other guys while we were together so i figured she might want the rest to have a quick peek

Not sure why she’s accentuating the belly in these pics.- nik

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Raymond LePietra The Dirty Agent

October 1, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 39 6,816 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,where do I begin with this guy. He is such a fraud! He runs Career Images Modeling agency in Kansas City. Half of the girls on his website are not even his models. He has a high turn over rate with staff for a reason, because he is a con. He has not one model to validate his agency. If he has put so many people in films such as his site suggest, where are they all at and why can’t he get a string of videos thanking him for their success? Ray makes models pay different fees. Some are “free” , then later charges for pictures, some he charges fees of $1400 to $1800. He acts like a pimp to the girls and several have him recorded on tape and video screaming and going nuts if the slightest thing doesn’t go his way. Ray uses fear and intimidation to control his models, scaring them into not leaving him. He tells them that he will ruin them and their career. He threatens lawsuits, but he sends letters from an online do it yourself lawyer site. Ray loves to name drop, but if you check with these people, they either don’t know him, or say they will not work with him(it is still not certain why he still uses their names) He high pressures models into signing ridiculous contracts that says things such as, “he can sue you for work he MAY have got you, or “you can ask to get out of your contract, but he has the ultimate decision and if he decides yes, you buy your way out” (even when there is no work).His contracts are around six pages of all about Ray. Oh, and it automatically renews every five years. Rays “jobs” are bogus. He makes up fake free one page websites of casting calls and even events the company names, none are legit, and models go to “audition” online by sending these one page free websites an email. These are supposed to be websites of filmmakers, and “important legit” companies. Ray has been banned from most all legit castings that are in Kansas City. There are two real Casting directors, and both of those people have banned him too. Ray used to be the announcer at some pageants, and now he is putting on bogus pageants that if you did win, you don’t move up into any legit pageant. If you call the two major pageants companies, Miss USA and Miss America, the have banned him also and his pageant has nothing to do with theirs, although he tells models it is. Simply tracking down ex employees, make up artist, and anyone that Ray has tried to bottom feed off of,should tell you all about Ray. He runs his company out off his basement, and even though you would think that would be a red flag,his”big” casting calls are opened to the public for anyone to go to. He is currently running his entire business himself, along with one “photographer” with a years experience. Feel free to look at his old pics from the 80s because he feels as long as he gets pics taken with celebrities at events, this validates his company. Someone should tell him anyone can wait in line for those kind of pics. And by the way, his wig on his head needs updated.

Scams work best on dreamers, he’s found a good market.  Next step, don’t appear ghetto posing in an alleyway.- nik

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Gwen Ferris

October 1, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 17 7,328 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I dated this rachett and she turned out to be huge dope fein stole my kids guitars stole my rolex watch lap top stole 150 pikks fron my kid with add fck the list is a mile long and cheated on me like 6 times

You must be a wrestling fan.- nik

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