Missouri | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Set A Dog On Fire

July 26, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this nasty looking pig had a bad day, got bored and decided to light a poor dog on fire! Not only is this monster clearly mentally retarded but the ugly skank was dumb enough to brag about it on facebook. I mean how dumb can one truly be? Please put this ratchet mess on blast so everyone can know the true animal she is. D.A.Strong! Here’s a link to the story: [click here]

I see some missing teeth and replacement kernels.- nik

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Kayla Massey

July 25, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Like OOOMG Nik my name is Kayla Massey and I’m the hottest thing to ever hit the planet earth!!! I’m a shitty tattoo artist that lives in Troy, Missouri and I can’t go a day without 33948309 people telling me I’m SOOOOO beautifulll!!! Lesbians like bow down to me!! I like to lock my kids in dog cages but you better not hurt an animal cause that’s just mean!!! I’m a vegan and it’s like SOOOO AWESOMMEEE!!! I force my beliefs down everyone’s throat and I judge everyone I come into contact with because, I mean, hello!! EVERYONE should be like mee!! So tell me Nik, would you fck me? Do you think I’m beautiful?

Is she going for dreads?- nik

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Caitlin Wood, Addition

July 25, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: There’s a previous post on here about a Miss Caitlin Wood. I know she checks this site and thinks it’s funny that someone posted on it about her. But I’m here to second and whole-heartedly confirm the claim that she sleeps with other people’s boyfriends and fuks when them behind their backs.

Is your hand supposed to make this pic unrecognizable.- nik

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Dirty Dan

July 16, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dan Hicks. Resident of Neosho, Missouri, married with a wife and 2 kids. But that ring on his keychain (douchebag won’t even wear his wedding band) doesn’t stop him from sleeping with every woman under the sun. He works at some dinky ass restaurant in Neosho as a “manager” but in reality all he does is sit on his ass all day and text other women on his cellphone or wank off to pornos. He has a beautiful wife at home yet he can’t keep his damn pants on and fcks around with the trashiest of the trash, m*thwhores, women with 7 kids that they don’t even take care of, other married women and now he is supposedly fcking a prostitute. His wife needs to take those babies and get away from him, he’s such a waste of life. He thinks he’s this big musician cause he plays guitar (horribly, might I add). He also has sex with girls after hours at the restaurant, and hires girls based off their looks (not experience or personality, their FCKING looks). He is just the ultimate douchebag trash. I hope his wife sees this, wisens up and leaves his ass. He is just plain DISGUSTING. Nik please put this douchebag up for the world to see, it’s time he gets exposed for all his LIES and DOUCHEBAGGERY.

Chinstraps don’t lie…(douchebags).- nik

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Craig Guenzler

July 15, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK THIS IS KAYLA MARIE POOL AND HER NASTY RAPER BF Craig Guenzler there some nasty ppl from what u could see in the pic she gots some dudes nuts on her head cant see the nuts they soo small lmfao. but other then that my kid was rite there when this was all goin down she is a imperial mo hoe a jeff co hoe both all i got to say about this nasty bitch on to Craig Guenzler he is a raper he fuks 16 years olds from what he siad he siad he will fck anything that looks good fckin raper get a life and get off them lil kids only reson your with that nasty girl is because she is nasty just like u you two are made far each other nasty dirty lil ppl

How olds his girlfriend?- nik

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Caleb Elder

July 1, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Caleb Elder. Where do I begin with this guy. Hmm, He uses girls like there is no tomorrow. He goes and hangs out at Wild Country in Illinois and picks up lady’s who are unaware of his behavior. Ladies, he will f*ck you while f*cking other girls. Im surprised that I havent heard about him getting an drd. Then again, he may have something. He will use the excuse that he is “sterile” and that he has never gotten off with a Blow***. THAT IS A LIE. He will lie to numerous friends and then blame someone else for his mistakes. He can not own up to anything. Once you confront him about his ways he will deny it and throw a fit like a little child. He still lives with his Mother. He thinks he is all big and bad when in reality he’s the biggest motherf*cker around. LADIES, SERIOUSLY BECAREFUL AROUND THIS GUY. IF YOU SEE HIM A CLUB (and he’s usually with his cousin) STEER CLEAR!! HE IS THE TYPE THAT WILL GO AFTER YOU AND YOUR FRIEND AND THEN BREAK UP YOURE FRIENDSHIPS… HE IS A CLASS A LOSER.

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Creepy, Inappropriate Mehlville Teachers

June 26, 2013 Missouri, St. Louis 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: I would just like to point out how creeoy these teachers from Mehlville Highschool are. Their mutual friends on facebook are every attractive girl that has graduated from their highschool and they constantly post/creep/harass on their attractive former students. I mean really guys, it is blatantly obvious that the only former students you have contact with are good looking girls.. Mr. Phoenix had always given the good looking girls preferential treatment back before I graduated, and he still creeps on all of them to this day. Arbini is very creepy towards his former students; he even offered to let a former student (attractive, blonde, soccer player) live with him for free, a year after she had graduated. Tim Ode is perhaps the creepiest of all. He takes it upon himself to put down male students to their girlfriends and generally be an old creep. Our educators should focus on educating our youths instead of hitting on the hottest girl from every graduating class.To give preferential treatment to students based ENTIRELY in their looks is so shameful.

Careful, only lady teachers get away with it.- nik

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Greg The Nasty Lee

June 25, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, I honestly I have no idea how this guy isn’t on here yet. He is the nastiest scum to ever walk this earth. Anyone he comes into contact with can tell you what a rude, disrespectful drunk this guy is. He cheats on all of his girlfriends with girls that are way lower in rank then the girl hes with. He will put his wiener in anything and anyone. 400 pounds, no problem… he’ll hit that. He’s so desperate to get laid he makes up dating profiles and will hit on everyyyy girl on there. He dosnt care what you look like or what you have hes DTF. But be for warned he’s a bed wetter so if he invites you to a shady motel, make sure to get two beds or bring some adult size dippers. This guy is 23 and STILL lives with his mom, dosnt own a car or a license. He steals anything form cigarette to 500 dollars out of your wallet as well. He even steals from his mom. He has no morals at all. This guy lies to girls saying he dosnt drink too, he is the biggest alcoholic I’ve ever had the disappointment of meeting. I don’t know if he looks like he has down syndrome because he drinks so much or cause his mom drank when she was pregnant. He is so ugly. And OMG does he smell horrible. This dude dosnt shower for just a day and he can clear a room. On top of all that he’s an compulsive liar and honestly dosnt deserve to walk on this earth with people that don’t live in a dumpster. BTW he is still obsessed with his ex girlfriend he cheated on and hit, because HES CRAZY. Nik, this guy NEEDS to be on the dirty. This site was made for dudes like him.

Looking at the second pic makes me understand the first.- nik

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